What do we love about romance novels?

Hi guys. Wallace here with your Monday
video. I’ve been talking about romance for the past two weeks and I plan to
continue doing this. I hope that’s okay with all of you. Right
now I am just on a romance kick. I am absorbing everything from this community
and like I said last time, it’s really about more than just the
romance novels, which I love. I just happen to love them all of a sudden.
Not that I didn’t like them before. I liked them. I liked some of them and some of
them I didn’t and whatnot. But like I was reading so much across so many genres.
And now it’s just kind of fun to really just dive into one genre and I think
that’s part of what I like about it. And more than like a mystery, where there can
be scary books and I’m just not good at scary. I do love mystery but I’m
just like not great at scary. Literary fiction is so broad and I’ve
been reading literary fiction always and I still will and there’s just a lot there. Sci-fi I’m not as into. I can like
occasionally being a sci-fi, but really like does not press all my buttons. I’m not, it doesn’t spark my brain. And
there’s just something about romance right now, I don’t know what it is. But I
just like I am loving the genre as a whole. And i’m talking about the books,
the authors, but really I’m talking about the fans and the community too. Like the
fans and the community as far as romance go are our half of it, they’re half of like what the genre is.
And like the fact that, some of you have mentioned this in the comments, that
the authors actually listen to the fans and they interact with them, which a lot
of authors do across the board of genres. But romance in particular it seems like
they almost they take the advice of their fans sometimes. They listen to what
their fans want to hear about and who they want to hear about and which characters they
want to know more about and they play into that. And I just love
experiencing this entire genre in its totality. Not just the books but all of it. You know, the books to, but all of it.
I think the last time I researched something this hard was before I had my
baby this time last year. By the way Smith turns one on Thursday. Yay! So those of
you who follow me on Instagram, that’s my son. He turns one on Thursday. I’m gonna start
crying right now talking about it. It’s so funny literally, side note, every
time I tell somebody he’s about to be one, I start crying. What
is that about? Somebody tell me. That’s just ridiculous. I’m kind of hoping that
these hormones eventually find their way out of my body and I don’t cry about
every single thing all the time. So last time I researched something this
hard where it was like just so into the topic and want to know about it and like
watch videos and listen to podcasts and read about it and talk to
people about it was about childbirth. Because it was like, this is something I
have to do it’s going to be the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done in my
entire life, probably will ever do in my entire life. Like I want to know about it
cause that’s my personality. Now that I’ve gone down these tiny rabbit holes for romance and
like learn little bits and pieces like about the bookstore person that I
told you about last week that was like yeah you’re the only person that ask about
romance and then finding that so many people share that sentiment of like
romance. Bleh. Now I’m like, oh no no, I want to know all
about romance and I want to know why people feel that way, that the snotty
people feel that way, I want to know why people love it, the
fans, the crowds, the community that comes and like really supports romance. I want to
know like what it does for them. Because there are deeper things going on with
romance than just like a lonely lady sitting on her couch with her cat like
sad she’s like doesn’t have you know the marriage that she wants or like the
relationship that she wants or whatever it is. Like the life that she wants and
romance just takes her out of it. Like that’s a part of it, but there’s actually
a much deeper part, there’s actually a much deeper line into romance I’m finding. And when I listen to
interviews with people and different podcast with people talking about it and
reading people’s thoughts about it on the Internet and just talking to people in general,
there’s actually some really interesting psychological stuff about romance. And
just about not only the hope that I think that it brings the people, not only
the escapism, but there’s just more. It’s part of the
community. It’s learning about relationships. It’s learning about sex in
a way that you can’t do with other genres or or maybe even you can’t do period
because you don’t feel comfortable asking people these questions. Or you
know for teenagers and young adults that are coming up like reading about these
things are allowing them to explore subjects in their minds that they don’t
have to go then you know explore with videos on the internet or explore with
their own bodies. Like or even just have conversations with their friends because
they might not be sure how their friends are going to feel about it if they bring
it up. And this carries on to like women and men through adulthood. You know a
lot of people don’t talk about things that they’re curious about but they
would rather read about it in private and this genre allows them to do that.
And there’s just there’s so much in the genre. It’s like, it’s not just bodice
rippers, though there are those. It’s so varied and I just am
like really interested. So this whole video is just to tell you like I’m going
to keep going down this path. I’m so thankful that you guys are liking
it. I’m reading the comments and you guys are like on board with me. And many many
of you are so much farther ahead in this, like you’ve been in the genre for years
and years. I really appreciate your recommendations,
writing them down. So if you have not read the comments, go back and read the
comments. There’s a lot of good recommendations back there. I have some really fun videos planned.
I have some interviews that I’m hoping happen. And then I’m also going to share
my wish list with you guys. So you can kind of see the ones that I,
the books that I’ve like pulled out of like that I want to read throughout the
genre to like get a good taste of the genre, kind of like romance 101. from what I’ve been told and recommended
and also just like found through researching. So I am going to put that
together and I’ll make a video about that as well. If there are topics about romance
that you’re curious about or you want me to do the research for you about because
you just don’t have time or like whatever, let me know in
the comments below and if it interests me as well then I will tack those on to
what I’m doing right now and we’ll delve into those topics together. So thank you guys so much for being
excited about this as much as I am for sticking with me because I know usually
I’m talking just about back list books and some of you may not be romance
readers. But I’m hoping that by watching these videos you’re opening yourself up not just a romance but to genres in
general. And maybe poking around to see if there’s any like good crossovers
in the certain genres that you could try. Because genre reading is super fun. And I’ll
be back with you again next week so until then, happy reading

