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hello my name is Rachel and I am here
today to do a belated wrap-up of my reading for February and March I am
feeling a little bit sad right now because this is my second-to-last cup of
tea I have a massive box of PG tips that I brought back from England at Christmas
and it has one more tea bag in it and after that I’m gonna have to drink shit
swiss tea like i don’t know if you just like been to other countries and tried
to have tea well they call it black tea you can just call it too you don’t have
tears like just like general tea and then you have the other teas I don’t
mind talking my tea I’m just annoyed that this is like my second toe osti
need to savor it yes I’m going to talk about the books that I read in months of
February and March today when G February first because I actually did quantity
wrap up and I wrote down how I found all the books so even though I might not
remember it this writing does so I wrote it down and I just didn’t film a video
so yeah I’m talk about those and then I will talk about I only read two books in
the month of March and they were both reread so I’m not gonna talk about them
too much so I’m just gonna jump in today I’m gonna talk about the books from like
my least favorite to the best books that I read in February first
so yes the first book that I read is called Teemo the adventurer and it was
book 1 and I think a series but I don’t think there’s a series out yet it was a
proof copy that I got of NetGalley and it was published on the 20th of that
month of February so it was quite new and the scripts was by Jonathan Garnier
and the art was by Johan sacra and this was just a cute little story about a
little boy who’s like going on an adventure and he loves books and he
always reads about adventures and he wants to have his own adventure and if
you’ve read arthur in the golden rope i would those who are very very very
similar and yeah i really enjoyed it it was quite cute the art was wonderful it
really like pulled you in that was good I gave that one 3 stars then I read
what’s not girl volume 2 which is California screamin can I just say I
absolutely love the artwork Chris not girl number one that it goes over like
both sides and just oh my god it’s so colourful like I think because she has
green hair and like a friend of pink hair and
everyone’s like hiring cloves I really like stand out as colored so it’s quite
a nice graphic novel to read like it really really pops without it feeling
like I feel like the graphic novels that do that are usually like comic book II
superhero we type things and I don’t actually like those so it’s nice to have
that same like format of bold colors without feeling like I have to read
books I don’t like style very vibrant and fun and yeah what I like about this
is just that it’s a graphic novel and there’s a lot of action and tension
going on but it’s very character focused like we get a lot of character
development from our main girl here stock girl which I really like I feel
like it’s it’s very different from a lot of graphic novels I’ve read and yeah I’m
really enjoying it I think it’s really really good
next we have a book that I’ve already spoke about and that I think I’ve read
three times now but this is my first time ever reading a physical copy and I
was so surprised that I found it because I knew that it was being published and I
knew that it could come out but I didn’t think that it would be in a Swiss
bookshop because it’s English books being brought over here you just assume
you’re only gonna find like the bestsellers the number ones in England
and so I was surprised that I found it and it was hot supper by Ellis Osmond so
I love this graphic novel I’ve been following the webcomic for about a year
and this is the first volume of it that’s been properly published and it’s
just beautiful like I always loved like I loved it on the webcomic the way that
she sets out the squares she has like all these squares really spaced out and
really different from other graphic novels I’ve read but I think it really
works and it worked fantastically in here as well so this was grey and I also
found out that the far cast for volume to be published is the 11th of July
which isn’t that far away it’s I’m very excited to read that one as well I just
realized I haven’t actually been saying what anything’s about so snuggle is
about a fashion blogger and basically she takes a lot of tablet I think that
basically like kind of like aunty hayfever tablets because she has a lot
of allergies but then she gets moved to some new tablets and everything sort of
starts to change that’s what happens in volume one obviously I’m not gonna tell
you I was in volume – it’s fine – and then this one
it’s about two boys this is it well it’s about two characters from Alice Olsen’s
book solitaire which I haven’t read but it’s about those two meeting and how
they develop feelings and relationships and very very very very very very cute
relationship enjoy it okay what we’re gonna also next we have another book
that got off naturally I’m gonna just look down to find in the name of this
because I’m not gonna remember it so it is the conclusion of the women are some
kind of magic series by Amanda Lovelace you’d be poetry collections and it was
the mermaids voice returns in this one so the first one was the princess saves
herself in this one second one was the witch burns in this one I think with the
black one the white one and in this one’s like a bluish color and it’s the
mermaids voice returns in this one there are poetry collections and I gave this
one four stars and I really really enjoyed it so it was published on March
5th and I really really enjoyed it I think my favorite of all three of them
