Why did we decide to make a graphic novel course? | AskBloop #061

– Today on Ask Bloop, why did we decide to make a graphic novel course? (popping) (whoosh) (chill music) (whoosh) Welcome to Ask Bloop, Morr
of bloopanimation.com. It’s time for your questions. If you’re new here, every week
we answer audience questions directly from the comments
section, mostly about animation or filmmaking. So if you’re interested in
that, subscribe to our channel, but before we get to the
questions, I just wanted to let you know that we are
coming out with a new course next month on May 1st called
Making a Graphic Novel. And just like the name
implies, the course covers everything there is to know about creating graphic novels and comic
books from scratch. It’s going to be one
of the biggest courses we’ve ever created, and will
be the best online course on this topic you can find. To learn more about the course and sign up to be notified when the course comes out, go to
bloopanimation.com/makingagraphicnovel. I’ll link to in the description,
and now for the questions. Would you consider collaborating with other YouTube animators? I would in theory, but in reality, it just doesn’t seem very practical,
since all of my projects are long-term, in-house produced films, and the rest of the videos
are either shows like this or tutorials, but I
have been in touch with some other YouTube animators, and I think if a really good idea would come about that would call for some
kind of a collaboration, I’ll be happy to do it,
it just didn’t happen yet. How do you manage camera
angels and positions when working within huge
models like in Tasteful? Well, it’s pretty much like in real life. Just because the set model
is big, like the parks that we had in Tasteful, it
doesn’t mean that there’s any difference in how
we do our camera work. We make sure the camera
is with the right lens and treat it as if it was
actually in a real set, kinda like playing in a huge dollhouse. It’s actually easier to set up shots when you have a big background model, because you have a great point
of reference to what’s in the background, and framing
becomes a bit easier. What inspired you to create
a graphic novel course? There were a few times when
I was trying to work on or produce a graphic novel,
as someone who’s loved graphic novels my whole life,
but when I did the research for the process of creating, and printing, and self-publishing a graphic
novel or a comic book, there just wasn’t a lot of
good information online. There were a few tutorials
here and there about different things and
fragmented courses that were just not that good, so I thought, what if we just make the best online
course you can find about creating and publishing
graphic novels and comic books? So we did, and that course
is coming out next month on May 1st, like I said,
and you can read more about what’s in the course on the website. I’ll link to it in the description. And if you have any more
questions about that or anything else, write them
down in the comments section. Make sure you are subscribed
to see if your question was answered, and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

21 Replies to “Why did we decide to make a graphic novel course? | AskBloop #061

  1. to be a professional animator , like eric goldberg maybe ( as an exemple ) , how much years you need to spend them on learning and studying animation ? #AskBloop

  2. hey… i am from india… i am an animator.. currently working in india… but i wish to work at pixar… or disney or DreamWorks USA some day…. but dont know the right path to it… can u please tell me… is it even possible or not.. and if possible… than what should i do… please help me…

  3. It would be cool if you guys did a course with clip studio paint sense you can use vector art,illustration and animation all in one program.

  4. Hey Morr,
    Please help!
    We are small animation group(3 High school students) using templeted softwares.

    We wanted to buy your animation courses (the biggest package which includes all courses) to learn 3d and 2d animation.but….
    Now the main problem!!


    We belong to India where the people have mentality that not a penny could be earned doing animations, they take it as a waste of time, specially in my region.
    So it is possible that you offer those courses to us for free? I promise you to pay the twice or more money in future once we have learned well and sold some films.
    Is that possible anyways?
    We are extremely passionate to animate but can not afford a high quality coaching yet…….It seems the courses you offer might help us.
    Please consider my question in your next ask bloop video

    And yes your voice is awesome 😉

  5. I have been planning to make a graphic novel since a long time. I dono where and how to start from. Do you have any book or anything that will helpful to me..

  6. Is there any faster way to create an animated short or feature since they tend to take so long

  7. I don't think it's a big difference, if animation company or game-dev company. How and where do you register it, and copyright it.

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