Wolverine Returns With a NEW LOOK!

RYAN PENAGOS: Wolverine is back,
and we’ve got a first look. Plus, his wildest styles. Hey, Earth’s
mightiest friends. Wolverine has been
around since 1974, and he has a closet
full enough to just fill up a whole X-mansion From his whiskered costume– RYAN PENAGOS: To the
iconic brown suit– LORRAINE CINK: To the
classic blue and gold. LORRAINE CINK: To savage fang. RYAN PENAGOS: To classy patch. LORRAINE CINK: To the black
costume that no doubt was influenced by a huge act man. Are you were alluding to that
guy who does all the things? Oh, yeah. He’s a showman. Someone say,
maybe the greatest? Yikes, out loud. OK, so you may know some
of these looks already, but we have each chosen one
of our favorite wild Wolverine costumes from comic
book history– Yay. –to share with you, yes. Yeah, let’s do it. I have chosen Weapon X.
Because not only is he very important to
the comic book canon, it’s beautiful art by
Barry Windsor-Smith but nothing looks better
than running through the snow wearing nothing but
what God gave you, three cell phones and a helmet. [DIAL TONES] Who hasn’t done that? I mean, that’s just
a normal Saturday night if you’re Wolverine. But I think he
wears it very well, the art is really, really cool. He’s got those wires
coming out of everywhere. But really, it’s just like
bringing a full rainbow of electronics to life. He’s like a little Radio
Shack in the woods covered in just so much matted fur. And in my mind, it’s just
like beep-boop, boop, boop, beep, boop, boop, boop, boop. Wolverine. [LAUGHING] Yes, a robo-Wolvie. Yes, I like it. Well, my pick. We’re going to go
from naked Wolverine to maybe, just maybe,
too much Wolverine. I don’t know, because
my pick is from when Wolverine became one of the
four horsemen of the apocalypse. He was Death, and he
unveiled this delightfully unsettling goat skull codpiece. I would say disgust,
but I really don’t want to know any more about it. Because it has
eyes, a nose, horns. The horns point in and down. That’s why he’s
screaming at the sky. Digging into his thighs.
is so much happening. What’s in the
middle of his chest? It looks like he’s got
like a little, um– LANGSTON BELTON: Trumpet. LORRAINE CINK: Like
a little trumpet. A little chest trumpet. Just like too-too-too,
I’m Death. LANGSTON BELTON: Wolverine! We’re going to ponder
that for a while. And I think those
are both great looks. But I chose one that is the
peak of Wolverine’s power and authority, and
true, like, glory. This is Wolverine from
Earth X. He is just, like, said, I did it all, baby. Top of the road! Is that a saying?
Top of the road. [LAUGHING]
– Yes. His new catchphrase. Top of the road. RYAN PENAGOS: But this
Wolverine is everything. He’s balding, he’s chubby,
he’s just losing it. He is having his best life
at the tail end of things. He’s great. And you know what? He’s also with stupid. Uhh, oh boy. I also– I like his wilted
hair to show that he is older. His hair does not
have the same oomph. Pointed oomph anymore. It don’t have any more
depth in that time period. OK, anything to
get us out of this? Woo, woo, new look alert. Look, look alert. Wolverine is looking shredded
in Wolverine number one by Adam Kubert, written
by Benjamin Percy. Looking dope. He looks so cool. It is an iconic
look for Wolverine, but souped up, modernized. It is 2020 Wolverine. He looks fresh and ready to
slice and (SINGING) dice. LORRAINE CINK: Yeah. Oh, I like that– I like the
sing-songiness in there. That was very nice. Yes, well listen. Tell us what character’s closet
you want us to peek into next, and use the hashtag
#EARTHSMIGHTIESTSHOW. Yeah. We’ll see you next time.
I’m Lorraine. I’m Langston. I’m Ryan. And this is Marvel. ALL: Your universe. Snickt. Snack.

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