Writing Tips : How to Become a Poetry Writer

Hi, this is Laura Turner and today I’m going
to talk with you about how to become a poetry writer or a poet. Being a poet today is probably
one of the most difficult things to do because poetry has a very small, limited audience
as far as people who are actually going to go out and buy books of poetry to read them
in their spare time. But if you want to be a poet you’re going to want to distinguish
yourself from other people who are writing by actually trying to write in a different
and unique way so you can actually be received in some way. So first of all you’re going
to want to go back and read poems you know, way back to the beginning of time when people
had first started writing poems and discover what you like to read and who do you admire
most. And who do you want to emulate, and even go so far as to try to write a poem like
your favorite poet. So can actually sort of get into that mode of writing poems because
poems are of course a little different than just writing a story, though you can have
poems that are story like. You’re going to need to think about what kind of meter do
want to write in, do you want to write in no meter, do you want in a new meter that
you’re going to make for yourself. So read not only old poetry but also contemporary
poetry because you’re going to want to know how to market yourself in the world today,
so you’re going to really need to see what people are doing. So read contemporary poetry
and then to really try and create your own poems based on what you know that you like
in poetry and how you feel as though you can express yourself the best and then think about
what makes you different from other poets today and how will you market yourself. And
finally you should also practice reading your own poetry in front of others and to yourself
and having others read it for you so that you can get feedback on it and become better
at it. So those are some tips on how to become a poetry writer.

8 Replies to “Writing Tips : How to Become a Poetry Writer

  1. How to write.. Poetry hmm.. Let d feeling of ur heart to dance it on floor of paper vid d tunes of word..'

  2. Haha, "read contemporary poetry" and shows poems by Rimbaud. Those videos are hillarious. Where's the one about winning the Pulitzer or Nobel price?

  3. Dude people at these times don't have money to be spending for poet books. I just need to know the outline of a poem so I can get started for my poem. I don't need to read five hundred poets. Is that so hard to do? And you might want to have the diffentions of these words you are saying becuase I promise you half the people watching this doesn't understand. Also, can you tell me why on earth I have to read poetry from years ago to write a poem. It can't be that hard.

  4. How to become a poet ? its simple, just born. Everybody has a poet within because everybody has feelings, emotions. Poetry is a like a mirror where we are able to see our souls. Poetry is the language of emotions and we as humans beings are all poets. If u came here to learn how to write poetry, feel happy because you are a poet already, you always were.

  5. I don't think anyone ever taught me how to write poetry… I think I just saw some in a novel one day, enjoyed it, began copying that style, and I built on from there. Now, five or six years later, I frequently get good rep on all of my poetry. One of my most common reactions by women is "It made me cry!"…. not to sound conceited.
    By the way, madam, has anyone ever said you bear a significant resemblance to Stephanie Meyer?

  6. If poetry is something ergent/irgent (don't know how to spell it) then I might as well get 0% on it now.
    Poetry is something people have, and I'm not one of them. So I might as well fail now

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