Video Reflection Paper Assignment Review

Hi everybody. We are at the end of INDIS
110- the final two weeks of the class and I just wanted to take a moment to review
your final paper which is a video reflection paper. So when you sign in to
our home page, if you click on modules and you scroll down to week 4 which was
last week that is where I introduce the video reflection paper. So if you click
on that then it brings up the assignment and you can see at the top the due date
October 29th at 11:59 p.m. It’s worth a hundred points and you’ll be submitting
it as a file upload to Canvas. So a couple of things: the details. So you’re
going to be recording yourself in an appointment in the AAC unless we’ve made
a prior arrangement you know based on an individual need but otherwise it should
take place in the AAC. And I have a camera set up in the den you could also
use your own device your phone or an iPad or something like that but as far
as the assignment let’s go ahead and click on it. And it’s going to open up a
Google document that describes the assignment so it gives a brief
introduction. Remember you don’t have to be perfect in your tutoring session. This
is about learning and improving. So some folks have already started so the
camera is set up this past Monday the 16th and it will be available until next
Friday the 27th. The AAC closes at 1:00 on Fridays but otherwise you have
between 8:30 and 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday to get that done. You’ll sign up
if you’re not currently a tutor or if you have a group session that you
normally run you can make an appointment with a with a fellow tutor a classmate
or a friend to get that one-on-one session.
Again the due date is Sunday, October 29th because the last class is on the
30th and that is then when our class ends and then grades are going to be due
a day or two after that so I don’t really have that much wiggle room as far
as extending that due date at all. So some of the instructions you’ll notice I
ask you to follow MLA format, have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion,
so that means not answering the questions one by one. I’m not looking for
that-I’m actually looking for an essay essentially. I think
creatively describing the tutoring session bring it to life makes it
interesting for me to read and also really describe it in a way that that
offers you know painting that picture. And then lastly the grammar and
mechanics. I taught English for years so I’ll be looking at that. And then the
questions to address while describing your tutoring session, you know I’d
recommend you read over these before you record yourself so I’m taking a look
at you know the start of the appointment, how did you make the tutee feel
welcome, your body language, then the questions you asked. Those types of
questions we’re going to be going over Bloom’s Taxonomy next week, but you’re
doing an assignment this week so you’ll be more familiar with that. Active
listening, language that you use to motivate the students, so we’ve been
talking a lot about motivation and metacognition and really helping
students recognize that they can accomplish these tasks. So how did you do
that with the student? How did you end the session and then what were the plans
for the future? Promoting independent learning? Study techniques? Any resources?
the tutoring cycle? and then finally just your final reflections. So what were your
overall feelings your strengths and weaknesses and your plan for improvement?
I’m looking for that because this shouldn’t be perfect. You know, you guys
have just started. There’s room for improvement,
always. And if you go back to the assignment, you
will then also see the rubric with the point breakdown. So this is worth a
hundred points and it’s 35 percent of the grade remember you had just have to
get a 75% in the class or higher to pass the class so it really is essential for
you to not only complete the assignment but to do well. So I’m really looking at
your reflection on the sessions, your description, the mechanics and
organization, and the creativity and the flow of the paper. If you have any
questions or concerns about this assignment, please please please, come see
me and I’m more than happy to talk with you. So good luck and I look forward to
reading those assignments.

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