Top 5 Scary Mysterious Secret Societies In Literature

You could say–secret Societies–by definition,
are certainly failing to serve their purpose if they’re making their way onto this list. But thankfully for us–literature affords
us the privilege of perspective. Third Person omniscient perspective… or.. At the very least, first person perspective–with
a little drizzle of unreliable narration. You see, there’s nothing quite like turning
the page of a book and being enticed by a strange symbol carved on a door–or a letter
delivered at midnight–a signet ring cast into a fireplace. Secret Societies, man. Let’s take a look. Hello horror fans, what’s going on, and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube–Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch–as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Most Mysterious Secret Societies
In Literature. Roll the clip. Volunteers Fighting Diseases. Verbal Fridge Dialogue. Vernacularly Fastened Door. Yeah, I can’t exactly keep this up–but
for the curious amongst you, of course, that clip was from the fantastic Netflix depiction
of Lemony Snickett’s even more fantastic series, A *Series* Of Unfortunate Events. Obviously–the entire premise of that series
is based upon the mystery of a secret society–and yeah, it’s pretty apt framing for this particular
list. Although, the Netflix series is far superior
to the film. And although he was brilliant, Jim Carey’s
Count Olaf was certainly overshadowed by Neil Patrick Harris. Two thumbs up. Kicking off at Number 5–The True Knot And whilst some of you may be scratching your
head slightly at this entry, given the superseding events of the end of Stephen King’s fantastic
novel and sequel to The Shining, 2013’s Doctor Sleep–I’m pretty certain that the
properties of these terrifying psychics are the definition of this list. And why? Because really–this steam-hungry organisation
of vampiric psychics have obviously been scheming their way across the United States–if not
the entire planet–ever since Jack Torrance went nuclear at The Overlook Hotel. And also, if we approach this from the assumption
that all of King’s works of fiction are connected via The Dark Tower–then The True
Knot, from a meta perspective, are one of literature’s most well kept secret—-societies. Erm, let me try and explain. Throughout the events of King’s 2013 sequel,
Doctor Sleep describes a group of nomadic psychics, roaming the country in RVs and caravans–that
feed off the life force of spiritually gifted children–a now adult Danny Torrance being
one of their intended victims. These gifted children, who demonstrate the
Shining seen in King’s first novel–exude a life-force that they refer to as steam–which
when consumed, keeps them young and extends their lifespan beyond its natural limits. Yeah, sounds like the perfect recipe for some
immortal secret society, right? As their creed throughout the novel explains–We
are the chosen ones, we are the fortunate ones. We are the True Knot–and we endure. Yeah… I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty
sure that’s a checklist for what constitutes a secret society. Also, no spoilers–because Doctor Sleep is
awesome, and if you’re not in the business of reading the novel, the film is out and
the end of this month–so yeah, no excuse. Swinging in at Number 4–SPECTRE Woah! Curveball. I bet you guys didn’t expect to see James
Bond slink his way onto this list. But, we’re not so much concerned with The
Man Who Killed The Man With The Golden Gun, but more so his most devious of adversaries–the
secret, shadowy organisation–known only as SPECTRE. In many ways, again–this is the definition
of a secret society–and organisation of individuals on an international scale–who’s sole motive
is to–well, who knows what their sole motivation is–but several things are certain, they make
a boat load of money–they’re straight up evil–and they’re also incredibly stylish. I don’t know about you, but what is it with
evil, villainous organisations and extravagant architecture? We’ll never know. SPECTRE–which forms the acronym for Special
Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion–is *the* definitive
overarching villainous body of Ian Fleming’s legendary James Bond series. And who better to lead them into chaos–then
the evil genius and supervillain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld–yes, the guy in the swivel chair
with the monocle and the Persian cat–and yes, the guy that’s been parodied by pretty
much every crime comedy ever–but that’s not the point, because at the start he was
awesome and terrifying, and I don’t care what you think. First appearing in the 1961 novel, Thunderball–SPECTRE
would see many incarnations through Fleming’s series–whilst always maintaining their malevolent
aim of seemingly perfectly tempered chaos. Seemingly, though, the most telling of their
motivations–was purely a personal one. It seems that the definitive supervillain,
Blofeld himself, created one of the most intricate and evil organisations in literature–simply
just because he had a grudge. Next up at Number 3–The Esoteric Order of
Dagon And I’m pretty certain that some of you
were waiting for this entry–and truth be told, we cannot do this list without including
this particular sect of scheming fish men. In many ways, The Esoteric Order of Dagon
is the quintessential secret society–particularly if we’re including the ones that have a
giant, eldritch deity at the heart of their traditions. Yeah, a bizarre set of handshakes don’t
look so weird when compared to a bizarre set of handshakes with tentacles. Now, that’s a good question–is a handshake
