V for Vendetta – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Whatup my bruthas and sistas? This week we
vowin to vanquish the villainous voice of the oppressor by venerating V for Vendetta
by Alan Moore. It’s November 5th 1997 and it sho’ do suck
to live in England. In the late 1980s an all-out nuclear war busted out, people started gettin’
scurred like they do, and voted in a fascist government full or racist-ass honkies called
Norsefire. Ever since then, the government got errybody by the balls. Peep 16 year old Evey Hammond, fo’ instance.
Girl so cashed out dat she gotta turn tricks on the street just to get by. One night, some
secret po-lice cats called “The Finger” start gettin’ rough with Evey and even bout to ghost
a girl when BAM- a badass mutha rockin’ a Guy Fawkes mask jumps dem bitches and saves
Evie. This true blue anarchist go by the name of V- and he keep it 100 erry day plottin
to burn NorseFire to the GROUND. How real do he keep it? Well, after saving Evie, he
blow up the Parliament building like he don’t give a F#ck. Then, he take her back to his
Batcave, called The Shadow Galley. Meanwhile, there be this old school detective
name Finch who tryna bring the heat down on V. Dude got all the government big-wigs in
his posse- including the top dawg himself-Adam Susan, who spend most of his time chillin’
with “Fate”; a computer that pretty much controls errything Apparently, V been HUSTLIN’ lately- mercin’
haters left n’ right: a paedo peacher-man named Lilliman, some radio jockey asshole
named Prothero, and a doc named Surridge. Finch eventually realize that all these homies
connected- they all used to work at a government “resettlement camp” called Larkhill where
peeps got experimented on and tortured. V was one of the victims- he supposedly had
a psychotic breakdown, busted shit up, and bounced on outta there. Now it looks like
brutha is on a gnarly revenge grind. Months later, V busts in to the propaganda
building head up by a shyster named Dascombe, and broadcasts a message to erryone preachin
that things gotta CHANGE, and they ain’t gonna unless people step up and buck the system.
V pulls some sick moves escaping from the building, and Dascomb gets capped in the process. Meanwhile, things might be lookin’ up for
Evie- fo’ a little while, at least. Evie left the Shadow Gallery and is shackin’ up with
this old dude name Gordon. But when her boy toy gets shanked, Evey gets fed up with this
shitty world and try to strap up and serve up some street justice. But befo’ she do,
girl gets GOT and thrown in the can. While she wastin away in her solo cell, Evey
finds some letters written by Valerie Page, an actress who got locked up, tortured, and
eventually killed for being gay. Val went out like a real G, tho. She kept showin’ da
world love and refused to give in. Evey reads dat letter over and over. Evie’s captors roll
in and tell her to cooperate or die. But Evie wanna keep it clutch
like Valerie did, and tells ’em where to stick it. Thinkin she bout to get glocked, she surprised
as fuck when somebody roll up and be like “You FREE girl!” Huh? Turns out dis whole
prison-torture scenario was a big play put on by V who was tryna set Evey free from fear, which is da REAL prison
that been keepin her down her whole life. Anyway, while she was gone, V did some next-level
hackin- fool busted in to the Fate computer system and been usin it to play mind games
with Adam Susan, makin’ him slowly lose his damn mind Afta’ a while, Finch’s boy Dominic
figgers out da reason V able to ball so hard is cuz he hooked up to the fate computer. On the next 5th of November, V goes HAM and
blows da hell outta a bunch mo’ government buildings, and shit gettin’ closer to a full
on revolution in da streets. It’s gettin’ real, and Finch gotta find V
and put his ass in check. Fast. So how’s he gonna find him? By dropping acid at Larkhill,
and trippin BALLZ til he can see inside V’s head DUH! Well turns out, it works- Finch’s
eys open wide and he realize dat da only person or thing that can keep you down is yo’self.
Then he finds V’s secret swag pad and fills him full of lead. But V survives for two reasons; 1. Cuz ideas are bulletproof and 2. Cuz V’s secret identity is 50 CENT!! Naw, I’m just playin.
But he still FUCKED up and eventually dies in Evey’s arms. His last words are: “You must discover whose face lies behind this mask, but you must never know my face.” V ain’t the only hustla lyin’ in dirt tho.
Adam Susan gets one in the dome, and da whole damn city start tearin’ itself apart. Afta’
some deep-ass soul searchin’, Evey figgers out V’s last riddle, and slaps dat mask on
her own face. Then she tell dem angry mobs: “Look, y’all. We ain’t done. The world is
yours now, and we best rebuild. Don’t fuck it up.” On her way back to the Batcave, she
picks up Dominic, who bout to get his ass whooped. After dat, Evey blows up da government’s
main crib on Downing Street, and V’s body with it. The graphic novel ends with Finch
rollin’ solo outta da city, and da implication that Evey gonna train Dom to be the next V.
Can’t kill an idea…. Amirite? Even though dis graphic novel called V for
“Vendetta,” dat V stand fo’ way mo’ than dat. Cept fo’ definite and indefinite articles,
erry chapter title start with the letter V. V’s got da name-game on lock too: V, Evey,
Velierie, Victoria Station. Plus, da latter V looks like the Roman numeral 5, reppin not
only dat V was in Room 5 up at Larkhill, but also gives a lil nod to the FIFTH of November. This OG is straight gangsta fo’ mo’ than just
his alliterative and repetitive flow: V got mad style when he up on dat vengeance grind. When he roll up on the people
dat did him back at Larkhill, he don’t jus’ slap em up.
He gives em a taste of they own medicine. Dude dehumanizes Prothero drivin’ his ass
mad, kills Lilliman all church-style like it’s eucharist time, and uses a syringe to
kill surridge, who was slangin one of dem thangs to experiment on peeps. V’s Vendetta ain’t just ’bout stickin it to
da people who fucked his shit up at Larkhill, but also burnin’ down da the ideology dat
created such a twisted-ass place, and such a messed up society. In da face of a system
dat got so much power dat errybody’s balls pretty much in a vice, V start preachin da
opposite of authority: anarchy. Like V say: “Authority allows two roles. The torturer
and the tortured; twists people into joyless mannequins that fear and hate, while culture
plunges into the abyss.” But to V, anarchy don’t mean “no order,” it
just means no leaders- instead, ERRYBODY runs da show It’s bout YOU callin’ yo own shots,
showin’ da world love, and refusin’ to give up what nobody cain’t take from ya: yo integrity. Like Evie learn from Valierie’s letter up
in dat cell, even though yo integrity is just a small thing, it’s the difference between
being free and bein’ broken. “It was my integrity that was important. Is
that so selfish? It sells for so little, but it’s all we have left in this place. It is
the very last inch of us… but within that inch we are free.” Now one of the tightest things bout this book
is dat da relationship between Evie and V ain’t yo regular damsel in distress bullshit.
It’s hella complex, which we peepin’ in da first pages of da text. We got panels juxtaposed
showing em doin da same things- like Evie puttin on a dress while V puttin on his OJ
gloves, and both of them lookin at they similar reflections in the mirror- cuz not only are
they bound by an idea, but it foreshadowin how she gonna eventually take up da mask.
V even say: “Anarchy wears two faces, both creator and
destroyer. Thus destroyers topple empires, make a canvas of clean rubble where creators
then can build a better world.” But dat ain’t to say V is all good fo’ Evie.
If you get all biblical up in this hizzouse, you can peep day Evie’s name similar to Eve,
and let’s not forget da dictator’s name is ADAM Susan. And how did Adam and Eve get their
shit wrecked and their world turned upside down? By bein tempted by the devil! Mo’ than once, V is actually compared to, or compares himself to, the devil: “I am the devil, and I come to do the devil’s work.” So with all this killin and blowin’ shit up,
how is V any different from the people he hattin’ on? A lotta people put V in the same
crew with other do-gooder “superheros”. Like Green Lantern NO NOT THAT ONE! MY MAN! Yeah! But truth is, callin V good or bad is just
too simple. Matta’ fact, V often associated with Adam Susan. We got panels juxtaposing
images of Susan talkin to da Fate Computer with V addressing fine-ass Madame Justice.
Man, even their deaths play out similarly- both get popped, and pretty much at the same time. If you ain’t convinced yet, check how similar this shit is- Susan actually give us the lowdown on why
he do what he do and says : “The only freedom left to my people is the
freedom to starve. The freedom to die, the freedom to live in a world of chaos. Should
I allow them that freedom? I think not. I think not.” And when Evey tryna figger out why V tortured
her and put her in a fake prison, he say: “Because I love you. Because I want to set
you free.” Both of deez playa do some HARDCORE shit to
protect othas. Sayin dat V was a good dude or a bad dude is just too simplistic. Yeah,
V was an idea- but he was also a human being, which means we cain’t just slap a label on
him. Like V himself say, we all got somethin’ special goin on inside us: “Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody
is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody…Everybody has their story to tell.”

