Writing a Novel in a Month (2016)

((acoustic guitar music)) Hello, YouTube! I am standing in front of the castle In which I will write my eleventh NaNoWriMo novel. I am starting this video a little bit early,
it’s actually only the 29th of October, Because I got here early. I’ve been working on
outlining and plotting my novel And I might even go rogue
and start writing before NaNoWriMo starts. I don’t care!
I’ve done this ten times. I’m making my own rules. Oh, look! It’s my little… it’s my little cat friend. Hi!… Hi!… Oh, hi kitties! ((miaou)) If I don’t actually successfully
finish writing my novel this year, It will be 100% because of these kitties. (laughs) Hi! (laughs) These cats just live here.
They live at this castle. They live outside. And they hang out with us every day
and it’s wonderful and I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m excited.
I’m excited to write a novel in a castle. I think I’m gonna start. (laughs)
It’s October 30th but I’m in France So you can’t stop me. I’m gonna go start writing. It is T minus 90 minutes
until NaNoWriMo here in France. I have already hit 5,000 words. Because I’m bad. But I’m just gonna say
that I have to get to 55,000 And then it’s all good
and I’m not actually cheating. So, here’s to NaNoWriMo 2017,
my eleventh novel. It is officially day one of NaNoWriMo! [Kristina] How’s it going for you, Liz?
[Liz] Pretty good. I’ve already hit my goal for the day [Liz] So, the rest is just gravy.
[Kristina] That’s awesome. I’m… (laughs) I’m ridiculously ahead.
I’ve already almost written 5,000 words today Which puts me at almost 10,000,
so we’ll see where we land today. But I’m feelin’ good
and so are the kitties. Yesterday I actually forgot to film a clip
which was really disappointing Because I was out exploring
castles in France Like really, really big medieval castles.
But I did… soak in the inspiring feeling Of medieval times for
my medieval Renaissance Faire inspired book. So, it was a productive day even if
I only wrote about a thousand words. (laughs) Guys, I forgot to film again!
Even though yesterday I filmed a clip Saying that I forgot.
I’m just.. I’m really bad at this, this year. But I’ve been writing a ton of words
which is amazing. You’d think when I have all of the time in the world
to work on NaNo related things, I wouldn’t forget this like very simple piece of it. But, I don’t know.
I don’t know. I was bad and I forgot to film again yesterday Cause apparently I’m just terrible
at remembering to film here at the castle. So this update is for November 5th and 6th. Yesterday was Double-up Donation Day
which was amazing. I had a really great time
and I decided to have a 10K weekend So I wrote 5,000 words yesterday I’m at about 3,000 already for the day today. But I’m easily, hopefully,
gonna get to another 5,000 today. Maybe more.
We’ll see. It’s been raining a lot
and the sun just came out and it’s very bright. But I’m not gonna complain about it, because… I like it. Alright, I’m doing really well. It’s going really well for me
and I really hope that I don’t hit a slump soon. Cause I haven’t yet. Yesterday I ended up writing like 6,700 words
and so today I’ve felt no shame In going on a field trip.
I haven’t written anything today But right now I’m at the Gouffre de Padirac,
I dunno how to say that, But it’s this giant cave and you have to see it.
We just went inside and rode a boat though it. Don’t be… don’t be scared. But… (whispers) So cool! Hey, guys! It is day… what is it,
day eight of NaNoWriMo? November… yeah, it is day eight.
It is my last full day in the castle And I’m feeling very sad about this. I’ve been really loving being here
and the people here are great. I’m at dinner right now
and I just wanted to use today’s clip To show you everyone really quick. [All] (laugh) [Kristina] Tomorrow, I’m off to Paris
which will be great But I’m really gonna miss this castle
and writing here. It is a very weird feeling,
knowing that I have just over 2,000 words left And like a day and a half left in Paris. Until I go home. And then I will have hit 50,000 But I’ll only be about halfway done
with my novel. [Liz] (laughs)
[Kristina] And halfway done with the month. [Liz] Yeah, it’s crazy.
[Kristina] And I’ll finish out NaNoWriMo Like, at home, back in my real life,
and it’s weird. [Liz] Yeah… real life.
[Kristina] Yeah, I had like really unrealistically high hopes About how much I could actually get done
during a writing retreat. [Kristina] I’m phenomenally proud of myself…
[Liz] Oh yeah. [Kristina] For hitting 50,000 in this time, but I’d had…
[Liz] Samesies. [Kristina] I had these like… very like delusional ideas
that I would maybe write the whole book. And I think I forgot how much time
writing actually takes, Even if you have all the time in the world to do it. [Liz] You did good, kid.
[Kristina] So I have definitely re-assessed What is realistic and I’m very happy
with the accomplishment of finishing… Half-ish of my book on this trip. That’s…
((car horn beeps)) That’s like incredible. [Liz] Riverboat!
[Kristina] Yay! It is my last day in France. And it feels really weird! I just don’t even know
what it’s gonna be like when I go home. I’m spending my day at Versailles. It is beautiful and huge. Here are the gardens behind me.
