Which English Language Accent Is Sexiest?

[Music] is your name Ariel because we were made for each other that’s a good one hi I’m Abby I’m originally from Ohio cubic which is the French province of Canada hi I’m Lucas I’m from Brazil and today I’m here to judge the sexiest English language oxides let’s get started [Music] hello oh Jesus Christ Hamid damn you’re hotter than the bottom my laptop oh it’s getting hot here bad at night do you sleep on your stomach if not can i oh there you go is there any it’s not an airport nearby or is that my heart taking off it’s literally all the lines I use so miraculous you’re seriously going to see me from the US I am indeed there we go you can tell because I speak properly oh please your lipstick lonely let me introduce in the mind he’s everywhere I ride like he’s on the right left side I mean from not in front yet it’s sure you quazy moto cuz I love your hunchback what if you make it about Disney does it make you cute no on a scale of 1 to America how free are you tonight no I can sell on negative 12 is how free I am right now I’m very surprised that emotion liking it mainly American uh-huh it just doesn’t really do it for me well that’s a bit disappointing oh sorry honey ah okay American accent would go for like three or four but I would go for like a nine point five hello Abby hi I’m Josh I’m gonna very creepily stand behind you while you can’t see look it’s better than what other people have done so you’re fine don’t want to know do you have any salt honors if not do you want to date are you Australian because you meet all of my koala fication z– are you a beaver because damn there’s nice fun how sexy it is like I could like a five maybe a six laughing Ozzie yeah I is it Ozzie I am it just feels a lot more genuine when are you talking to somebody who has in the show an accent I don’t I don’t know why but it just feels yeah it feels a bit more genuine where I was like I find with American accents it just feels kind of overly happy and kind of fake which any one guy can I say the level would be around eight point five I could deal with that come on tall blond you know typical Australian guy not far off have you seen Chris Hemsworth yeah picture that but in that better shape oh I’ll show you this clown yes howdy yeah oh yeah I like Thor but yeah I may have oversold that’s slightly hello oh Jesus Christ you think I’d be used to this by now right like how do you do I’m good what’s your name Evelyn what’s your name beautiful Lucas Lucas is obviously a brash obviously from London it’s all very proper proper don’t you oh don’t I lovely lovely yeah you know that you’re a hotter than a fresh cup of Yorkshire tea oh oh do you like tea love to what’s your favorite tea I’m a very hot like you I’m not say I’m pretty partial to attendees so Oh Tetley lovely jubbly have you been to London Lucas oh yes and you are I wish I oh that was probably giveaway wait it’s in London again London yes my face has so much more this laughing have you ever been to come help I’m sorry Oh cock Foster’s no describe it to me God you make me wet what are you thinking about my accent so far oh we love it Oh genuinely love her British accent I think it’s just it’s great fun it’s a super sexy accent it is pretty sexy am i number one yeah gonna be laughing I find my favourite now you’re winning yeah hi Abby hi my name’s Yvonne if you’re a library book I check you out like action from see Sophia oh Christ yes hi is your name Wi-Fi it’s I feel a real connection well I can be your Wi-Fi if you like I like accent I like it I can’t actually pick where it’s from though just just keep talking if you’re a cat I’d spend nine lives of you that’s cute you can’t be Irish it’s too clear to be Irish am I drunk and just intoxicated by you Wow why is the drink then you don’t sound Scottish you’re either are you Welsh yes I am I’m Welsh hey guys I like the accent there’s nothing to my favorite accent we’re about to see from Wales I’m from some white pudding dish girl go to Clinton up push them to see let go go go how many was that as long as one word is there as a second longest tongue name in the world you could be talking to me about cleaning your bathroom and I wouldn’t tell I just talk to me you know that and bloodbath bottom ah oh god that’s amazing yeah lush well nice to meet you [Music] hey guys I’m Amelia hi so my doctor says that I’m lacking in vitamin you are you from Christchurch cuz I didn’t see any folds if you were steak you would be well-done [Laughter] yes is yen is it English not quiet are you the Sun coz you are blinding me I [Laughter] have no idea we’d probably go to like the fish and chip shop and like head down to the beach maybe take a few cold beers love it chuckling your chili Ben are you from New Zealand yes no no fish in chat function tips you New Zealand what do you reckon guys it is festive say number six six yeah Hughie Wendy queues talk to me I need to be like what are you talking about expected [Music] so Abbi I’m new in town could you give me the directions to your apartment Jesus first time maybe that Bulls a you must be Irish because you’ve got my heart rate Dublin that’s right there’s a good one do my eyes just turned green because when I see you I feel like I’m getting lucky you have here my pot of gold and I would like to make a deposit I’m going honestly I love in Irish accent sir I’m crabby listen to you just keep talking sir you’re already like a pretty solid eight alrighty yeah no definitely I liked English the Irish and Scottish accent a lot I fingers very sexy 9 yeah good night I must say I think the British accent won overall ah stay classy keep it British it was always like a big thing for me the American accent not liking it but today I absolutely love it probably besties for the second best accent the English from London that for me was the best one and obviously she was jumping on me so it was very fun what really really helps is obviously like your delivery of it so whereas jazz if he wasn’t as charismatic as he was and would have been a tick very nice to be able as well in less than an hour which he listened so many German accents I would definitely do it again [Music] you

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