12 Replies to “What do we love about romance novels?

  1. I think the snobs who turn up their noses at romance need to be reminded about the classics- Jane Austen, Bronte sisters, Shakespeare, etc who wrote literary romances.

  2. I am loving these videos! I haven't read much romance but now I'm down the rabbit hole with you! I bought A Rogue by Any Other Name a while ago because I kept hearing about it and finally started reading it. I also got Temptation Has Green Eyes by Lynne Connolly after I saw your last video and started looking into romances and it's really good so far! I'm looking forward to your future videos!

  3. Ooo! So excited to hear what you learn. I dipped my toe in last year, but felt a little lost in the enormity of it all. So this is great timing for me!

  4. I got into romance quite young, not even out of high school, and even then I was fascinated by the genre and the stories within it. I think part of it is getting to learn about sexuality and sexual intimacy through the eyes of a fictional character, but it's also about romantic and other kinds of intimacy as well. I have social anxiety issues, I can't quite feel intimate connections with others (not just talking sexual) because of these issues so getting to experience and really feel that connection in a safe space, in my own mind and body, is enjoyable. And more than enjoyable, it is a relief for me. And honestly, I think it has HELPED me in my life to help me feel more at ease with other people. Maybe not as much as I would like to feel at ease, but I've seen an improvement in myself.

  5. I have so enjoyed your Romance vlogs! So much so that you inspired me to move beyond my dabbling in the genre and really dive in. You mentioned "The Ripped Bodice" so I decided to take a drive out to the shop for some first hand recommendations. As with all books, I lose interest when a book is just plain not well written. I explained this to my new friend Bea, at TRB, and confirmed that the Outlander series and the historicals from Lisa Kleypas that I've enjoyed are some of the very best. I had such a fun time walking the store with Bea and learning all about the great variety in this genre. Thanks for the inspiration to really get into Romance. It's such fun. Happy reading! 🙂

  6. Thanks for this video, Wallace! I never thought about the romance genre in this perspective! Got to give it a try!

  7. Romance is my favourite genre. I love it so much, I don't tend to tell people as I know they are just going to roll their eyes and dismiss me.

  8. I enjou romance books but i feel guity when i read them. I love read books. A.can you give me any advice to get over the. Feeling thanks

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