Trump’s Shocking Body Language with Kim Un – Social Coach Reacts

Yesterday, Trump became the first sitting us
president to ever step foot in the North Korean. In this video, I’m going to
show you some of those highlights, but as a social coach, I’m going to point out some body language
and sub communication tells that I picked up during the
short meeting together. And at the end I’m going to show you
some incredible footage of the media. Absolutely flipping
out, losing their minds, trying to be sure that they’re in the
right position at a nod in these guys way because from what I’ve read, if you work for the North Korean
government or Kim Moon and you mess up, not good my friend. So
what I want you to notice, and the biggest thing I was curious about
during this meeting is just how casual or formal Trump would be. He’s usually very at ease and
comfortable with other world leaders, but I’ve seen him much more formal with
three specific leaders in the past and they were China’s president z, Russia’s Vladimir Putin
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be the first to cross the block. I’ll be proud to do that. Okay, let’s go. So Trump somewhat surprisingly was not
walking on eggshells during this meeting. And the way that you can tell is from
their initial handshake and the following 20 seconds after. Watch right here. When you touch or grab someone’s elbow, it’s a way to increase rapport, to make
them feel more comfortable around you. For instance, studies show
that waitstaff and waiters, when they touch the elbow of the person
they’re waiting on tips go up very, very significantly. But it can also be seen as a bit
casual and as a move of dominance. And Kim Moon probably isn’t the kind
of guy that you want to be perceived as trying to make some dominant gesture on. So that was kind of a bold move from
Trump that showed me that he is competent and comfortable in that situation, comfortable with the relationship
that he’s established with Kim so far. And then also here,
these pats on the back, you’ll pats on the back are something
that do work and make people once again feel rapport for you if you’re seen as
a peer or if the other person is seen as higher status. Now if the person padding the other
person on the back is lower status, it’s going to be seen as grossly
inappropriate. Think about this. Think if there’s some new intern for
Google that they just hired and for some reason Sergei walks in who was one of
the creators of Google and the interns talking them and continually patting
them on the back of shoulder. Everyone would look at that and
think that’s very inappropriate. So you would probably say something
because his status is so much higher than the intern now appear. People in
the same level find someone higher. Like what if surrogate was
patting that intern on the back? That’d be seen as very
normal and very appropriate. So you need to be careful with that, but that was a big Tel that told me that
Trump was not walking on eggshells and not especially nervous around Kim. Now another move of dominance is
communicated only from your voice, from your vocal tonality, and Trump does a really good job of
speaking with the tone of voice that makes people take him seriously. And we can’t
hear these two talking to this video. They’re actually both using interpreters. But if you want to learn
how you can develop a deep, powerful voice that
holds people’s attention, I’ve got another youtube
video that you can check out. I’ll put a link below in the description
or you can touch in the right corner and watch that one as well. Now another thing that Trump is
doing is he’s actually leading Kim, and this is aggressive considering
they’re in Kim’s country. You know, think about it. Usually the host would more commonly be
pointing and guiding the guest or Trump. But Trump took the liberty to do
this to Kim and it’s a bold move, but it didn’t seem to backfire.
So more power to them. All right. Now before we move on, I want you to
see the media. Absolutely. Flip it out. Try to get in places. These guys
are walking back and forth. Checking [inaudible]. Hello. Come on straight. You haven’t seen the original meeting
between these two guys the first time Trump met Kim. It’s really interesting,
and I’ll walk you through that meeting. You can click right here to do so. Or if you want to learn more about the
30 day vocal power bootcamp where I’ll personally teach you step by step how
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you more about it so you can see if it’s a fit. I’ll talk to you there.

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