Writer’s Relief: Questions and Answers About Our Review Board Process

At Writer’s Relief we love helping writers
achieve their publishing goals and we’ve been doing just that for over 20 years through
our Review Board process we consider the work of hundreds of writers interested in becoming
our clients since our client list is very selective we only accept writers whose work
we feel is strong and ready for publication generally the top 20% of submissions received
writers accepted by our Review Board will have the opportunity to join our client roster
these lucky writers can then sit back and spent their time writing while we do all the
time-consuming research needed to find the best suited targeted markets most likely to
be interested in their work can I send only one poem to the Review Board it’s great we’re
sure it is but to make the best evaluation of your writing skill we request 9 to 12 poems
poems that are only 1 page or shorter are best how many short stories or essays should
I submit we ask for 3 short stories or essays each story should be no more than 3500 words
what about novels or memoirs do you want the whole book while your manuscript should be
complete we only need to see the first 15 pages as well as a brief synopsis and your
query letter if you have one do you work with screenplays or children’s books no at the
present time we don’t handle screenplays or children’s books I just want to know if my
writing is good or not will you evaluate my work due to the sheer volume of submissions
we receive Writer’s Relief cannot offer an evaluation of your work we are only reading
and reviewing in house for authors who want to become full service clients are you going
to publish my writing and pay me sorry no and no we are not publishers we’re an author
submission service we help you find the best opportunities for getting published can I
send you the story or poem I put up on my social media everyone has read it and loves
it unfortunately work that you put up online is considered published we cannot work with
previously published writing what about my self-published book if you’re interested in
trying the traditional publishing route for your self-published book yes we can help you
with that how do I know you won’t steal my work if I send it to you rest assured we’re
not a scam and we won’t steal your work visit our website to testimonials from many of our
happy clients which is better writer fuel tea or coffee here at Writer’s Relief we’re
evenly divided between coffee mugs and teacups having Writer’s Relief do the busywork while
I write sounds great how do I submit my work visit our website today at writersrelief.com
to submit your writing to our Review Board want to know more about how Writer’s Relief
and Self-Publishing Relief can help you with great writing tips and self-publishing advice
visit our website by clicking the link in the description below

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  1. Nothing was mentioned about the cost of this service. I'm a retiree on a fixed income with a vampire novel that's sold fairly well on Amazon Kindle, but not enough to make my retirement free of concerns about being able to pay my bills. I've paid money I needed just to stay afloat to another service that has contests and opportunities for screenplays and never heard one thing from anyone once I paid Stage 32. How much does your service cost?

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