Unit 2 Vocabulary | ASL Level 1 – American Sign Language

Today we will be reviewing Unit 2, are you ready? This variation of the sign, the way I look at it, is negative and sad. I prefer to sign this way, checking looks more positive. So I sign it this way. The sign DEAF also has another old sign from long time ago, which is signed like this for EAR+CLOSED. For the sign PENCIL, we don’t lick the pencil, so just sign it same for WRITE. I usually use this variation for WHO. 3 variations for WHY. I usually use the third variation like this. Now for keyphrases. These are phrases that we typically use often. Remember to use the WH-Face, lower eyebrows for facial expression when asking WH-Questions.

25 Replies to “Unit 2 Vocabulary | ASL Level 1 – American Sign Language

  1. Please post more … These videos are really helpful and correct… I am so glad I stumble upon this … Please keep posting more because I am learning so much and your not doing this is vain 🙂 It not the amount of views but the quality of the work being shown .. Thanks

  2. It is so nice to find an accurate video for me to pass on to the students I tutor! An unfortunate rarity. Thank you for uploading! 

  3. hello ! you are very good for more words with sign language.. i like to learn Vocabulary ASL … thank you so very much

  4. Thank you for your videos. I am happy to see that your signs are consistent with what I have been learning, so the videos are very helpful.

  5. I keep having to stop you because I'm not advanced enough to follow. I personally find it helpful with the audio videos that go along with the signing.

  6. Thank you! You videos are amazingly helpful for self-education. Perfect amount of content, time, and the key phrases are so useful.

  7. Hi! I'm Davy Chaleun and I'm hard of hearing, but I'm almost deaf. My step family, brother-in-laws and sister-in-law don't understand me sign language in English.

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