Yaad hai? | Sad love poetry in hindi | Abhash Jha | Rhyme Attacks

Today, I passed from that street Where used to live I knew that you don’t stay there But still my eyes were searching for you I stood there for some time Got lost in your thoughts for a while Do you remember? The journey from exchanging our names to sharing some secrets between us Or that hello from you while arriving And giving a sweet gesture of good bye everyday after leaving It took a lot of courage for me to ask Can I sit here? By just sitting beside you it felt like I own this world How do I tell? What I feel for you? Being lost in your own world , When you looked at the rain while peeping outside the window You wanted to catch each and every rainy drop in your hands It was a pleasure for me that I could see you doing those childish stuffs Whenever your eyelashes with kohl touched your beautiful eyes I know, you too got lost in me whenever I came closer while holding your hands I always used to pray May this journey never end Let it be not about me , Not about you , Lets make this all about us The day when my eyes didn’t get to see you People used to ask that why glow of my face has been faded And my smile used to indicate that I had been in conversation with you I used to be that happy As if I met my life after so long Reason being you , People got jealous of me People thought that we are in relationship But little they know You never understood my feelings I know your friends asked you about me What did you tell them? Come on!! Don’t say anything directly At least give some hints I think you remember everything But I am afraid if somebody else has taken my place in your memories now I am still in that phase From where you have left long ago I know its useless to wait As you have changed your each and every path Instagram – @abhash19

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  1. How many of you can relate to it? Raise your hands.
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  2. Q bhai aisa kya h tumhari aavaj m
    Vese muje poetry sunna jyada pasand nh
    Pr pta nh q tumhari poetry 100/100 bar sun me k bad bhi, man nh bharta
    Q tumhari aavaj koi mazik h ya Fir vo ankha ahsas Jo aaj ki duniya m mumkin nh

  3. Hi
    I know about this story lakein mein kuch comment Karna chahti hu I know ki woh tumhari life mea vaapas nahi ayegi par you ignore her har baar tum hi juko yeh toh sach nahi hai agar aap kisi aur sea pyaar Karne lagoge toh sayad woh aapke pass as jaye

  4. Aap ki shayari poetry sun ke koi aapse alvida kar hi nehi sakti..khubsurat sundar duniya ki har ek tarif aap ke liye ❀❀❀❀

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