has definitely been the which burns in this one the second one I think that had
a really fiery passionate kind of driving it that I really enjoyed however
with this last one I loved is that the last section of this poetry lecture she
incorporates a lot of different poets and there’s different poets who have
poems in there so it will be one of her poems and then another poet one of her
poems and then another poet one of her poems and it really works well because
it gave you this kind of fresh feel to something that you’d been reading for a
while and yeah I just really enjoyed it and I’ve enjoyed the series as a whole I
think it’s definitely a very good poetry series I’m not really ready poetry
series before so it’s been a nice like way to sort of delve into that without
committing too much because I feel like some poetry series would probably be
very complicated and it was a good one to start with okay so then we have a
audiobook that I listened to in February I remember that I was listening to it
when I was on holiday in divorce because I listened to her the entire train ride
back from divorce and then I just continued to listen to it for the rest
of the day until I had finished like it was that sort of I just enjoyed it so so
much it’s fantastic and if I was your girl by meredith russo
so this is an own voices book and we basically follow amanda she’s moved to
new school she’s she was living with her mom but she’s
moved to live with a father where she used to live before they split up he’s
moved to a new school she’s very popular at the new school and guys like her and
she’s like everything’s good however the thing that I really enjoyed is that man
knew his chance she’s finished her transition and she is like in the body
that she wants to be she feel like she’s happy with who she is like on the
outside matching the inside that sort of thing I’m basically within if I was a
girl we follow her journey towards like self-acceptance and I think it was so
well done so the first thing that I loved about spoke her being trans isn’t
used as a plot device it isn’t something where it’s like Austen the story she’s
trans like I don’t think that would have worked or been respectful in any way
shape or form and that’s not what happens you are aware very early on that
that is something that she is dealing with and it’s never it’s never something
that’s used as like a gimmick in the story which I really enjoyed the second
thing I love is that oh my god it was so fun it’s so so fantastic I she’s done it
so you constantly have a worrying about other people she’s constantly worried
about she makes loads of friends and she’s like but these people wouldn’t be
my friends if they knew when they think I was weird and blah blah blah blah and
this by like sir and he starts dating her and she’s like but he wouldn’t like
me if ba ba ba ba and she stands in the way event she’s always like and then
with her dad like her dad tries to be as quiet as he can but he also spike
struggles a little bit still and she’s like you know he wishes that I had never
been trans and never had any of these problems and bla bla bla bla bla you’re
reading it and you can see how much all of these things that she’s thinking
she’s just putting in the heads of other people they’re not saying them to her
but she’s putting it in their heads because it’s how she feels about herself
and so oh my god oh it’s so good at the end there is the scene and it is like a
scene from a rom-com it’s the thing why there’s been a big drama big falling out
people haven’t spoken and then the main character and the love interest come
back together and they speak and it’s like that moment where like they come
back together in a rom-com it would be like I always look to MOA wah I overlook
all of your farts bla bla bla that moment and oh my god I love that
Meredith Rousseau didn’t let that be the thing so this guy basically says to her
like bubble over I wish I didn’t know I wish you weren’t trans I wish he says
something that’s he thinks isn’t offensive but it kind of is
and she just stands up for herself so much and then just walks away and it’s
that moment where it’s like they gave this like rom-com moment at the end of
the story to her being able to accept herself as a person and who she is and
feeling happy with herself it was so beautiful I loved it so much I gave that
one four and a half stars like ending just absolutely blew me away I think I
would have given it like four stars but the end and just really took it there I
was so so happy with it and I’m so glad that it’s out there because there aren’t
a lot of trans stories out there and I feel like this is a really good one it
has a good message learning to accept who you are even if people around you
don’t so that was fantastic I will say there is an afterword at the end and
Meredith Russo talks about the fact that she wrote the story very perfectly
amanda passes no one thinks like she’s trans which isn’t massively common and
she talks about a lot of different things where she says you know this
wouldn’t necessarily happen but I’ve used it for a fiction book because I
wanted this to be such a positive story so there are things that aren’t
particularly true to life but I don’t think that holds the story back in any
way like it’s still just fantastic so I would highly recommend if I were to go
it is great then the next thing I read in February was a book that I said I was
gonna read and I was so glad that I read because I always say I’m gonna read
books and I put books on my TBR and it’s really sad people like comment or video
like I’m so excited you’re gonna read this I can’t wait to hear what you think
I’m so excited you’re gonna read this and I feel terrible because I make TV Oz
