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Poetry In Voice wants YOU to read, recite, and write poetry. We love poetry. Maybe you do too. Or maybe you don’t. But maybe you just haven’t found the right poem — yet. That’s why we’ve created an anthology of hundreds of poems — they’re funny, snarky, hopeful, and angry, and deal with issues like injustice, beauty, love, and war. With Poem Roulette you’ll quickly find the poems that YOU want to read. Browse poems by Mood, Theme, or Poet. Once you’ve found a poem that speaks to you, find out more about it: Read the poet’s bio and interview or use our Dive In questions and useful links. Read the poem several times. Consider it might mean more than you first thought. Ask your friends and fam to read it and get their take on it. And the best way to really know your poem is to learn it by heart. Is it worth memorizing anymore? According to plenty of studies, yes! Memorizing has been found to increase neural plasticity and the health of your hippocampus. Ok, but why recite a poem? When you recite for an audience, you create a unique interpretation of a great poem, like a singer covering a classic song. Using our resources, you can learn how to use your breath, voice, and body to put the poem’s words center stage and captivate your audience. With those skills, you’ll always be able to command a room with confidence. Wouldn’t that make public speaking just a little less terrifying? Jump out of a plane, swim with sharks, recite a poem! Hashtag YOLO Watch the recitation videos of our National Finalists and you’ll see that everyone brings something different to the stage. Speaking of Nationals, ask your teacher how you can get involved in our individual and team competitions. You could win hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prizes, travel, and the title of champion. Now that you’re a poetry reader and reciter, you’ll be an even stronger poetry writer. You can start by writing a poem in response to the poem you’ve recited. Conveniently enough, this is called a response poem. Or check out the writing prompts, written by our poets. These prompts are surprising, challenging, and sometimes a little weird. You should definitely give them a try. After you’ve polished your work, submit your poem to our poetry journal, VOICES. Your work could be read by millions of people across Canada and around the world. So why not take a few minutes today and read a poem or two, then read one aloud? Maybe even write one. Who knows, it might change your life.

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