Why these UK school kids love learning languages

my name is Adnan and I’ve been learning
Mandarin inside school. I want to be into banking because there’s lots of money. maybe I can get lots of deals by talking to Chinese people. We’re not learning something that
we’re used to and it’s not like anything we’ve ever done before. We’re just used to
doing like English and maths but now we’re going to learn a completely new
language. It’s actually really unique, it’s really interesting, and it’s fun to
do. You become more confident as a person being able to communicate with others. I think Spanish is really useful because 40-plus countries speak Spanish so I
think business wise it’s gonna be helpful in the future. Maths and English, it’s more like
write in your books and look at the board, but here we get to interact. I’ve been teaching my parents. My teacher Miss Smith started to teach us French From learning French I learned German, From being in Germany I found out about
Hamilton theatre, and here I am today talking to you about learning languages,
having had a career that’s gone on for 40 years now. languages for me are
about opening the world up. It gives you another soul, it gives you another person, and, you know, the world became more mine When you go on a holiday people just
talk in languages that you can’t even understand a word of, but since I’m
learning Mandarin, hopefully I can actually understand what they’re saying. If I can meet people at this age and be able to talk to him in a different language, then
what can I do when I may be a couple years older? Merci beaucoup Mademoiselle
Smith! thank you Miss Lee Oh. ??? Merci beaucoup miss Babur! Gracias Professor Raskoschnitzka. Xièxiè Fan lao shi.

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  1. I love english and i want to learn this languague and become fluent in but always i have one obstcal which is money.. i have one quesion to british council chanle do you get schoolarship to person from developing country.. my desire to get shcoolarship to study english ..

  2. I would like to study English deeply and earn more confidence when am speaking it, however where am, there no anyone to pratiice with, British Council, what l can do to become stdient of yours without money and living at portugal?

  3. Wee Sing is a great at getting kids to love learning. Check out our channel for the full library of videos!

  4. Learning languages is my huge passion as well. It surprises, attracts, and gets me into lots of wonderful new things x

  5. Foreign languages are extremely useful and important! I love foreign languages! Thanks! ¡Gracias! Grazie! Teşekkürler! Merci! Danke! Tak!

  6. I love this! I couldn´t agree more …it gives you a new you! Nothing better or more fulfilling tan becoming fluent in another language…not to mention the doors you will open!!!

  7. English and Spanish and French are so beautiful languages. These are the most popular languages in such as sexist way to do with genders! 💝💋💞

  8. I know French and Spanish is easier than English and it’s a lot commonly learnt in school.

    But culture wise, why doesn’t English people learn German or Icelandic.

  9. I applied for my higher educational college course for after year13 back in November 2018 > I had my interview January 2019. The questions bit was to fill out a form and two of the questions was smthg along the lines of “what things do you enjoy aside from media & how does that motivate you with media and beyond?” .

    I put down that Other than speaking British English, I took German & French at GCSE and have a grandmother and family on my dad’s side who are german > so that motivates me to want to communicate with them. I also put since the age of 15 (in yr10) I’ve been teaching myself Korean (South) all by myself and that motivates me to become independent when I’ve not been in situations where my parents or family or sibling can help out which has helped to mature me better. I’m the only person in my family that speaks Korean (South).

    I heard back with an unconditional offer for my course within a day. Other people who had done the same interview as me for that course and could only speak British English (the ones who constantly told me they didn’t understand what’s the point with languages) > it took them about a month to hear back from the course and the course had limited places , so some didn’t get it. Idk whether it had anything to do with the languages I had put down or smthg else. But yh, I heard back within a day and I’m so excited to be starting my course, this September 2019 to August 2021 (it’s a 2 year course) ☺️💜✊🏼✨🙏🏼~.

    P.S. these kids remind me of me when I was small. It’s strange to think I was that little once upon a time – but also like young people > yes you get it and make the world and your parents proud, like I make my parents proud too – you are strong and believe in yourself because anything is possible ! ~.

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