Using the CamelCat to find literary criticism

The CamelCat: Using the CamelCat to find literary
criticism. We want to use the CamelCat to find criticism
about Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. What we need to do is go to the library homepage
( and click on the “Books and Media” tab.
Once we’ve done that we click on the orange link that says “Browse Search”.
When we get to the next screen, what we want to do is type in our authors name last name,
first name. In this case Hawthorne, Nathaniel in the search box next to the label “Browse
on:”. Once we’ve done that we need to click on the
button that says “Subject”. The reason we are doing this is we want to
browse the subject headings. This screen shows us the results of our browse
search. It takes us alphabetically near where our search term would fall.
We’ve got Hawthorne family, Hawthorne, Nathaniel 1775-1808, and then Hawthorne, Nathaniel 1804-1864.
What we want to do is look at the subheadings. As you look down the list you’ll see that
number 12 has a subheading of criticism and interpretation.
Since we are looking for literary criticism, these are the books that we’re looking for.
What we want to do is click on this link. This takes us to a listing of books that have
Hawthorne, Nathaniel-Criticism and intrepretation as a subject heading.
The items that have a blue book icon to the right of them are physical books that are
available in the library. The items that have a computer with a little lightning bolt overtop
of them are electronic books that are available online.
To access the electronic books you need to click on the little icon that looks like a
chain link. To get to the print books you need to go to the call number.
To get information about a book, click on the blue title link in the record.
All of the information that you need for your MLA citation is available in this record.
It is highlighted in the area by the green box.
Also available is the call number and the location of the book in the library. This
is highlighted in the orange box.

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