WIKITONGUES: Jarvis signing Kenyan Sign Language

Hello, my name is Jarvis This is my sign name I’m from Kenya, in Africa So..what’s the name of this place? I’m in the capital city, called Nairobi That’s how we sign “Nairobi” I live here; I’m Deaf. I grew up hearing, but at 10 years
I became sick I got malaria, fever, and when I went
to the doctor I got too much medication and I
became deaf So I could speak well, but could not hear
very well So now I love Kenyan Sign Language I think it’s nice: to talk with my
hands without hearing and
speaking I’m very happy to be Deaf I’ve married a person who is not
deaf; she’s hearing So my wife, she is really amazing;
she learned about counseling psychology She got me interested also in this And helped guide me through this My wife and I have one dog, The name of the dog is Zoe. This dog really helps us around the house. So, for example, we have visitors who
knock, and of course I can’t hear I’m watching tv, so our dog
alerts me. The dog comes running from the door
and makes me aware. I love Kenyan sports. Running,
basketball, and handball. I have flown to different countries
for competitions. Also, I’ve represented the Kenyan
National Team And I love being able to make
new friends all over the world And to learn international sign languages Also in Kenya the Deaf have
created dialects of KSL because we have different tribes We have 42 tribes in Kenya And they all speak different languages But, the Kenyan Deaf does not have a different sign
language for each of the tribes We have one national Kenyan Sign
Language It’s perfect for the Deaf community
in Kenya I love it in Kenya, within the Deaf
social circles here in Nairobi We love each other and we can
advocate for our rights The Kenyan Deaf community does
not accept the governmental pressures The Deaf in Kenya are very active
fighting for their rights, for equality And the government has now allowed
more access to jobs So the Kenyan Deaf community is
very happy with this country You are very welcome to Kenya! Welcome, welcome to Kenya
to learn different things! And I would be very happy to see
you! Cheers! I love you! Subtitles by the community

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