because I love making TV Oz but I hardly ever read the books on there because
it’s literally like the minute I tell my I had what to read my head like fuck off
then we’re not reading so basically just have to read whatever my head wants to
read in the moment but I did manage to be this one and it is save the cat
writes a novel this is the like adapted version of save the cat which is the
Blake Snyder book on scream
this is Jessica Brody who has adapted this to novel farmer I read this while I
was in divorce I spent the full week reading it and I
read this while I outlined that second project that I was talking about that
I’ve just finished a first draft of and this was definitely the reason that I
finished that first draft I like started studying beets I put my book that was
right in into one of the genres that she talks about and yeah it just helps so
much this is definitely half of the reason that that first draft got written
in a month and a half because I feel like just for me / I know a lot of
people don’t do this but for me personally like if I have a really good
outline to follow it’s very easy to just blow your stir it which is what I found
after using this and after using the beat sheets so I’m very very happy with
this it’s definitely a book that I’m gonna continually be going back to I
really really enjoyed this book she basically goes into detail about there
being 10 John Rose not genres in terms of horror this that blah blah but genres
in terms of the redemption arc the hero story the monster in the house story
like more the journey that character will go on as the genre I can’t imagine
a story that wouldn’t fit in those times on Rah’s however there are some stories
that are a little bit we are doing a little bit experimental that probably
wouldn’t so I’m not gonna say that everything does the first tracks I’ve
worked on before reading this I definitely had a lot of moments where
like things started to click and I was like okay that’s gonna really help me
with editing that I read plot instructor by James Scott Bell which was a really
good introduction to structure however I would say suck that off and just go pull
up that this is a great book this was five stars by the way and the next one
is also five stars okay so then we have the last book that I read in the month
of February was just Juliet by Charlotte Regan and I listened to this on
audiobook although I will be buying a physical copy as soon as possible
because it is just everything it is basically a female female version of
Simon vs. Homo sapiens gender I’ll love Simon if you want to go for the movie it
is everything it is so cute it is just so perfect I love it so much it was
everything so in terms of what we cover bactrim wise we have bisexual characters
lets me gay characters we have male male
romances and female female romances also there is someone who has self-harmed in
the past and you hear a lot about their struggles and the scars that they have
which I know like some people won’t really mind that there isn’t like a
scene with him doing it or anything like that but I’m just saying that because I
know that like I’ve had problems with that before and I no matter what just
someone mentioning it is triggering for me so yeah that’s that’s the thing
that’s there if that is something that bothers you just know that so we follow
aleena who basically becomes fascinated by Juliet who is like the new girl at
school I know predictable and yes you probably
read a thousand stories like that but what you have Fred is that those
straight stories like that and not a thousand lesbian stories like that and
this book is so cute it deals with her realizing her sexuality really really
really well there isn’t some dramatic moment she doesn’t get outed no one is
like aggressively pushing her the person who she likes like the love interest
isn’t like oh why don’t we she just realized that you were gay so we could
be together like there was nothing like that
it was a really organic realization which I enjoyed like it was just done
really well and they have a really good chemistry and I love the moments anew
together the male-male romance in it as well I loved I thought they were
adorable together and I think it was really cool as well
because there was a lot of gay people in a friendship group together so I feel
like it’s really common with these books where they’ll be like one gay person and
no none of the friends ago they don’t know anyone who’s gay if you are a part
of the LGBT community or if you just know anything about it you probably know
that it’s like magnets people just like come together the
minute we find out that they’re so like I didn’t know like anyone when I was
younger and then I came out as bisexual and then suddenly it was like oh my
friends I said that meant special oh I have that gay friend oh my cousin’s gay
oh this place is good Oh everyone around please fucking gay like
yours like full of my Livi like okay we’re gonna start a community it happens
a lot and I feel like in books they don’t represent that indoor
like people just don’t have a lot of like queer friends around them in books
and it’s it’s just not really how it goes like I think 50 percent of my
friends identify within the lgbtq+ community in some way and yeah it’s just
it is just very common for people to be friends with each other so I loved that
it did that it had a lot of people who were friends with each other who were
also part of that community that was good also like just the characters are
very sweet we have a really accepting parental figure which I loved like so so
accepting and just so well done we also oh my god one of the characters
basically when she’s very very young because she doesn’t really realize that