still a handshake if it’s with a tentacle? Let me know. You see, as so brilliantly designed in Lovecraft’s
1931 novella, The Shadow Over Innsmouth–the Esoteric Order of Dagon were the ocean-worshipping
secret society, founded by the bizarre and gill-ridden Captain Obed Marsh. You see, as Captain Marsh found on his journey
across the seven seas–there are ancient things that lurk in the water. After learning a ritual from the inhabitants
of an unnamed Polynesian Island on how to summon the Deep Ones–he took this new found
knowledge back to the town of Innsmouth, where he summoned them–and entered an eternal pact. It was a two way relationship–the inhabitants
of the town would have a constant supply of fresh fish–and the townspeople would have
to offer human sacrifices. But of a bum deal, if you’re asking me. Obviously, as time went on–this bizarre pact
eventually led to the three oaths of secrecy, the final one being a human pledge to sire
or bear a Deep One Child, perpetuating the fishy, Father Dagon worshipping race. Although they *were* technically destroyed–I’m
pretty sure Lovecraftian fiction left this one open ended–I’m looking at you New Orleans. Coming in at Number 2–The Talamasca Okay. Now we’re really getting into the heavyweight
champion of literary secret societies–because seriously, move over Illuminati–this is a
cause for some concern, The Talamasca would like to have a word with you. Now, hopefully if you’re read Anne Rice’s
brilliant Vampire Series–or even had your interest piqued by the 1994 film starring
Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt–then you’ll know that beneath the comings and goings of our
civilization–exists a much older, and much more permanent race of creatures. Vampires. And of course, being a sort of secret society
in themselves–it goes without saying that the secret societies of a secret society–are
pretty damn secretive. And this is what I was irking toward with
our opening statement of this list–it’s important *not* to know things, when faced
with these mysteries of literature. The Talamasca Caste–sometimes known as the
Order of the Talamasca–or simply, Talamasca–are a secret society set up during the early days
of mankind, with the sole purpose of keeping track of the paranormal comings and goings
of the denizens of Earth. I mean, it goes without saying really–you
wouldn’t really let them sit there, seething with impossible power for thousands of years,
right? Witches, spirits, werewolves–and of course,
vampires–all fall within the ever gazing eye of the Talamasca. You see, in an expert fashion, Rice leaves
just enough breadcrumbs of this organisation throughout her work–and as they claim in
Queen of the Damned–We Watch, and we are always there. In several cases, it is even alluded to that
The Talamasca has existed as an entity since before the birth of Christ–with their origin,
strangely, and even more perplexingly being tied–to Bees. Yeah, you heard that right. Your guess is just as good as mine. And finally, coming in at our Number 1 spot–The
Amyr Uh. Guys. I’m sorry–but if it seems like I’m harping
on about The Kingkiller Chronicles–that’s because I am, and if you haven’t got the
message yet–read this remarkable series and let your mind work overtime in trying to figure
out just what the hell is going on. You see, Patrick Rothfuss, the creator of
The Kingkiller Chronicles–demonstrated in both his first novel, The Name of the Wind,
and his second, The Wise Man’s Fear–has a pretty remarkable knack of only giving us
shapes of a story–and leaving us to attempt to figure out the truth behind them. Again, I’ve mentioned it before–but part
of the true charm of this series, is the possibilities behind it’s many twisting tales. We’re never truly given definitive answers–only
allusions. And the most mysterious of those grand allusions–are
The Holy Order of the Amyr. And you know what? In many ways, this is one of the only true
secret societies in literature that we could put on this list. Because–the truth is–we know nothing about
them. It’s pure speculation as to how the Amyr
came to be–who they are–and what their motivations were. We do know *some* things about them though,
which is a testament to how well woven this story is. The Amyr were founded by the Tehlin Church–in
the early days of the ancient Aturan Empire. Their sole purpose was for their specially
selected members to be equal part knight-errand, a roaming purveyor of justice–and a vigilante. In explicitly–they were exempt from the law,
and their role was to enact their judiciary powers across the land for the greater good. The highest of their ranks–the Ciridae–were
denoted by their tattooed hands, depicting the Amyr’s Symbol–a Flaming Tower. You see, the whole point of this series is
the pursuit of knowledge–the seeking of a secret. Hopefully, one day–we’ll find out. Well, there we have it horror fans–our list
for the Top 5 Most Mysterious Secret Societies In Literature. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any more to add? Then let us know your thoughts down in the
comment section below, as well as any choice picks of your own. Before we depart from today’s video–let’s
first take a quick look at some of your more creative comments from over the past few days. Chris Harmon says– Jack, have you seen the 2014 Australian zombie
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Of The Dead. Well, on that note–go watch Wyrmwood! And unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got
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  2. I have three.

