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Any good writer will tell you that conflict
is the engine that makes a story run. Wuthering Heights is no exception. In fact, every key
point in this story’s plot is about one major conflict … and all the smaller conflicts
that ignite as a result. The plot of Wuthering Heights: Catherine and
her adopted brother Heathcliff are soulmates who grow up together. Though they’re madly
in love, issues of social class prevent them from marrying. So there you have it: The fact that Catherine
and Heathcliff want to be together but can’t be, is the central conflict of this story. Here are the smaller conflicts that grow out
of this central conflict: Conflict 1: Catherine must marry Edgar Linton,
a man she admires, but whom she can never love as much as she loves Heathcliff. Conflict 2: Heathcliff runs away, returns,
breaks Catherine’s heart again, disrupts Edgar and Catherine’s marriage, and may very well
be the cause of Catherine’s death. Conflict 3: As revenge on Edgar, Heathcliff
marries Edgar’s sister, Isabella, and abuses her horribly. Conflict 4: Heathcliff ruins Catherine’s brother,
Hindley, and becomes the owner of Wuthering Heights, the family estate. Conflict 5: Heathcliff traps Catherine’s daughter,
also Catherine, into marrying his son, Linton. Conflict 6: Unable to live without Catherine,
Heathcliff drives himself to his own death.

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