Using Your 8th Grade Science Textbook

Using Your Science Textbook This screencast will introduce you to reading
your Physical Science Textbook while listening to the text being read to you through your
iPod. Having the book read to you models strategies that will help your learning. Additionally,
you will hear how the vocabulary for a concept is correctly pronounced.
Start by getting your textbook. The book should be on your desk. If it is not, go to the cart
in the back of the room, when instructed, and pick one up.
You will need your iPod and earbuds. Find the icon on the screen of your iPod, that
is your textbook, and open it. In order to access the textbook online you
will need to sign in. The Username: ssystem (all lower case letters) Password n3t9 (be
sure you use a lowercase t not the plus sign) and then click “login”
On the next screen you will see three choices. You want  click on “Go to the Online Textbook”
On the next screen is the beginning of the textbook. You will see two drop down menus.
One for selecting the chapter and one for selecting the section. It is very important
that you select the correct section that you have been assigned to read. For this example
,Select “Ch. 1” Sec 1 and then click “Go!” At this point you will also need to open your
textbook, that you have on your desk, to the correct page for the reading assignment..
When you get to the correct page on your screen,  find the blue tabs that are on the top of
the page and click on “Audio”, the third one.  Double check that you are on the correct
assigned Chapter and Section. Click on “Listen” (not on download) under the heading “English”.
Notice, you will not see the text on your iPod once the audio begins. You will follow
along in your textbook as you listen to the reading. You can stop the reading, go back,
if you miss anything or want it repeated. Remember, this is a time for you to read and
listen. We will write notes, discuss the section, and go over vocabulary at another time. You
should be tracking the words, not writing at this time.
After we read, you will be required to interact with the text to show your understanding.
Often we will go to the questions/activities that are part of the Section Review. This
will vary so be sure ypu listen to the instructaions given by your teacher. Good luck and happy

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