What is an ocelot? Candid Animal Cam gives us a glimpse of this elusive cat

Can you guess what animal this ocelot is following? Let’s replay it one more time in slow motion. The ocelot is
stalking an opossum. Generally this cat preys on small rodents, but it is also
known to eat bigger mammals, reptiles small birds and even fish. I am your host
Romi Castagnino and I’m a conservation scientist, writer and photographer. Every
week we’ll be introducing you to new animals caught on candid camera traps
around the world Camera traps bring you closer to the
secretive natural world and are an important conservation tool to study
wildlife. Today in Candid Animal Cam, we’re presenting Latin America’s
third-largest wildcat — the ocelot. Ocelots are found in North, Central and
South America and have adapted to many environments including rainforests,
savannas and swamp forests. These videos were taken in the Peruvian Amazon
rainforest, where they live in sympatry and sometimes competition with other
felids like jaguars, pumas margays and jagarundis. For me, ocelots have one of
the most beautiful coats in the animal kingdom and each individual has a unique
pattern of spots and stripes. Their markings are just like human fingerprints. Ocelots are nocturnal and have excellent eyesight to hunt prey in the
dark. This video is an example of this. Even though ocelots spend most of the
time on the ground, they are very good swimmers and excellent climbers. Next week we’ll be meeting another mammal from South America that’s among the
smallest in the Ursidae family. Can you guess what it is? Tell us in the comments. See you next week

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