Viking History and Old Norse Literature-studies

We’re now at Borre, one of the most famous
sites from Viking Age Scandinavia. We are within a walking distance from campus Vestfold. This is one of the sites that we can explore and study at the Viking and Old Norse studies in Vestfold. Approximately 10
kilometers from here we have Oseberg. Just south of Oseberg we have Gokstad
and then Kaupang. And all these sites are world famous for being important power
centers. Centers for trade and communication and cultural exchange in
Viking Age Europe. If you study here you will get to peek over the shoulders of
researchers, archaeologists, philologists and historians who are among the experts in
Viking Age history and literature history. Our Viking package will consist of two
types of courses: history on one hand and literature on the other. Combined with
excursions to Tønsberg, to stave churches in the area, to burial mounds as well as
to Oslo to see the Viking ships and manuscripts and so on. Very
recently archaeologists have found a new Viking ship just east of the Oslofjord.
This is a really exciting discovery because it’s been over a hundred years
since the last excavation of a Viking ship. That was Oseberg here in Vestfold. What could we expect to find when we do excavate at Jellestad in the
eastern part of Oslofjord-area? Maybe something like this. Here at Borre you have the mounds. At least nine large mounds and then about 40 smaller mounds. As in Jellestad, you also have traces of chieftains hall
here in Borre. That means that this must have been a really important site for
chieftain power here in Vestfold. This is where you had the first excavation of a
Viking ship in Scandinavia. In the world actually.

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