Wonka’s Toffee Apple Tree recipe | Food in Literature

In a Wonka world, toffee apples grow on
trees. But until I figureo ut how to grow some, I’ll show you how to make this quick and easy recipe. Start by boiling some water and pouring it into a large deep bowl. You’re going to need six apples and takes skewers and press them all the way in but not all the way through. To remove the wax on the apple, dip the
apple into the boiling water for about 20 seconds. Remove and dry it off with a dry clean tea towel.
And you may have to redo this once or twice. Pour 1.5 cups of
white sugar into a saucepan on the stove. You also need to add in 90 ml of warm water 1/8 cup of glucose syrup and1/2 tsp of white vinegar. Give that a really good stir a let that heat until the sugar dissolves.
Then, let it come to a boil and continue boiling without stirring
until it reaches a 150oC the hard crack stage. When it reaches that
stage take your red dye or your red gel and
stir into the sugar syrup. You can add little bit by little bit until it reaches the shade of red that you want.
That’s looking nice and bright and cheery So we’re now going to add the apples. Take your first apple on a skewer, angle the pan and swirl the apple around until the apple is completely covered in the sugar
syrup. Let the excess drip off and place on a baking rack with baking paper
underneath to catch any drips

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  1. i'm fairly certain they more menat caramel apples, I realise that is what thees are called outside of the i had the cookbooks when i was a kid and there they used caramel(it also just might be bias aa i don't like candy apples)

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