What’s Your Favorite Literary Reference in Film/TV?

Hello everybody. It’s book riot
contributing editor Maria Cristina and I’ve got a Thursday video for you. I was
gonna talk at you about something totally different. But while I was
setting up my camera, one of my cats walked across my keyboard
and all of a sudden my computer monitor starts playing Star Trek first contact,
which is an excellent film. Two thumbs up from this critic. But I stopped
everything and watched it for a while because I’m not going to turn off Star
Trek first contact. And I came to the scene where there’s this character named
Lily who calls out captain Jean Luc Picard for being basically Captain Ahab.
And when Captain Picard is like, “what are you talking about?” Because he really is
just hell-bent on revenge right now. Doesn’t have any mental space to think
about literature. She’s all like, “what? don’t you have books from the time
period you’re from?” Because there’s time travel. Watch it. And it’s a great, apt
reference for that moment in the movie. And then they also just develop it so
well. She’s all like, “hey, you’re, you’re totally chasing after this white whale
and you’re gonna end up losing everything.” And he comes to see things her way, ends up quoting Moby Dick a little bit,
and she doesn’t recognize the quote because she’s never read it. But Moby
Dick is something that has so totally entered just the consciousness of the
general public that she doesn’t have to have read it in order to point out the
similarities between Captain Picard and Captain Ahab in this moment. There’s just
a lot that really, really works about this for me. Anyway, I was wondering if
you have any moments in film or television where
there was a book that was not just referenced in passing but actually
incorporated into a character’s dramatic arc or the way a particular scene played
out. Something that, that made it a huge meaty part of that that moment for you.
So thanks for turning that on for me, Gilbert. I still don’t know how exactly
he did that. um But it was, it was serendipitous because I’m already
wearing my my Starfleet shirt here. The stars are just aligning on this one.
Thanks for watching. Bye.

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