You Speak My Love Language | {THE AND} Matt & Sarah

(cards shuffle) (mouse clicks) (Matt sighs) – What do you remember
from the first time we met? – We were at the airport, and you jumped in the backseat of the van. And I remember looking over at you, Like she was like looking like curiousness when I first met you. – What do you remember? – I remember meeting
your sweet, little girl, who’s now our sweet, little girl. Not little anymore, but… Yeah. – Beautiful. – What’s something you never would’ve done if it weren’t for me. (both laugh) – No, I would’ve done that. Don’t even try. Well, I wouldn’t have kids. (laughs) I wouldn’t have my kids that I have now. I probably would’ve never
left my comfort zone. Or I would’ve, but at
a very very slow pace. (Matt laughs)
– You’re slow (Matt snaps)
(Sarah laughs) – Yeah. – Aw. Beautiful. – What do you worry most about me? And why? (Sarah sighs)
– Here we go. (laughs) – Right? Here we go. Definitely you not
taking care of yourself. Definitely, I feel like you’re just… I think you are someone who’s very strong and very able to handle a lot. You have a huge capacity more than anyone I’ve ever met. But I do think that a lot
of people in your life don’t realize the cost to you, except for me. And I think… I would like to see you
taking better self-care. How it looks to me is having
better boundaries with people, being able to say no to some people, and just getting more sleep. I think just– – Blame your kids, girl. (both laugh) – Just getting more sleep, I think, Going to bed earlier would be great. What do you think connects us? – Our pain. We’ve experienced,
obviously, different worlds, but our pain of… The pain of not being
seen, not being known by the people… that were meant to love us. So we share that in common. And desire for fun or for family, especially children to not carry the trauma of their parents is what connects us, is why we do the work that we do. Yeah. The only thing we don’t connect on is you don’t make me Samoan food. – Well… (Matt laughs) We can’t be perfect in every way. – But you are a good cook so… I’ll keep you around. – Aw, thank you. (Matt laughs)
Appreciate it. – What are you hesitant to tell me? – There’s actually nothing. I just think our relationship’s so… I can’t think of a single conversation we haven’t really had. We’ve had awkward. We’ve had hard. We’ve had sad. We’ve had disappointing. We’ve all kinds of conversations. And honestly don’t think
there’s a single one I would struggle to tell you. You know? It even gets to the point where I’m like every day there would
be nothing I would over to the next day that I’d
wanna tell you that one day, unless I forget. You know? Like, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. But everything, I feel like… we just say it as it goes. That’s the best thing I reckon. – Beautiful. (Sarah sighs) What’s the pain in me that
you wish you could heal? (Matt sniffles) (Matt sighs) – You know. Even though you have, we
have created the family… And you know our kids heal us, heal a part of us… But I know it always creeps back… for Jackson. (Matt sighs) But you’re a big girl. Your courage to keep
telling yourself the truth, that’s it’s not your
fault, wasn’t your fault. You still brave every day… to be the mom to our kids
that you never had… to create the family that you never had. (sniffles) Yeah. I love you.
– Love you too. – Stupid question.
(Sarah laughs) – Pardon my face. (Matt sighs) Go, if you’re going. – Why do you love me? – Because I just couldn’t not. And I feel like you’re like… the definition of love
personified in a person. It’s actually easy to love you. Just the way that you
speak to me and treat me, believe in me, advocate for me, I always feel loved. And I feel honored to be the person that gets to love you
and no one else does. And I think there’s just
so many thinks about you I could just love endlessly forever like I could never run out. There’s always something to love more, or find a new way to love. But you taught me a lot very
different definition of love, and graciousness, kindness. So… I couldn’t not love you. – Yeah. – Mmm. – Love you. – Love you. (Both sigh)

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