Which European Language Is The Sexiest?

[Music] now he mm-hmm absolutely can I do Lauren so today I’m going to be listening to different European accents and judging which one’s the sexiest I’m most excited to just get male attention I was in Europe second to fifth grade and I took French the entire time I was there completely lost it I can get by in Spanish I went to Greece once I know two words I took Spanish as my minor in college completely lost that so like I know foreign languages do I speak them no not at all you ready for the first is he ready let’s throw a question bring them on bring them all mr. Greece hi hi are you I’m good how are you Oh tell me more capacity are sort of lemma I don’t know what you’re saying yes I will I will okay okay I’ll tell ya okay till today family so much clinica like people coughing us muffled tipota right okay would it what I tell I see almost post a post on Marcela nunca was powerful map or a formality pata did I didn’t totally oh god I wish I knew what you were saying push when Linda stopped you sir uh-huh so that’s it if it doesn’t matter poor like yourself that much just you know pistol Wow the whispers really just mmm where’s my cd4 loves still some date it’s a day that’s what you say Hey look at that lovely the khatallah way next no no no no absolutely unacceptable why would you do this oh hi yes now I married my mom he just let him off mr. France [Music] what’s our what’s our whatever hello what’s up oh come on – yeah yeah yeah – from the CDs imagine they say like a lady family the first kid is not in Venice Eddie may measure posture before yeah um oh good I don’t know what you’re saying but I’m down for imagine compact your weekend we can we can we can we can’t really do I’m free wait wait okay super sit down sit down see fair mahalia just compare different party majide dude uh-huh wait it’s sweet I’m gonna keep the food cause I forget about it important can see if you don’t want to keep the house give the phone say say say foo become one again directly Mulligan listen could do Mona a kid enemy the pewter not quiet quiet all right ma ma boys you must have something wait wait hi all right Polly married sorry Judy mr. Spang hold on all that Catan it okay state oven see see see ya know honesty misshapen poco de españa poco okay Hadassah I don’t know what you’re saying there Oh what that means okay still we’re gonna understand a given T there’s some fellow here so he he loved that game well stairs tell me and this time will be any boy where’s McCord August RFK that cake on me you’re not pooping in your custom Stanton mad Stan I don’t know live let’s see Oh your dad II wanna push a game in contrast and the mothers tomorrow if so software happen if I was Tom demolish our diced resolve a kid ink on Daria oh wow nice yeah sounds great let’s do it it sounds like you wanna you just I don’t know it sounds naughty though you know that II wanna go check on me and Ariana Sena Unnithan a from Antigua Cydia on this path yet see I don’t buy a so nothing I don’t want to get on the SEC for demos I’m party at football ooh oh yeah football football our spine hasta que puede la vida que esté sabado tengo que bueno gay monomeric arrest paulo mañana en casa y tenía pensado Orsola famous impersonal service you want to take me to your place on Saturday that sounds great you want my number I hello oh you’re not married are you Wow Wow taking a Spain I’m gonna have to go with mr. Greece I literally had to come out of my clothes listening to the man speak to me I don’t know what he said but it was beautiful sweet nothings I would say probably France I don’t even know why I just was totally enraptured by mr. France and I’ve never been to France so it could be a nice opportunity I learned you can have everything you want okay I don’t pick one actually I changed my mind I want all of them [Music]

100 Replies to “Which European Language Is The Sexiest?

  1. The thing is most french and Spanish people can do a sexier voice than than them 2. Hes not even trying and got a vote

  2. Σιγα ρε Γεωργουλη να πουμε, εβγαλες εκει περα ολη την γοητεια και καλα….

  3. Φυσικά κάι ο Έλληνας είναι ο κλτρς αφού πρώτα είχε φάει σουβλάκι

  4. I'm Greek and I felt so awkward when the dude was talking??? like??? it just sounded kinda creepy in greek idk why everyone's pregnant

  5. Κάθε γλώσσα είναι όμορφη
    τα ελληνικά μας ίσως λίγο παραπάνω
    Αν και όταν τα μιλάμε σωστά

  6. This video is sooooo funny! As a French girl, English is my favorite foreign language. I know nothing cuter or more appealing than a lovely slightly awkward Brit speaking French with an English accent! 😉

  7. Im greek and im single and girls i will speak to you like that every day if you want🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  8. This video should be renamed to '7 and a half minutes of Americans thinking there are only 3 languages in Europe'

  9. We have really good relationships with you guys. Greetings from Greece!!! 🇪🇦❤️🇬🇷❤️🇲🇫❤️🇪🇦❤️🇬🇷❤️🇲🇫🇪🇦🇬🇷🇲🇫🇪🇦🇬🇷🇲🇫🇪🇦🇬🇷🇲🇫

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