What Was The First Romance Novel You Ever Read?

– The first romance I
ever remember reading was “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. I probably read it when
I was eight or nine and I realized that I didn’t
have to read abridged books. So it was fun going the library and picking that out for myself. – “The Wastrel” by Margaret Moore. It was a book that my mom gave to me when I was around 11 or 12, I think. But she actually stuck white labels over the love scene so I
couldn’t read the sexy bits. – I don’t know if it counts,
but I want to say “Nancy Drew”. Her and Ned were, you know, like this. – My first romance was “Cinderella
Rules” by Donna Kauffman. It was a great book just
because it kind of flipped the whole Cinderella
convention on its head. Where she gets a makeover but she ends up going back to the way she was, realizing that she doesn’t need
all of that to get her man. – “The Lucky Ones” by Nicholas Sparks. I was 14 and my grandmother
had given it to me. She just thought it was
something that I might like. I just really loved the story. It’s about a marine who
ends up looking for a woman, because he finds her photograph. And there’s a German Shepherd
that’s part of the story. So you can’t go wrong. And I just loved that
it was all about fate. And it just really pulled
me into the romance genre.

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