Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps- Tulip Market

They’re fragile.
It’s like these tulips. This is
the greatest bubble story
of all time. Back in the 1600s, the Dutch,
they get speculation fever to the point
that you could buy a beautiful house
on a canal in Amsterdam, for the price of one bulb. They called it
“Tulip Mania.” Then it collapsed. You could buy
10 bulbs for $2. People got wiped out,
but, you know,
who remembers? What would you do
with your money? Me? Switzerland.
Still the best. Got a healthy distrust
for a big government. Is that where
you keep it? Yes, I did. Now I don’t got
that kind of cash anymore. But you do have money. This is a rental. I’m pretty sure
James has invested in an offshore fund
in the Caymans. Your time,
you ever do anything with some company
called Locust Fund? Locust Fund.
I never heard of it,
but it’s possible. Yeah. James wants to build
his alternative energy
sector. Sounds serious. I think I can get him
to put real capital behind this company
I told you about. United Fusion. James would
probably want to polish
his resume a little green. He’s in pole position
to be top dog when Julie Steinhardt
kicks the bucket, which, I hear,
could be any day now. This company could change
not just the energy market,
Gordon, but the world. Idealism. Idealism,
pal, it kills every deal. The thing you got to
know about James is,
he’s a gambler. You know, like me. He’s got an ego
the size of Antarctica.
(LAUGHS) Like me. So now you got his attention. How are you going to shine
sitting on his sun? Make him money
and melt his ass. Just like the old days.
We slaughtered men
for payback.

28 Replies to “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps- Tulip Market

  1. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=marylin+manson+i+don+t+like+fashion+but+the+fashion+likes+me

  2. So this is whats happening right now with Bitcoins? I'm about to invest on them I think the risk today is a lot more higher than years back.

  3. Legal Marijuana is the new Tulip bubble, NOT the cryptos but most people don't understand supply and demand economics so you'll continue to hear it despite bitcoin price increase.

  4. That´s not exactly right, is it? Tulips used to be extremely expensive at that time (so it wasn´t a bubble), but then everyone started to grow them and the prize quickly droped.

  5. EXPLOITATION: is the real problem in the US. The "middle class" is now a minority of 4% of the population. Unions??? Are killed by the big corps – Apple Inc.??? Steve put our Jobs to China. FUCK him. All others: www.fedupusa.org

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