Write research | Are the Introduction and the Literature Review the same?

Greetings, this is Emily from uni-edit
answering the question: In my paper are the literature review and the
introduction the same thing? This video will be approximately three minutes in
length. Let us begin by simply answering this question. Next, we will give
additional information, so are the introduction and the literature review
the same thing? The short answer is no! They are not the same thing. It may seem
that the terms literature review and introduction are used interchangeably,
but although they overlap, they are not synonymous. The introduction section is
the first section of the main text of an article, and it typically contains both a
literature review and a statement about the current study. As you can see, a
literature review is contained within an introduction. The literature review
portion of the introduction gives the necessary background to the present
study and reviews previously published papers that set the context. Some of the
background may include an ongoing debate between different research groups in the
field. Basically, the literature review covers both what has been found out and
what we do not yet know. Commonly the literature review highlights the gap in
the current knowledge that the present study attempts to fill. Remember how the introduction is
commonly comprised of the literature review followed by a statement about the
current study? Well, what needs to be included in that statement? The statement
about the current study is, at minimum, a statement about the goals and or
hypotheses of the study. Some papers also include a brief summary of the main
approaches and findings of the study. However, it is important to point out
that many journals discourage this practice of entering a statement about
the current study. Thank you for watching! Once again, this is Emily from uni-edit. I
hope you have a wonderful day.

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