there’s a thing around being a lesbian or coming out or she doesn’t realize any
of that she just like tells her parents that she fancies someone and that
happens to be a girl and her parents educate themselves on how to have a
conversation about sex education with her even though like they’re not queer
they’ve never had to have that and I think that is so amazing because people
always talk about like having the talk with their parents if you’re a parent
and your child comes out in some way like as whatever part of the community
like that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have that discussion with them
but you kind of have to have a discussion in a different way and I
think it was really good that it mentioned that we then have the opposite
side of we have parents that are not so accepting but the way that they were
dealt with was really well done as well and it was very true to life like that
is exactly what my ex’s parents were like like in every single step of the
way like they’re not aggressively against it but just they’re just like
not happy with it and they’re not happy with it for all of the life and because
she’s bi like she’ll might get with a boy later Anna parents would be happy
because she’s with a boy even though there’s like accepted that she’s
bisexual which it’s just kind of this like awkward thing and it’s just there’s
just so many things I loved about this book like I loved the core of this book
like I loved the relationship that’s in it I loved the main characters but there
were so many other things that I can get dealt with that I really enjoyed and so
yes loved it I gave it five stars it’s wonderful
favorite books I’ve read this year and would just like highly recommend it is
fantastic you should read it if you enjoy that sort of content and if you
don’t you should probably just read it anyway cuz it’s really fucking good
so they roll the books that I read in months of February
whereas March I was kind of like you know don’t read that much you’re much so
I’m just gonna mention it quickly here so I read two months in March they were
well three reads and they were both LGBT books because the story that I was first
drafting is also an LGBT but there’s this concept of like refill in the well
of like surrounding yourself with stories similar to your story because it
kind of helps you find different pathways and think about things in
different ways and all that sort of stuff ended up doing that a little bit
and so the first book that I reread in support very so is I didn’t see the
point in talking about it but yeah anyway I reread what if it says that I
had literally just read by becky albertalli and adam Silveira and i loved
it I didn’t read the epilogue I think the review of this book where I said I
hate the epilogue so much and it made me take a half star off or a star off or
whatever because I didn’t ride this book so much and I really just didn’t enjoy
the epilogue however I didn’t read it this time so it was just great although
this book follows Ben and Arthur and they meet in New York and they have this
like amazing some of getting to know each other I just I love it I think it’s
so cute it’s so funny it’s just brilliant but I have filmed a full
review that so I’m not going to talk about that much if you would like to
hear my thoughts on it I will link it in the little card thing for you
and so goes it’s four and a half cuz if I’d have read the epilogue I would have
been annoyed so I’m still gonna say it’s four and a half but the main story of it
without that is five stars and the other book is I listen to the audiobook of
Simon vs. the Homo sapiens agenda’ this is a book that I read like two years ago
I think and it made me start to realize like how much I really enjoy reading
like LGBTQ fiction so it’s a book that I really appreciate and enjoy however I
don’t love it as much and I think it’s because I listened to an audiobook it
just I still have Simon a sort of blue I
still love that relationship but I I think number one I was listening to the
audiobook and I don’t think it comes across as well in audiobook because the
emails don’t come across well because in the book it’s
multi-media and they’ve like formatted it really well with the emails so that
just didn’t come through with the audiobook as much so that was a bit of a
disappointment I think I was just more focused on other characters because I’d
read books where they featured after so likely on the offbeat we get a lot more
about the side characters in time invest Homo sapiens agenda and so reading it I
kind of found myself focusing on them a little bit to be like oh can I see any
of that the stuff that comes later starting here I just found that a lot of
the characters weren’t very well rounded like Nick is not a very well rounded
character in my opinion so yeah that was a little bit disappointing but I still
didn’t really really really enjoy it and I still would highly recommend it I
think it’s a fantastic story and so I just started to notice that a little bit
this time but I didn’t know it’s it enough to like bother me I’ll pull me
out at the story so it wasn’t like a huge thing
I think it’s literally because she’s wrote another book that focuses on the
side characters after I can’t help but focus on them in Simon now and I’m like
oh they don’t really meet up to what I’m expecting
there are other books that really March so that is everything from February and
March yeah that’s everything if you’ve read any of these books and you enjoyed
them if you didn’t enjoy them if you disagree with me let me know down below
thank you very much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

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