WARNING… THINGS GO VERY VERY WRONG… | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 5

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  1. The weird thing that she said that was only on there for a split second said " I was just bathing in The feeling of your body heat
    ttttttttttttttttttttheat eattttttttt

  2. I SWEAR there has to be some cryptic stuff in the nonsensical things in the poems, like “Wheel” and the one Monica wrote. Same with the “special poem”

  3. I can kinda relate to Yuri. Her lack of self confidence, Always being afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending somebody, Being shy, timid, and Anxious all the time. And I don’t know wether or not the fact that I find these things relatable is a good thing, But I still do. This is probably part of the reason why She’s my favourite character (not to mention that she is incredibly attractive). I always seem to enjoy games, tv shows, or movies with characters I can relate to, so it’s no wonder why I like this game.

  4. You know.. sayori kinda reminds me of myself I mean I've been in a really bad depression for most of my life and I hate when people worry about me because thay put all thare thoughts on me it makes me feel awful about myself and I was thinking of suicide myself I don't even know why I'm saying my problems with complete strangers wtf me

  5. For the people who don’t know what the poster looks like at 16:51 between Yuri and Natsuki

    It’s Sayori hanging in her room

  6. Monika: Is obviously manipulating morp to be in the club and is pulling the strings
    Mark: "Yuri is the source of all this, i'm 100% positive"

  7. Is it only me that just doesn't like the way Mark approached this game like I understand that he likes to take a more funny and goofy route when it comes to his videos but this game was meant to be looked at in a logical and deep thinking perspective and you're supposed to analyse every little hint or foreshadowing that you can find but instead he's just kind of like shrugging it off or reading in like a funny voice or not really paying too much attention to the deeper meaning and instead just treating it like it's one of those horror games that you find on Steam and that you can approach with that kind of Goofy and funny aesthetic I guess but I don't think this is the kind of game that you approach with such a goofy exterior because it's such a deep game with so much hidden secrets and different foreshadowing that you can't just read it in a funny voice and shrug it off and think it's just supposed to give you a little jumpscare or anything like that. with the nothing is real poem he decided to read it in like a funny voice instead of just spelling out the words and like if he actually spelt out the words he would've gotten a hint to what the game is leading to but instead he just Shrugged it off and made it into a funny little comedy bit trying to be overly funny with overly exaggerated voices and yelling when this game really isn't one of those games that you can do that with

  8. 47:16 Maybe the game really does want us to think Monika is the evil mastermind. But it's really the game itself. Monika, being President (and one of the smartest girls in class as they said) realized that "nothing is real" (41:23) so the thought that she's just a character in some game and that she never gets a fair chance with the main character like the other 3 girls (you can choose words for a poem for everyone except Monika) is driven into madness. She wants the main character/player for herself so she tries to breach through the game and talk to the player rather than the character you're playing. She tries to beat the game, but in the end the game has the main control and it's up to the player to figure out how to get the proper ending. And in her being driven to madness, she drags the other girls down with her. And perhaps the player too, lol.
    I mean, what if she was nice at the start, not as an act, but because she was just as clueless as everyone else about the situation? But when she found out that it's all just a game, that's when things started to change…

  9. Okay okay okay okay…. just listen… at about 47:16 Mark says that he is almost 100% certain that Yuri is the reason behind most of this… Matpat has basically Said the EXACT SAME THING in his ‘Don’t Trust Yuri’ Game Theory Video. Yuri IS the reason. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then go watch Matpats 2 Theory Videos and then continue watching this… Gods above! How is that Mark figures it out without digging through anything, and Mat Spends HOURS looking though the Game, the internet, even the Merch, to come to the same conclusion…. 🤣😂

  10. Also sayori had BLOOD on her fingers which means she was struggling… This means that either she changed her mind when the chair was kicked OR someone hung her… When I tell my buds this they all say it mighta been Monika but why? I say it was natsuki cause she was about to kiss morp and RIGHT AFTER THAT morp says he loves sayori which means natsuki isnt a Tsundere shes a Yandere (like if u agree)

  11. I just want to say that, yes, Natsuki is a tsundere, but Monika is the yandere with a mix of kuudere and Yuri is actually a dandere. While Sayori, of course, is a deredere and bakadere mix. After Monika switches the characters though to make them "messed up", Yuri becomes a dandere, yandere mix and Sayori, Natsuki and Monika pretty much stay the same while of course Sayori's depression gets amplified.

  12. It seems weird that Montessori early kind of left her hanging and then you find her hanging in her room this weird it took a dark turn

  13. Damn when I saw that Suzuki head hung herself I literally cried in the real definition of literally not the second definition

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