Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn In 2019

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  1. Is designing websites popular yet?i want to learn html+css+javascript.then i want to start python and other things.
    Do you think this is a good idea?
    I live in Iran country.
    Thanks alot.

  2. My personal favorite: java(android dev), swift(ios dev), javascript(node.js/ts) and python (mostly ML/constraints solver algorithms).

  3. JavaScript and Go are dubious. She admits JS has issues; and Go would only be useful if you move to the Bay Area. And good luck getting hired by one of the big Tech companies unless you have tons of experience.

    I’d nominated one that some don’t consider a pure programming language – SQL (and MySQL since it’s the #1 open source). There are databases behind most apps/websites – being able to do both the front end and backend will separate you from many others competing for jobs v

  4. So the top languages are:
    Java -> A language which is slowly dragging itself, kicking and screaming, into the new millennium.
    Go -> Is a language which grabbed the best of the 70's and grafted it into a small, inconsistent language.
    Python -> Is a decent language.
    JavaScript -> Is a decent language if you can squint and pretend it's object system isn't weird.

  5. C++/ C and Java —

    In a few years time several languages ​​will come up again, which will be at the top, but Java C ++ and C will always be among the best.

  6. Timeline of the most popular And Widely Used programming languages since 1965 to 2020.

  7. "Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn In …" type of videos getting millions of views. Clearly, people are beating around the bush!

  8. Go was created by engineers for engeneers… Interesting. I thought all languajes were created by engineers for engineers. Hm. Okay.

  9. hi I am following from Turkeyi and I will keep following because I love your consist . thank you for this video also programming languages what I want to learn are Java and JS.

  10. Ok…. so I had decided on learning python but with all of the applications and web development uses I have now changed my mind to Java Script
    So TYSVM for this video!!

  11. Con los subtítulos en ingles aunque solo se algo de inglés técnico, entendí casi todo lo que dijo. Wtf primera ves que me pasa.

  12. I do not know if it is true, because I have many friends and family members in states who work with programming languages and the most they used is Java and C#. Also a friend who studies university all the career he studied Java. And I really support the idea the Java is still the number one, at least in my country the demand of Java is very but very high, also PHP and C#, and of course Javascript with frameworks.

  13. Hangi sığır çevirdi bu video yu Türkçe ye ilk 3 cümle var gerisi yok.Hayır ihtiyacım olduğundan değil de ne oldu acil işin mi çıktı.

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  15. Hello. I was wondering if there is a free way to learn assembly language online because I can't find anything online. Thanks.

  16. Hi luba thank you so mush for this information i m new here in your channel and i want to start learning the language programming specially java-script but i don't know where to start if you can help me thank yo again

  17. Java, Javascript, Python
    Javascript is like all-in-one language runs on everything (Mostly Browsers) and you can make hybrid-native looking apps, games and much more other stuff with node.js

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