What You Need To Know About The Eternals

Marvel Comics’ Eternals are an ancient, cosmic
race who live on Saturn’s moon Titan. If Marvel Studios embraces all the cosmos-spanning
wonder of the group’s comic-book appearances in the upcoming Eternals movie, viewers have
some technicolor treats in store. Here’s the lowdown on the Eternals. The Eternals were created by comics legend
Jack Kirby in 1976. They’re an ancient race of superbeings who
have long protected Earth from evil, specifically the rule of the treacherous Deviants. The original Eternals series tells a meticulously
plotted tale and was created with an ending in mind. Unfortunately, Kirby never reached his intended
finale. The Eternals was axed at issue #19 before
Kirby had a chance to wrap up all of the existing plot threads. It lingered unfinished for a while until writers
Roy Thomas and Mark Gruenwald used a storyline that ended with Thor #301 to wrap up the tale
of the Eternals’ cosmic crusade. We’re glad the story ended up resolved, but
we’ll always be wondering what it could have looked like if Kirby had a chance to finish
the series as he intended. While their name was on the cover, the Eternals
arguably weren’t the breakout stars of their own book. That was the Celestials, the “Space Gods”
that created the Eternals, the Deviants, and, it turns out, pretty much all sentient life
in the Marvel Universe. The Celestials were an example of Kirby building
on an idea he’d explored in other comics. They were a step past Galactus, who he and
Stan Lee had created in Fantastic Four: a massive humanoid that was essentially a living
force of nature with ties to the origins of the universe. Even their designs were similar, clad in Kirby’s
trademark elaborate armor, but while Galactus had a recognizable human face, the Celestials
were completely covered by their armor, making them far more unknowable. The Celestials were defined by the ongoing
life creation experiment that they’d been tinkering with for billions of years, with
names that indicated their function. Gammemnon the Gatherer, for example, was charged
with acquiring samples of life from across the universe. Arishem the Judge would determine whether
a planet’s population would live or die once the experiment had run its course, and Exitar
the Exterminator, well, you can guess his job. While characters like Ikaris have often been
overlooked, the Celestials were woven into the fabric of the Marvel Universe, with connections
to everything from the X-Men to the Infinity Stones. The Avengers have even set up a headquarters
in a building made from the body of a long-dead Celestial. You can’t create a team of superheroes without
giving them proper antagonists. There must always be a Loki for every Thor,
and Kirby knew this good and well when approaching the Eternals, so he gave them the Deviants. When the Celestials created the Eternals,
they also created the Deviants, a horrifying race of creatures that are, physically, the
opposite of the beautiful humanoid Eternals. The two species are caught in a constant war
between one another, with the Deviants forming a sort of natural opposition. No Deviant mutation is repeated in their species,
so each physical anomaly or superpower is unique to the Deviant who possesses it. They are, effectively, mutations of the Eternals. Thousands of years ago, the Deviants resided
on Earth and conquered much of early humanity. The Eternals ended their reign, though Deviants
still live on Earth to this day and clash with Eternals regularly. Kirby’s stories were often more inspired by
timeless literary classics than they were by other comics. His Thor stories are very much Shakespearean,
while the Fantastic Four draws heavily from sci-fi literature and classic monster movies. It only makes sense that he’d carry that ethos
into creating the Eternals. Kirby is on the record as naming two novels
as primary influences on the series. The first is sci-fi master Arthur C. Clarke’s
Childhood’s End. This novel in particular influenced Kirby’s
interpretation of the Celestials as well as the Uni-Mind, a massively powerful composite
of several Eternals. He also drew heavily from Erich von Daniken’s
Chariot of the Gods, a nonfiction book that posits the idea of alien gods. It’s proof that the best way to tell great
stories is to draw inspiration from a wealth of sources, not just from the medium or genre
in which you work. It makes sense that the filmmakers behind
the MCU would bring the Eternals into play. They already have a tie to the world at this
point. Eternals such as Starfox, Sersi, and Makkari
can already be easily introduced to the world through their family’s presence in the MCU
in the form of the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. “I am…inevitable.” Thanos is perhaps the most famous of the Eternals. While he wasn’t introduced in the original
Kirby series, Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, designed him as an extension of their
world. Thanos is a Deviant child of an Eternal mother
and father, a being born into a world that instantly rejected him. His mother was so disgusted with him from
birth that she tried to kill him as a child. His traumatic childhood only furthered his
fascination with Death, which eventually led to him becoming the Mad Titan. While he’s very rarely associated with the
Eternals directly these days, he’s very much a product of their society. The Eternals’ relationship with their creators,
the Celestials, is a bit turbulent. They’ve at times found themselves on opposing
sides of the battlefield. The Celestials, being giant omnipotent immortal
beings, are pretty hard to take on in battle, so it makes sense that, on what may be the
most famous occasion during which the two races came to blows, the Eternals didn’t go
at it alone. Who better to take on the Celestials than
another race of gods? The Eternals offered their aid to the forces
of Asgard when the two sides found themselves at odds with the Celestials. The Eternals formed the Uni-Mind, which is
kind of like an Eternal Megazord, while Odin possessed the Destroyer armor and enlarged
it to be the size of the Celestials. Kind of like Ultraman. It might not get the recognition the Avengers
