wāni Le Frère – Australian Poetry Slam Champion 2019 “The Poem”

This is that poem Not that mahogany hue ain’t close to blue type poem But that black skin dark black almost blue black type poem This that real uncomfortable type poem This that black poem
This that shhhhhhhhhhhhhh nobody wants to hear that shit type poem It’s that anti poem
It’s that anti slam type poem It’s that anti black means you
pass type poem It’s that black ancestral rage type poem It’s that black pain type poem It’s that boy why are you so mad type poem cos that slavemaster promised to
let you lay with a white girl for a poem just as long as you don’t keep talking
all this black This that black pain that’s never had space in the poem This that black stage that’s got me scared of a poem This that exclusive I’m so sick
of excuses if only black folk insert white quote hashtag black boy speaks for
another black girl while still sleeping with that white girl type poem and let’s not even talk about disabled or trans black girls in the poems or femboys or neither or both cos that’s what you got told it meant to be woke right? Like that shit you’ve learned to wash down in paraphrase so it don’t swallow you whole Like my name hasn’t been chopped and screwed just one too many times till it can’t follow me home Like my body don’t already belong to everybody else except myself Like you could have something to say if everything that came out your mouth wasn’t that high and mighty self indulgent, pseudo intellectual,
hyper non-critical semi political fake pro black male misogynist type crap cos that’s what you got told it meant to be black right? Well this is my poem

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