I can’t even grasp how big they are. I wrote 50,000 words today. I hit it! I’m gonna keep writing…
and we’ll see! I’m like… I know my novel’s gonna be really long I’m hoping I can hit maybe 100,000
but I’m thinking that might be a little ambitious. But, we’ll see. But tomorrow…
tomorrow, I go home. I’m home! I didn’t write any words today. I’m gonna blame it fifty percent
on the person in front of me Putting their seat back so far
that I couldn’t actually have my laptop open. Which I think is a really annoying thing. On planes. That happens to me.
Often. And fifty percent just cause I was tired
and ended up watching movies, Just like I predicted online.
But, now I’m home. I’m gonna write tomorrow.
And tonight, I’m gonna snuggle with Joe. [Joe] (sleepily) Hiii! I’m really sleepy cause of the time change. [Kristina] (scoffs) [Kristina] It’s 4 a.m. for me,
not you. Today was my first day back to work. Which I was sort of dreading,
but actually ended up being surprisingly fun. But, now it’s 9 p.m. and I’m so tired!
I can’t even fathom writing. I don’t remember jetlag hitting me this hard
when I was younger. I’m just so exhausted. (laughs) Urghhh. Last night, I was so tired that I did not write at all And I realize I need to stop saving my writing
for the evening, while I have jetlag. So this morning, when I got up at 5 a.m.
like I have been, I actually got some of my writing done
in the morning before work, which was amazing! And then I brought my whole laptop
to work today, to try to write more And then that just didn’t happen at all.
So, tonight’s “Fantastic Beasts”. I’m gonna go home and try to write
at least a thousand words Before the movie. Fingers crossed that that happens. But that’s my goal. I didn’t film anything on day 18
cause I didn’t write anything. And it’s day 19 now
and I am sitting in my living room And I’m wearing a mermaid tail,
which is the best thing ever. I’m compromising with myself
by writing in between every episode Of “Pretty Little Liars”
that I watch with Eia. [Eia] (laughs)
[Kristina] So… I’ve written like a thousand words today. [Eia] Yeah.
[Kristina] So far. So I think it’s working. [Eia] That’s a thousand more than you had.
[Kristina] Yeah! [Eia] Positivity! [Kristina] It is the 21st.
And I went to my writing workshop tonight And no-one else showed up. And that’s the first time
that’s ever happened to me. But that’s OK, cause I wrote like 1300 words.
I also wrote yesterday. It’s been really tough, guys. This is… This is not a good time for focusing on writing. Right now.
In the world. But I’m trying really hard to do it. I worked from home today.
Because it’s the day before Thanksgiving And I thought that I would actually be able to
like take breaks in between working To get some writing done
and also Mallory’s here. And that was our plan, was doing that.
We didn’t do that at all. [Kristina] We just worked all day.
[Mallory] Yeah. [Kristina] And got pulled into meetings and stuff.
[Mallory] We’re still working. [Kristina] And I have plans tonight.
And I didn’t film a clip yesterday. So, NaNo is just like… I was (laughs)
I mean I’m already at 50,000 But I had such bigger goals for myself this month And it’s just going so poorly… now. But tomorrow’s Thanksgiving
and I’m going out to the ocean like I always do. So we’ll see if things go better there. I didn’t end up writing over Thanksgiving,
which was a little bit of a setback. But I let myself just enjoy the holiday,
which was nice. And then I wrote a little bit on Sunday
and then I wrote like 4,000 words tonight. And there are two days left.
I have… (sighs) a lot to go For what I wanted to accomplish in November.
I have like four whole chapters left to write And I’m really trying.
I’m really trying and now I’m racing the clock. So we will see what happens. (laughs) It is the 29th and I’m like going hard.
Going really hard With the last couple of days.
I’m still determined to get to Act Two, The end of Act Two.
Mallory and I didn’t take a lunch today at work So that we could instead
come take a quick writing break at work. And we’ve both wrote a thousand words,
in like… was it like twenty-five minutes. [Kristina] That was… that was really impressive.
[Mallory] That was really impressive. [Kristina] We were both on a roll.
And I’m actually kinda bummed That I have to go back to a meeting right now,
cause I could totally keep writing. [Kristina] We’ll save it! We’ll save the energy!
[Mallory] Yeah! [Kristina] For later! I did it! I just hit 75,000.
I’m mostly finished the first two parts of my book. There’s a couple scenes I have to go back and write. But I don’t care, because
I just finished my eleventh NaNoWriMo At 75,000 words
and I feel so good. I feel so good! Check it out,
I’m a winner! Oh my god, I’ve not got enough sleep
over the last couple of days. I’ve written so much. In the last four days, I’ve taken my novel
from 59,000 words to 75,000 words. I don’t recommend writing that fast,
but I do feel amazing for having done it. (laughs) I just wanted to do a little end bit.
NaNoWriMo’s over. It is now December. I’m giving myself
a little bit of a break from working on my book. Thank you guys for always being so invested
in my writing projects and NaNoWriMo. I’m so proud of so many of you
for pushing yourselves To write more than you ever have before in your life. And making it such a priority.
And… this month definitely had its ups and downs But I’m feeling really good about
where I’m at with my book. And… I’m excited to keep going. So, thank you guys for watching.
And I will definitely see you next time.

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