Your Novel on Screen – How to Get Product Placement – Need a Literary Agent? #PitchChris Episode 8!

On this episode of Pitch Chris I’m going to talk to you about if you just wrote a novel what do you do
next to make it a TV show? What is the best way
to get product placement in your film
or television show? and do you really need a
literary agent or can you do it on your own? Welcome to Episode 8 of Pitch Chris where you guys ask me
questions about the entertainment business and I’m going to answer them for you. To ask me a question
simply find me on social media #PitchChris and I’ll be sure to answer
all the question that you guys send me if you are watching this on a post post your questions below
and I’ll make sure you guys get on the show Let’s take that first one. I wrote a novel, but I think it
would make a great TV show… now what? Well, my first question
back to you is… Do you possess the skills to create a screenplay, adapt
a screenplay from your novel because a lot of times,
it is two different skill sets writers might not posses that
so in that case, take it to somebody if you do, if you do and you are able to actually
create a screenplay from your original novel The next step is to refine it
and you want to ask friends friends and family and the people
that are closest to you first to get really good feedback and then you want industry
professionals to start refining it down after you’ve done that
you’ll have a rock solid script you gonna want to build
your 60 second pitch where you’re going to be
able to tell the story in 60 seconds or less if you are in an elevator
with a producer or you finally get in the room you’re going to pitch
this to an investor a producer a studio or whatever might be and that would be
the next step you take it before you actually
turn it into your TV show. How can a producer get
product placement in their movie? It’s great that you think
about product placement because that s a big thing that
most producers don’t realize you can actually
get some extra money from. But, to get it is whole other animal. Number 1 You have to have a relationship
with advertisers or else you will be knocking on doors
and doing a whole heck of cold calling and if advertisers don’t know you it’s going to be a little bit harder
to get in the door Number 2, there is a lot of agreements
that have to go back and forth to actually
successfully get the product, the brand
in your movie. and then the third
biggest thing is think about this way if the advertiser is looking
for the most exposure for their business well, you have a narrative
you want to tell a story you’re going to have
to give up some of that to work them into
your script and if you’re not careful
and advertiser could turn your entire
script into a commercial and you don’t want to do that. So, you got to be mindful
of those things it is a balancing act
between that or you can go out
there’s companies like ours like agency 850 we do product placement
product integration, brand integration in movies and TV shows, we work the go between.
So, we work with the advertiser on the exposure
but we work in line with your production to not take away
from that entertaining value that obviously, you know we understand filmmakers
we want to make sure is there But we also want to
make sure we get the most exposure for our advertiser. So, there are companies
out there like ours that will actually help
navigate those waters for you Great question! In this day and age, Do you think literary agents are important for screenwriters and
what’s the best way to land one? Nobody, nobody is going to work harder than you for your career than you no matter what agent you have. So, my first thing for you
if you are just starting out so got to hustle
you got to go networking events you’ve got to go
to industry panels you’ve got to meet producers
provide value to producers maybe offer to do
some script coverage for free for a producer
helping out a little bit. Build up your network, build up your connections
in the industry and then after
you get to a certain point, then you want to go
to a literary agent because literary agents they’ll be able
to open the doors for you in some capacity that you’re not going
to be able to do in your own so, the first step is to hustle, then you get your agent
and then you can start keep progressing in your career. So, I hope that helps That’s all for today’s episode I want to hear
from you guys so the way you can
send me questions is, if you’re watching this in a post go ahead and post
your questions down below if you want to
get on the show take a video of yourself
ask your question sixty seconds or less, post it in the comments below and I’ll make sure to
get you on the show and I’ll get you IMDB credit just for helping out. So, I look forward
to hear from you guys Keep asking me those questions
and I am going to answer them.

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