Trailer/Promotional Video of the novel “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” (Limca & World Record Holder Novel)

Namaste! I am Professor Hans Von Puppet. A few years ago, I was invited to an Engineering College in India. There, I met a young chap called Abhishek Patel. And, in no time, we became good friends! He cooked yummy Thepla’s for me, and I became a big fan of them. Abhishek told me he wanted to become a chef but, was forced to study Software Engineering, because his neighbour MANJOO MAUSI created a fuss around LOG KYA KAHENGE ??? I feel even puppets in this part of the world are in a better situation, than the students like Abhishek. I haven’t seen even a puppeteer have a say in our lives to THIS extent. But in India Students have to worry about their parents, Grand Parents Great Grand Parents MANJOO MAUSI and EVERYONE else! Today, Abhishek runs chains of restaurants in India and THEPLA is his primary food item. But it was not that easy for him to face MANJOO MAUSI and the popular Indian worry LOG KYA KAHENGE ??? Pick up the novel “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” I repeat “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” to know more about Abhishek’s journey of pursuing a career that he chose for himself. It has been authored by Ms. Sarita Raghuvanshi and Mr. Anand Bhate and the pre-orders have begun on Amazon! Thank you!

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