100 Replies to “V for Vendetta – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

  1. "Because I love you, because I want to set you free" is similar to the rationale for the worlds' suffering in christian ideaology as well. Neat.

  2. So ultimately, is the moral that one person cannot lay claim to absolute morality and righteousness?
    Of course, that vindicates V's ideal of anarchy. Under Adam's wrong-minded rule, everyone is paralyzed and suffering. Under V's ideal, everyone can choose their own path, unfettered by V's personal faults.

  3. 1:14 is incorrect
    You said he blew out the parliament building when it was actually the old bailey that got blown up in the beginning

  4. The irony is V torturing Evey thus being just as bad as what he hated.

    Anarchy is the strong preying on weak. Society, the opposite of anarchy, places restrictions on taking advantage of those who are weaker…. be they physically weaker, children, the elderly, ect.

  5. V: Without guidance in the discovery of pure joy we become our own worst opposition, worse if it's in vain UWV

  6. Sounds like Moore wasn't terribly fond of Margaret Thatcher or most of the geopolitical conflicts going on at the time, especially since because of the nuclear scare in 83' and with Thatcher's policies on homosexuals.

  7. Alan Moore has written so much over the decades about the dissolution of society, and the ways in which societies dissolve themselves.

  8. Anarchism is just abolishing all heirarchies that can't prove themself just or necessary.

  9. For the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage and the 19th amendment, you should do a video on The Woman’s Hour by Elaine Weiss or Votes for Women! by Winifred Conkling. I think it would be pretty cool.

  10. Dude. You do some great reviews and analysis of classic literature. Would you consider doing a special on a pulp era Conan tale: Red Nails by Robert E. Howard.
    Even a literary anylist giant like you could enjoy something like that. Consider it? Thank you from U.K. Xx😊😊

  11. “I am the devil, and I’m here to do the devil’s work” is also a quote from Tex, one of the Manson hippies that killed Sharon Tate and her friends

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