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Traveling faster than light We know that from science fiction movies like star trek and so on Actually, we all did not learn that at school It can be faster than it is clear, however, that research scientists all over the world are in the process of exploring and overseeing flights at a faster pace maybe even soon to make reality you have wanted this theme at whatsapp and now get all the exciting facts about it Is the warp drive physically speaking Realistically and how far research is, on this topic, welcome to pixum science fiction Yes, and we could be at whatsapp doing that, in the end. Of the classic video. Physics and still, concrete Einstein relativity theory allows the idea of ​​a drive with superluminal speed just not that much is fixed nor the rule nothing is faster than the speed of light For one thing, it does not apply to the space-time itself, that is, the basic matrix The universe does not give it that upper limit and that means a wolf drive as in star trek might yet work because the universe expands at more than light speed So let’s stay with the fictitious example of a spaceship because the warp drive will be one, local concretely generated in space-time, this means that the cosmic ground matrix in front of the ship But it is distended and stretched behind it again Stern, which was initially behind the ship If the light star is far away then the ship is far in front of the ship and suddenly it is within reach Responsible for this is the compression of the space-time with the spaceship happens Very little it remains unmoved and seen at its local space-time matrix Swims almost on the wave of space time with the great thing about the passengers gets no problems with g forces and also Einstein’s laws remain untouched imagine that we could be faster than the light that would be one of the greatest discoveries In general, and not only in science fiction filming but also in the real world of research, there are theoretical considerations to walk drive already In 1994 there was a model in which the warp propelled a spaceship ten times faster than the speed of light made up by the mexican miguel alcudia but it is necessary for one Local space waste rejection and that costs a huge amount of energy incredibly much as much as the mass of the Jupiters has saved this However, if you were able to design the werbering in donath and set it in motion this idea came some time later from one nasa physicist another in the future Because you did not even know how to spatially constrict those and those in the model of In 994 it was talked about by a spaceship with exotic material that one had to give with negative mass Because then would tackle the gravitation but how exactly should such a negative Mass how should the look like how should it arise ask on which there are no answers to this comes a great trip then we would not be in prospect because in a word-driven spaceship one would be completely cut off from the rest of the universe communication with the Outside that would be impossible so far the theoretical considerations but there are already experiments to the warp drive For example, a few years ago, in his experiment, the global effect was to prove the real word effect Oscillating warp ring he set with a. High voltage ring capacitor after using a laser interferometer Did he actually want to have a deformation of the space-time registered by 1 10 million It was the same researcher who tested the so-called drive three years ago. Had that means electromagnetic And is just as much as electromagnetic a quasi kind of drive Electromagnetic capito mobile and here too far away signs have discovered his team has made a high metal cone of one microwave oven field contained the microwave photons Collided with the metal warts and generation wise follow a tiny thrust and thus at the same time deformed some space time As other research teams repeated the experiment, his results could not be confirmed Do you speak against all known rules of physics and so nasa summarizes the whole thing relatively sober together quote science fiction writers have become many types of Interstellar travelers presented but faster than the light to travel is currently simply the magic closer the rudder will be for the ried foreseeable future remains a dream Yes And if someday we should succeed, that would be the whole thing Filling up science and new theories are urgently needed because then our complete understanding of the universe would be Heads down and maybe then what happened in star trek was also predicted the moment we drove the warp Inventing is taking extraterrestrial contact to us so it’s exciting If he was the first to drive new to the subject of warp and want to learn about all the other issues then ends my phone number whatsapp and to welcome there is a small goodie just click on it and of course not the abo with the Just forgotten with the bell and here it goes on with that too. Click it almost like a wolf drive drive without fuel otherwise until then stay tuned

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