Why Poetry?

Poetry gives your life back to you The life that you abandoned on the busy street the life that you let people trample
on the life the you lost in the corporate
corridors Poetry gives that life back to you Poetry tells you that you are more more than what the mirror can ever show you more than what you can see in others eyes Much more than what your senses can ever savor Poetry tells you that you are much more Poetry gives you a sense of hope the hope that there will be always a tomorrow the hope that it would be better than today the hope that you and I will be there to see it Poetry give you and me the hope Poetry empowers you to feel to feel the pain of the millions unknown to feel the plight of the dead, alive and to be born to acknowledge the existence of things
other than you Poetry empowers you to be a human again Poetry challenges you to respond respond to the meanings hidden in the
words respond to the silent requests in the lines Respond to those for whom it is written Poetry Challenges you to change the
world Poetry makes you believe again believe that you can do it now believe that it is always worth believe that goodness prevails poetry makes you believe beyond limits Poetry is all you will have in life when silence becomes unbearable when loneliness also un-friends you when you are the last life form on earth Poetry is all you will have in life Poetry is all you will have in life Poetry gives your life back to you

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  1. Belatedly I heard your nice poetry. So far I have not read many poems. It would not be proper if I commend on it Shri Vinodetta.

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