    THE FAMILY – SHEILA QUIGLEY – They are a Secret organisation that is in charge of everything in this world and have been for centuries one off the worst and main things in the book series they do is run Rape Slave labour organizations by kidnapping kids parents anyone to sell and abuse.

    THE SCIENTISTS – JAMES PATTERSON – Their the main secret Organisation that experiment's of people mainly kids and has created Half Human Animal Hybrids the main ones being the hero's off the book called The Flock lead by the main protagonist and the one the books are named after Maximum Ride.

    Side note ( Their not called the scientists but if you know the books you know who I mean ).

    THE CTHULHU CULT – LOIS H.GRESH – Its the unholy cult ready to summon Cthulhu in to our world in SHERLOCK HOLMES VS CTHULHU.

  3. I bought the book doctor sleep. That was one killer read! I guess I need to see the movie now! Rose the Hat curious person… I do not think much of RV Caravans when I see them parked anywhere any more!

  4. Hello Jack And Lucy.
    I have the problem of not being able to develop the pictures, that a book describes.
    Which makes it very hard to enjoy books. But i want to "learn" to "read" again after a 13 year break.
    Any tips?
    Love from Denmark
    – Marco

  5. SPECTRE was parodied on “Get Smart” as KAOS, which is not an acronym. The TV series was much better than the recent movie.
    This list is one of your best ever, and Top 5 is one of the smartest and best, if not THE best list shows on YouTube. I’m reading the Name of the Wind because of Jack’s passionate recommendation, and it is truly fantastic.

  6. Great top 5. But a Secret Society that can cover up the fact that Lucy stabbed you with no repercussions is the most powerful society of ALL.

  7. Spectre was created to replace Smersh when Ian Fleming wrote Thunderball. Thunderball was originally supposed to be a screenplay for the first Bond film and was the only Bond book he cowrote with someone else. His cowriters wanted to avoid Soviet bashing because it was the 60's and the height of the cold war.
    Also, yes a tentacle and hand do a handshake make. In fact it is depicted as a kind of greeting in some secret society in Germany, in a Vinve Vaughn film called "Unfinished Business".

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  10. I'm recently reading those Anne Rice's Books and I am on Memnoch. I known what you meant when you was referring Bees,because they are interested in the vampires that are similar to White Walkers (except I like the vampires has the souls). 😇 Or you are referring to their headquarter, because I remembered they were calling it the Mother Hive (or something like it) in The Queen of The Damned and The Tale of Body Theft. I don't know, but I think I should read more Anne Rice book to get farther into it.

  11. I just bought Interview With The Vampire and the first book of the The Kingkiller Chronicle on Amazon. You're pretty convincing and also, I like this stuff…

  12. The Septimus Society from the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson. A group that is trying to raise an all encompassing evil know as the Adversary. Who wants nothing more than to destroy our world through chaos and destruction.

  13. It’s a “tentacle shake” or “tenta-shake” if you will. Very slimy, but if done right, you’ll learn the secrets of the Deep ones or at least they may not kill you.

  14. I love the way you get into the stories. Awesome. Supposed facts or all movies? Whatever, you make them sound so I retesting. Thank you💕🇨🇦🌹🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌⭐

  15. Ooh, what about the National Institute for Coordinated Experiments (NICE) in C. S. Lewis' "That Hideous Strength"? There are levels upon levels of secrecy, and the institute and initiated are downright diabolical!

  16. I have just finished Name of The Wind based on your suggestions. Fantastic book, can't wait to read the second one. No shout outs or mention of The cabal from Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons?

  17. Jack "Is a handshake still a handshake if it's with a tentacle?"

    Who cares about the meaning of life, or if there is a God. This is the greatest mysterious facing mankind.

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    Keep up the good work though. 😊

  20. Quick correction, the Amyr weren’t founded by the Tehlin church, they were much older than the Aturan Empire, which is part of why they’re so mysterious, love the channel love Rothfuss

    p.s. The Chandrian could also take the top spot on this list

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