and X-Men do whenever they join forces, but we think it’s one of the cooler moments in
the history of the Eternals. A bunch of giant mega-powerful space gods
and robots duking it out is a pretty solid story as far as we’re concerned. Thanos and his brother Starfox are just about
as polar opposite as they could be. Thanos is a massive, purple death-worshipping
supervillain. Starfox, on the other hand, is a conventionally
attractive ladies’ man who typically fights on the side of good. His hair is always perfect. That being said, Starfox is far from squeaky
clean. His rather appropriate real name is Eros,
the same name as the Greek god of love, and his superpower allows him to manipulate emotions,
especially romantic ones, which has occasionally gotten him into legal trouble. He’s specifically put on trial for harassment
after a married woman claims he used his powers to seduce her. His lawyer in the case is none other than
Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk. It’s a story that could be taken as a one-note
joke, but instead becomes a genuinely compelling look into the ethics of Starfox’s powers. It comes to light that he’s used them to not
only make people attracted to him but to influence the feelings of others. He’s responsible for Walters’ marriage to
John Jameson and is briefly convinced that he triggered Thanos’ initial infatuation with
Death. The story ends with Starfox agreeing to have
his powers shut down so that he won’t be able to hurt anyone else with them. There’s something about super-speed that just
feels right. It’s not too complicated. It doesn’t make the user omnipotently powerful. It’s perhaps the most perfect superpower. As such, it makes sense that there are so
many comic-book superheroes and villains that run really fast. Marvel alone has Quicksilver, Whizzer, and
among others, Makkari, a member of the Eternals family. But even he’s not the fastest out there. An issue of Quasar written by Mark Gruenwald
features a grand race between all of the speedsters in the Marvel universe, including Makkari. The one that comes out on top, however, isn’t
a character we’ve seen before. He’s an amnesiac from a different universe. Even he doesn’t remember his real name, though
he seems to recall it being something like “Buried Alien.” This issue came out just after DC Comics’
the Flash, also known as Barry Allen, had perished in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Gruenwald very clearly included Buried Alien
as an homage to the character. The Eternals generally keep to themselves. Their stories are often pretty contained and
don’t bleed out into the rest of the Marvel universe. But there are exceptions to every rule, and
the Eternal known as Sersi is one of them. Sersi is pretty largely integrated into the
world of Marvel. She can cast illusions, has super strength,
and has the ability to teleport. Sersi was, for a time, even a member of the
Avengers. She joined at the invitation of none other
than Captain America. Her decision to join the team at the time
is just as much motivated by her desire to do good as it is by her infatuation with the
Star-Spangled Avenger, which she’s harbored for quite some time. Her tenure on the team came to a close in
the 1990s. She has since aided the team on occasion,
and while she’s yet to properly woo Cap, we’re sure she’s not done trying. Ultron has been a thorn in the side of the
heroes of the Marvel universe for decades. Fueled by an abject hatred of humanity, the
evil robot’s sole mission is the extermination of humanity. So what happens when Ultron is introduced
to the power of love? In the graphic novel Rage of Ultron, we see
what happens when Starfox’s emotion manipulation powers meet the robot menace. In the story’s finale, Ultron and his creator,
Hank Pym, have merged into a singular being prepared to wipe out humanity once and for
all. Starfox is able to defeat them by using his
powers to introduce love into the equation. The encounter takes Ultron and Hank back to
the moment the robot was activated and makes both of them re-evaluate it, recognizing their
love for each other as a sort of father and son. “I wanted to show you. I don’t have anyone else.” Ultron’s introduction to love is enough to
get him to back off and banish himself into the depths of space. Starfox’s powers may make him a weird creep
sometimes, but they’ve also managed to save the world at least once. When it was announced in April 2018, Eternals
one of the more surprising entries in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there
was a hint of what was to come all the way back in 2014, with a brief cameo in another
surprising Marvel movie. In Guardians of the Galaxy, when the Collector
is explaining the Infinity Stones, we get an unmistakable glimpse of a Celestial using
the Power Stone to eradicate the population of some unfortunate planet. Knowhere is the severed head of a Celestial,
and Ego identifies himself as a Celestial in Guardians Vol. 2. “I’m what’s called a Celestial, sweetheart.” “A Celestial, like, a god?” “Small ‘g,’ son.” Five years after that first glimpse of the
eons-long saga of Eternals, Deviants, and Celestials, we finally got a better idea of
what we can expect when Eternals hits the screen in 2020. At Marvel’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con,
fans were introduced to the main cast. “Everybody, big round of applause to the Eternals!” Interestingly enough, while the movie was
originally billed as focusing on Ikaris and Sersi, the latter character was absent from
the announcement. Instead, we were introduced to Richard Madden,
best known as Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, as Ikaris, Angelina Jolie as Thena, Salma
Hayek as Ajak, stand-up comedian and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Kumail Nanjiani
as Kingo, former Miss Deaf America and Walking Dead actress Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, Atlanta’s
Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Korean megastar Don Lee as Gilgamesh and Lia McHugh as Sprite. As for the plot, no details have been released
just yet, but if the Celestials are out there obliterating planets, someone should probably
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