Transcendent Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson, she wrote a very small
little poem and it says, ” Now I would have
maybe not connected to that poem if I hadn’t practiced TM, because it’s so
abstract in a way. She talks about a solitude that’s even deeper than sea, or space, or death of polar privacy, like a privacy so removed from
everything else. It’s like the opposite of everything else beyond any other kind
of privacy you can imagine. A soul admitted to itself finite infinity, but I
can understand that because I felt exactly that when I was transcending and
I was myself, my individual self but I was also infinity. I was something so
large. Emily Dickinson felt like this was an experience that only a few had and it
was the disclosure of infinity, and it’s that big and that vast. Many of her
poems have references like that and many other great poets and writers write
directly about things that when you’ve had that experience of transcending, of
going deep within yourself in consciousness, you know exactly what
they’re saying, however abstract it may sound because it’s just about that
connection of yourself within yourself.

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