VNR 02: Change Japanese Visual Novels to English

Hello everyone today I will show you how to add Visual Novel games in your VNR. When you start the game, the Game Wizard will pop out and will ask you where the game window is. We’re going to hit ‘Next’. It says “Select how to find the game” Select the first one. Click Next and click on Start button and select the game window of the visual novel The game window should say “Found” and it matches the game window title. Then select next Next. Since I’m offline, I can just skip this one. If I’m online though, all of my settings would have been automatically in sync with the players who played before me but just for tutorial sake, I’m going to skip this. Selecting the Text Thread is the most important part of VNR. It would ask you the game dialogue, the part where the characters are talking. And matches those text with submitted translations if theres any. So I went ahead and started the game to the part where characters are talking. I strongly advice you not to change any character names in the game, most especially the protagonist. So VNR has detected two text threads. We’re going to select which of these two threads matches the one in the game. So I’m going to select this one and it looks like it didn’t matched here so so I’ll try this one… and it matched. and this should be the correct option. In case VNR will not show any text at all. Try tinkering the drop-down box or adding an H-code. Get H-codes from either of these two sites. Most modern visual novels doesn’t need H-codes though. I’m going to hit commit and you’re done. You can now play Japanese games in English. The translation pops out above and you can move the box by clicking and dragging this tiny black space beside the musical note. So in case you are wondering why there’s two translations showing up. I have installed two machine translators namely LEC and ATLAS. I’ve put links in the description box as to where to get them. I’m going to show you what would happen if I turn on my network card. The previous part was just a primer. This part is where I turned on my internet connection while playing VNR. This time VNR is online, so I’m going to run : Butterfly Gloss. VNR automatically attached itself to the game. This happens when you are playing online. I’m testing out if the text threads are correct It will use the correct settings for the game, but if it doesn’t you can manually fix that. Another online translation service that I’ve chose pooped out, this is from Infoseek. So there you have it, I didn’t do anything when VNR was online since all of my settings were sync from previous players that’s how powerful this program is and best of all it’s free. In the next tutorial we will cover up : Selecting translation services and how to add Voiceroid for voiceless protagonists.

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  1. Hi! Please note that the old VNR site is now gone.
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