What Is Myth? Crash Course World Mythology #1

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  1. Mythos is common to every culture. By example, America has a very strong mythos created by the Golden Age of Television where story after story is presented to explain our world, define right and wrong, define poverty and loss, and define success and victory. Even though television cannot be said to be truthful it is storytelling, and storytelling is at the heart of mythos, because this is how the world becomes defined.

  2. In the tone of science, science is amoral, it produces the best battlefield weapons and social tools, but it has absolutely no moral character, for being a tool maker. What has happened is in our Television and now Internet age is that the myths are changing, where old myths are seen as no longer viable and are dropping out of sight, and new myths are coming into being for being more relevant. Science did not make myths irrelevant, where the cultural changes that our modern computer and communication ages have brought us have changed society. Mythos is language and belief with storytelling combined, and people believe in them, but we have been in era of change and we lost our heroes, and now we are making new hero stories.

  3. Stories sometimes start by truth but is deformed from mouth to mouth to make it more interesting and end up becoming a myth.Once in form3 hit an already cracked coconut on his head and it got broken.On getting to class girls heard that the nut was intact on getting to the girls camp it was that he kicked a coconut tree and the nut fell and hence the story people in other schools heard that he kicked and cracked over 10 trees and nut garvin became feared in over 3 schools for his "heroic" action.

  4. I found the separation of facts vs interpretations very thoughtful. What the layman refers to as myth vs what myth refers to in academic terms are very well defined as well.

    Can't say the same for people who assume atheism as a fact and religion as stupid. Making insults based on assumptions, that sound like the very definition of stupidity.

  5. I found the separation of facts vs interpretations very thoughtful. What the layman refers to as myth vs what myth refers to in academic terms are very well defined as well.

    Can't say the same for people who assume atheism as a fact and religion as stupid. Making insults based on assumptions, that sound like the very definition of stupidity.

    Atheism is a worldview like any other it should be treated like any other not with special privilege of being the default position.

  6. Myth is what PHILOSOPHERS claimed is false.
    Myth is PERSONS while philosophy PRINCIPLES as "explanation".
    From the point of "view" of principle PERSONS are over & above principles therefore are "super-natural". "Myths" are much more true representation of reality than is philosophy for philosophy tries to reduce reality to principle, to law as opposed to relate it to person as its author.

  7. Actual, Freya doesn't just cry golden tears. She carries a lovely knife(Cause everything she owns is lovely) and has a saber tooth looking cat. Just imagine that. Your normal, average house cat and then bam. It becomes Battle Cat from He-Man but 10 times stronger cause it's one of Freya's cats. Yes. ONE OF Freya's cats. She has more.

    Oh and Mike? Gold? Seriously? Get it right. It's RED Gold.

  8. Oh. Aphrodite would totalky dominate an arm wrestling competition? Was this the same arm cut up by Diomedes (a mortal human) during the Trojan War?

  9. I am really excited to watch this series, but I do wish the origins of myths was discussed a little. I know they can be hard to pin down exactly, but stories can often be used as tools. Many people in the comments are citing the Iliad as why Aphrodite would lose an arm-wrestling competition – but the Iliad was written by a man, maybe one who had some interest in presenting women, even if they are goddesses, as physically weak? This is important!

    Also why would you ever open that can of worms of pitting goddesses against each other? That never ends well.

  10. People created mythology to spread knowledge and explain natural phenomenas. For example: the story of Persephone explains “ how seasons change?”

  11. i think it might be easier if you also explained the transformation of myth into mythology, instead of just the myth part since this way it is the logos, the reason, that people try to put into the myths that makes it coherent and therefor believable. the way they do this is totally dependent on them and on their own structure of reality 🙂

  12. Something that I've always wondered from a lot of these myths is how reliable they are to what people believed in during ancient history, since not everyone that told stories and explained how things were could be scholars or transcribe old myths (most myths were told orally, and the rule of thumb in history that it's written by the "conquers" or "winners" unless new evidence reveals another perspective).

  13. The word myth is insulting to most indigenous. I can appreciate he qualifies the meaning of the word itself, distinguishing between fact and opinion, and discusses the parallels between oral histories (myths) and biblical parables.

  14. Im pursuing this chanel to improve my skills in english. I do like this chanel and suggest for everyone who want take toefl. Thaks a million for your stellar chanel.

  15. I wonder if myths were historically like conspiracy theorists. Taken really serious by some, merely used as a fun thought experiment by most.

  16. Wow, i just clicked a link that was an external resource for one of my uni courses and it brought me here! Good thing i've already watched this entire crash course series twice.

  17. There is no link to where they got their info.. In the encyclo britt, Persephone is said to live on earth for 2/3 of the year and she ate 1 seed. Im not saying your version is less accurate, Im just wondering where you the info re: the myth.

  18. Isn't it if one eats something from the underworld, you stay regardless of how many seeds she ate? That is what my professor was teaching

  19. OML the quote 'It's turtles all the way down' is a joke between me and my dad!

    He loves the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and told me someone was having an argument with a woman and he kept asking her what was under the giant elephant holding up the world. She said "A turtle," to which he asked "And what is under that?"

    She kept saying turtles until she got really sick of it and said "You can't fool me, it's turtles, all the way down!"

  20. This video does a poor job of answering the question "What is Myth" that you use in your video title.

  21. AHHHHH! I love the little Thoth animation! So cute. He doesn't get much recognition. Anyway, I've binged like five episodes of this series so far. It's awesome!

  22. I have a few topic requests for you to make vids of, if you don't mind. First, I cannot find the story of Egyptian Goddess Bastet. What she represents? Yes, her story? No. Second, do you hear that high pitched ringing in your ears? That's the sound of 500 billion Djinn asking for their story. And third, Lilith would like a mention. Thanks

  23. 0:54 top left corner: The Mahabharata is the right thing there where RAMAYANA is written Mr. Mike Rugnetta.
    Although your videos are amazing Crash Course.

  24. Yay! I used to watch Idea Channel years ago, but it went away…then today I was thinking "I want to dive into comparative mythology" and reddit suggested a number of things including crash course which had already come up in my YouTube search on the subject so I clicked it, and here you are, Mike. With that I immediately considered this channel credible.

  25. So if myths are not necessarily religious, so maybe my definition of myth would be: "stories of the gloriousness of certain achievements. (Whether natural or supernatural)"

  26. I’m just starting this and I really hope you’re not gonna be tiptoeing over sensitive religious people the whole time. If their constitution is too weak for their myths to be mentioned in a video series about other myths than they’re definitely not gonna have the constitution to learn about other cultures in the first place.

  27. Fact mythology exist because white people like today copy a lot of so-called Black Culture like the rest of the world Zeus Hercules a lot of Greek Roman Asian and many other Nations copy so-called black people but rename the deities these people have no culture so they copy odds in two decades and decades came up with all these deities but all originated from us the so-called black man and woman

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