Wake Up Sheeple – An internet poetry parody [h3h3productions]

(emotional music playing) We’re always on the move going places. But do we ever stop to wonder,
where are we going actually? Not like physically, but like metaphorically. That’s pretty deep, huh? I just thought about that. I just think about deep stuff like that sometimes. What’s on our screens? That’s all anyone seems to care about anymore. And we no longer care about other stuff that’s out there, that’s pretty cool like… sand. And the ocean… Stuff like that. That’s also pr- pretty cool other than screens. I’ve just finished my first semester at college. I took intro to philosophy and human psychology. So like- I feel like- I know a lot, you know? When did we become so disconnected from the Earth? Sometimes, I sneak outside to take a dump in the garden. My mom thinks it’s the dog, but really- it’s just me, being a human being. It used to be that we had to grow our own food in our own gardens. The soil was our food and substinence But know, you just go to Taco Bell and you can get somethi- like a taco for like 99 cents. It tastes pretty dank, but it’d also be pretty cool if I had a garden. We use social media, but we’re less social than ever. Isn’t that ironic, since it’s called social media, but it actually makes us less social? Isn’t it even more ironic that you’re watching this on your phone or computer. How edgy and self-aware is it that I pointed that out? That I’m trying to promote my own video, but also that it’s ironic that you’re also watching it on a screen. Damn, that is so edgy right now! And who is it that’s making the technology? Corporations, who control us, and are greedy and stuff, and they make a bunch of money. Wake up sheeple, it’s time to understand that we’re all being controlled. And what are we gonna do about it? Smash our stuff! I actually really needed that laptop. It’s okay. My parents will buy me a new one. They’re fairly well off. I mean, I could buy it with my own money, but I’d rather spend that on weed and stuff like that. Meanwhile, people are starving in Africa and you’re telling me we can’t buy enough 99 cent tacos to feed everybody there? The media is full of dirty lies. Well, it’s time to turn off the television and turn on our brains. And people keep throwing shit in the ocean. We need to find the courage to stand up, and to say: “We are human beings.” Happy and the world should be perfect. C’mo- I mean, people shouldn’t need to destroy their technology. ‘Cause unless you’re- People need to destroy technology, people need to remember that- You c- You can enjoy the beach without bringing your telephone. And most importantly, I love those 99 cent tacos. We really need to get those out to the people who are hungry. (music keeps playing)

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