What Does Your Body Language Say About Your Relationships?

(light music) – Hey. – We’re like twins. – We’re gonna, you’re gonna need to… – These are cool. – Scoot over a little bit. – Ah. (light music) – Yeah I wonder when we did this. – You’re nasty. – This is awkward. (light music) – [Woman] How we met. – [Man] Okay. – How we met? Let’s see. – You wanna go? – Who are you (laughs)? – We met in class, right? – In college. – Lot of mutual experiences,
and mutual friends. – Tole and I don’t actually
remember how we met (laughs). – Yeah, that’s, that’s true, I don’t know. – Started hanging out and
then we moved to Los Angeles. – Hey. – Hey how’s it going?
– Hello. – So I’m Chris. – Hi, nice to meet you. – Caesar right? Caesar, hi Caesar. – Amanda. – Amanda, pleasure to meet you. To be honest with you,
this isn’t the only reason we’ve asked you here to share the story of how you know each other. I’m a body language expert. All truth be told, I was
analyzing your body language. – Really? – Yeah (laughs). – That’s whack. – So we can speak a little bit about some of what I watched, what I noticed. Awesome, is that cool? – I love that, that’s great.
– Awesome. – You alright with that? Alright. First of all, I just
want to point out to both of you Stephanies that you’re both in what’s called kind
of a closed circle here. Your kind of both crossed
your legs over to the inside. – [Stephanie] Yeah. – So you’re creating this
kind of bond between you just simply to the visual
image that we’re seeing. This, this sitting posture,
look even how like you sit, and then you had your arm over and around. This is a gesture of kind of
like support and strength. So what you’re sitting right now Caesar, this is called the figure
four sitting posture. It’s a power, intelligence,
taking up space. This is like your area. – Yeah. – It’s literally a commandeered this area, this is your area, and
you’re protecting Amanda here with your arm around her. We have three power zones. Neck dimple, belly button,
and our naughty bits. I don’t know what else
to to call the last. – Fair enough. – But bottom-line is, the
more open we are with those, the more powerful we come across. When we’re doing this,
or we’re doing this, or we’re doing this. If I do this, then I’m, I’m you know I’m diminishing my own power. Amanda, you’re doing
something very cool like, when he was talking
you’ve turned toward him. You’ve literally have faced your belly button towards Caesar, and we face our belly button
toward people we like, admire, and trust. We call it the belly button rule, so you’ve very much
given him your attention. So Jasmine you do something
very interesting too, when you talk, you do what’s called a basketball steeple, right? So everybody do this. This is a power, this is a
power move called a steeple. It’s power, authority, and control. But it’s terrible for building rapport. So we wanna stay open. You do the best of both worlds. You’re, you do this basketball steeple. President Obama does this, Tim Cook, Apple will do this, right? (group laughs) And so you do this a lot when you talk. So it’s power, authority, and
control but with compassion. Not only do you talk about it, but we see it in your body language. – That’s great. – Cool.
– Thank you. – Thanks. – You’re welcome.
– Good to meet you. – Thank you, so grateful to meet you guys. – Thank you. – I just learned a lot about myself. – Yeah (laughs). – Yeah whenever you’re like
super passionate about something you always talk with your hands like this. You really always do that. – Yeah but I didn’t realize I did that. – Yeah. – I didn’t know that I
just, you know I do it, and she sits the way she
sits or whatever, but I mean. – Yeah that was kind of cool. – But it makes sense. – I know this about myself
that I tend to cover my neck. – Yeah, I do that. – And I have no idea that it
was, I was covering my power. – It never hurts to ask like if somebody’s like really okay. – Yeah. – Or if they’re like,
feeling something else other than what they’re showing. – I’m like, flabbergasted,
but it’s really cool. – Yeah. – So the next time we get in a fight, I can use those things (laughs). – It’s good to be here with you, and let’s do it again sometime. ♫ Soul Pancake. (electronic music)

44 Replies to “What Does Your Body Language Say About Your Relationships?

  1. Does anyone thing this is just reading into things that aren't there. "You stand with crossed legs. That means you had a bad childhood." Forming connections that SOUND profound.

    Google the term "cold reading"

  2. OKAY HELP!!!
    Is it freaky that I have since childhood had 100% knowledge of my body-language and face-reactions, and kind of used them as a means to communicate, manipulate and convey my messages so that I get the comment(s)/counter reaction(s) I intended to get from the other part???

  3. Some of this is true but some of this is over analyzing whoey. No I crossed my leg in that direction cause it's comfortable and it's harder for me to put the other leg up.

  4. "friends for 6 months" .personally I think that they are in the awkard pre-dating state-way too long. They seem like they are into each other and she has the upper hand-controling the level of the intimacy.

  5. Body language is a critical part of our behavior and understand of each other as animals, but with that said, some people carry themselves or sit/stand in certain ways that are not actually a reflection of what it may at first appear to be, for example, for medical reasons. I guess the point it, don't judge people by what you see, because unlike most of SP's videos, this one is quite literally suggesting that you to judge a book by its cover.

  6. When you a girl and you sit in the figure 4 posture. I'M A STRONG INDEPENDENT LADY, MOM.

  7. This is some horoscope level of pseudoscience. Body language matters, but this dude takes it to another level.

  8. Expert.. haha! The 'best' one was intelligence read out of putting a hand behind someone's back. I know a lot of people who do that and they're generally the under average intelligent ones.

  9. I read soulpancake as 'we make stuff up that matters' 😄 which i thought was totally fun irreverent cute and creatively giving. (infp here) 😄😃😄😄👍

  10. I'm in a love hate relationship with those grass pillows! Did anyone else notice them? Lol but yeah i love body language science

  11. 1:18 girl in purple seems so nervous as if she had something in mind and she was afraid "what if he reads my mind" kind of look. Idk if I'm the only one who noticed.

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