so long so much are we good bye magnet to the bay wow this is going to be exhausting whoa like this because you might be watching our YouTube channel and wondering and it’s like most of the times I didn’t even know so today I figured I’d tell you the story of every language that I speak and why I speak it while trying to not make mistakes in Tohoku massage for us to gaze on a cedar brazier cuando jin-soo Kwon Samia – Joo Syed Blasio croixfamily Adela oh say jo me you know his mom in Tennessee when usually England romário st. Sava capital Delhi butta butta meet chip wanted to vote no follow English I happy junior Vicky every sees a verb in English I conceived water fast so then I started speaking English and it was not easy because I would pee my pants in the first grade because nobody could understand me I like with flashcards I learned body alone oh I learned English to survive so it wasn’t that fun but then it got way better but age of seven I was getting pulled out of classrooms in Bethel Connecticut to translate for the new Brazilian kids because when I first moved we were the only family that didn’t speak any English and they thought Spanish would help but Spanish and Portuguese are not the same language yeah because I learned English so fast actually so pretty because ever since vanished before so it became fun learning language became a privilege because now I could do something that nobody else could do even though I was seven and the teachers were like 45 so it was like that’s crazy thinking that I started seeing like oh man I learned languages I will be smarter than everyone else no it’s not like that it kind of is but it’s not really like that I just like the fact that I could help somebody in need I could help the kid who just came from floating hoppity’s who didn’t know how to say can I go to the bathroom because I and so for a few apps or dude it’s a few years before so I made sure that they did I became super fluent in English so much so that my Portuguese go mouse’ told me a family miss was a large one you know because I said master I make up 10% I wasn’t speaking hundred percent English and nano is a problem for me I do Chicano see a colorful sick cause here comes David Townsend gibberish won’t hurt the d’espagne in France a emergency response across samina sqv quick components panel me Chevy panel middle upon a pre-release a boot or a shelter in Ferrari Italian or queen do reto Casey bowling para italiano pre cannon is super quick neocon each other fairly young quando the cheese would come in cherry parlare Italiano mia madre NYADA Mia feel ooh hey give us a cap ronita universe yamakawa duncan politeness of cerebral believe that okay see for said ma allah says o tempo system of our longing Glaser portuguesa franchisee post one que para el italiano okay we talked to a father to t do it and each a of being a franchisee poet Arion questa cosa que era una clase de Galliano Alicia Queenie no no para Tallulah Queenie Santa Anita yep everybody blew off a tub yet she taught me the class P let’s yawn in italiano ethicist Oh Fernando cozy and que una Monte Queenie over to University no no Suja to cut so there anything where I did not speak one language in college at all major city do foundations aperi you Jerry ta confirm it occurred on a cat who are usually a poly me rent oh yeah perron-fontaine so that’s like a little bit useless it’s like senior said your Pascal GT sur La Table you know a fake laugh at me like a a cool I’m posting a video Q on fancy at all ordinary matter cheap-ass kept Misawa lazy yumichika with you you see the complication terminal complete myself then a pair double the boys the swears I’m missing the part where I learned Spanish dispersed the bodies for dreamers eros Estados Unidos don’t empezamos in Cana in maestro Premal Pat Rossini on era called you nice square add espagnol in Thompson’s episodes two-year spaniel Mexico Costa Rica Ecuador no habla mañana y despues de tres meses I see a brandy siempre estoy con Camila con el español Tatiana no okay son I receive CMOS quoi see it easier on all of them they’re all the same cateura prosper so no messy no America yachty Morrissey Ilana para por Li ke Morrissey vena cavae Fredo you Nagisa hurry maracas in a disco row but not impossible Sarah Posner yeah bazooka na groffo star Elena Keturah she’s still working on my Greek but I read it all in Greek I know other random things like jello nagawa Habibi and yes it would join a cot villa the opportunity to learn languages are unlimited and actually want to learn them all I guess the bottom line is all of the languages that I speak I’ve had to love the culture where it’s spoken because that’s what’s gonna make you put any extra hours that’s what’s gonna make you try to go to that place as much as possible to practice with those people when you learn a new language you literally unlock a secret level I learn how to think differently because of the words that my brain can now process and form sentences with those work I could talk about this forever and I got six seven languages to tell you especially dolphin get it it isn’t comfortable learning a language nobody ever said Wow today I wanna feel like I want to learn grief that’s how it feels but then when you actually start learning it so rewarding that all those crappy moments are worth it because now you can order the best Greek salad because the Greeks are gonna respect you so much for having ordered a Greek salad in their language that they’re gonna even throw in a free shot of ouzo this is why I learn languages for the free use oh I feel when you start learning the language like those skills of making mistakes falling down and getting back up that applies to your life like if I am bad at something I know that I will be better if I practice because that’s what happens to my languages so obviously you follow the patterns and then you become better at life Google Translate is that Italian is that Spanish Oh buddy mm I said come pick you up if you don’t use it you lose it I love Hawaii where does language nerd lingua turns out


  1. Muy bien! Yo tambi矇n hablo 7 idiomas 返

    Muito bom! Eu tamb矇m falo 7 idiomas 蛤

    Tr癡s bien! Moi aussi parle 7 langues 恫

    Multo bene Io anche parlo 7 lingue 氣

    芥 脯喋 閰晞艾 荊

    堧塈 堧堛堶堹堳 堧媔塈 7 媞堜 氣

    Jag ocks疇 pratar 7 spr疇k 賅

    Ich also kann sprechen 7 Sprache 拎

  2. Wow 帢弇峎庥帢 庰巹彖帢庣 帤庥怷弇怷 庰庰庰 Congratulations! Greetings from Greece, welcome for a free ouzo! My 7 years old daughter speaks Greek, Polish, and learning English Probably later will learn More! ( She likes russian or maybe German?) Will see!
    Nice video!

  3. You have really good accent in Greek!!!Keep going young lady!I know that's hard because we have so many different words with same meaning but u are doing a great job 歹歹歹

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