Which European Language Is The Sexiest? • Part 2

100 Replies to “Which European Language Is The Sexiest? • Part 2

  1. Accents of European? U do realize English was originally a European language and if all other languages were accents of it, u should be able to understand them? We have languages like Hungarian and Finnish, no one understands those.

  2. Omg I’m going to Romania in April, I can’t wait!! It’s my lifelong dream 🇷🇴 ❤️ any recommendations anyone?

  3. Man alive, if I was one of these guest voices, and I knew full well that no one would understand me, I would seize the opportunity and just spout ALL kinds of gibberish. I mean, the Italian guy came close with his talking about socks, but he didn't go far enough. I would just go 'Hello. You are the kumquat of my fish's desire. I wish to explode your navel with eggplant, you aardvark of the prairie – gazelles. Chocolate gazelles. With licorice. Sweat the eyeball, fat stuff' – and just keep free-associating until my time was up.

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  5. Damn! How can I slide into Mr. Italy's DM's? I really need to know what he was going to say that he couldn't on camera! 😍

  6. We finally got a woman!!! Also, I firmly decided Romania is sexiest because of Sebastian Stan so this lady just adds onto that.

  7. All of them are Latin languages. Most know that Italian and Portuguese are, but not that many people seem to know that Romanian is, too.

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