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This is really incredible. A Russian research team now wants two types of worms to succeed have revived these thread worms before about 42,000 years have been trapped in permafrost in siberia but they were probably not dead but kruger Conserved how the research team went about how the worms managed to survive mainz for millennia and what this discovery was for extraterrestrial life means that with these questions we are now very much looking forward to clicks and science fiction When defrosting, the research team took time and the tension rose to immeasurable levels For several weeks, they thawed their discovery in petri dishes and the more the ice melted but the worms contained in it were all the more livelier for you from the beginning Permafrost samples had been found by researchers in Siberia, more precisely in the remote republic of Sacher and had 300 samples scientists and two selected in which well-preserved nematodes were Incidentally, they are also known as thread worms they are with a diameter of less than a millimeter, although very small worries but every now and then for surprises they were, for example, at a depth of about one kilometer below the surface of the earth discovered what is deeper than every other more counter also in the gut of snails and again other thread worms that can live on an island in the Indian ocean five different mouths develop depending on which is the most suitable for the currently available food in any case, one of the samples of the current study consisted of a permafrost boulder that came from a depth of 30 meters to daylight were transported after assessment of the Russian Research teams have been asking for permafrost soil for 32 years, 1000 years, the other sample came from a depth of three meters is probably after guessing the scientists scientists already They have 42,000 years old by the so-called Radiocarbon method determines this process based on the amount of bound Radioactive C14 atom in dead organisms decreases and that according to the decay law the Petri dishes were then stored for several weeks at 20 degrees Celsius and the worms were always At some point living beings began to absorb nutrients and to move so obviously they were not dead but only conserved means as much as This is actually the first time that multicellular organisms have survived in the world permafrost frozen could be revived at all ports seeds and spores is already known they can also after millions of years in which they were frozen were still viable in more complex organisms such as the threadworms Although phenomena already observed but it was the longest frozen time span only 39 years here too they were in activated and could be revived a similar result Japanese research teams have already been in the so-called they were still viable after an early preservation of 30 years Of course, not enough for the now assumed time span of 42,000 years ago but how credible is the research result In any case, the Russian team assures you of trying to be as sterile as possible contamination of the samples to exclude exactly how the nematodes This has not been resolved yet, but this discovery is of great importance not only for biology and medicine Here could be further research Maybe the question will be answered as we can get human tissue for a long time also for the astrobiology which is looking for Extraterrestrial life is the current study extremely exciting Creatures found in the ice of Mars, for example, could possibly be revived madness from now on you can also be a member of klicks for a monthly amount In addition to a few privileges, you will get an extra video and an extra live stream just for you here below Member will click and if he has no video on the subject Chronicle and want to miss all the other topics then would have me whatsapp then he bypasses the something unreliable abo boxer on youtube and you will not miss a video get me always a message just click on it here and best of all my sister karla kick subscribe to social media Click here for it but not the bell forget here it goes on with there also chroniche frozen to eternal life until then stay tuned

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