Week 2 Poetry Review and Homework Reminders

A poetry students is Cody Miller
your instructor. I’m here with the weekly reminder slash
preparation for the next week wanted to share my screen with
you here, so that you’re able to follow along with what I’m
showing you. We do have some readings that I asked you to do
for the following week, so when you click on the reading section of Moodle. It will take you into
a list of different readings. I’ve asked you to read from the
Bates. One all the way down to the Hughes. One so basically 5
readings. Open those up read them in full and then we’ll
discuss some of those next time and will do some imitation as
well as scaffolding understanding a little bit about
lines in the musicality of poetry. All of that lovely
stuff, another reminder about last week. I guess in this case
would be that Journal one did come do on. Here that would be
let me look at our calendar. That would have been Wednesday
for us. So um that’ll be going into the grade book shortly. We do have in terms of what we
covered last a week. We’ve got the in class material. We spent
some time, generating ideas about different terms and how we
can connect music and different strategies to poetry in the
poetry introduction activity. This is a Google Doc that we did
in class OK and then one of the things that I asked you to bring
back to class with you. Or be prepared ought to bring to
class with you next time is a 2 pieces of music or 2, two songs.
The lyrics to 2 songs that you find to be musical in some way
meaning that they are sorry not musical poetry like so not
necessarily just poetic, but it reads in some way like poetry.
It may have some line breaks. It may have some rhyming. It may
simply just seem like a pole whatever that means do you bring
those black back with you? We are still trying to
understand what poetry is and how we construct it. And
remember this first unit. We’re going to focus on looking at
imitation poetry. We’re looking at eraser poetry and we’re
looking at scaffolding. So we’re going to spend some time
scaffolding next class period as well as doing some imitation
we’re not going to get to the eraser. Yet that will come next
week. But just not right now, OK will take a look at a schedule
to walk us through the 1st unit. On Monday and I think it’ll be a
good week next week. Just be prepared to do some more writing
as we always do in the class and be prepared for essentially your
next Journal to be announced, and then that will come do
essentially 2 weeks. Um other than that I think
that’s I think that’s about it. So I have a lovely
weekend stay warm and stay brilliant thanks guys.

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