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  1. Just want to ask a question to everyone. In the IT world, does getting IT certifications, like getting OCAJP & OCPJP certifications, help in getting salary increase?

  2. I'm in the medical field as a clinical data analyst ..working with sql, SAS..I'm looking to branch into the AI-machine learning side with python and want to branch into clinical decision support systems anyone have suggestions

  3. My first language was QBASIC at 9, but I strongly believe your second language should be unmanaged and close to the machine. I learned VC6 around 14 and that taught me about compilers, STL, data structures, which proved invaluable down the line.

    IMO you need
    1) A language for scripts, like parse a file, do a get, draw a graph. Python.
    2) A language for high-performance and low-level applications. C and C++.
    3) Wildcard. Your trick language. It could be Erlang, to brag about functional programming. It could be matlab, if you hate scipy. It could be scala, if you hate yourself, or Java, if you hate programming.

    It could be C# if you hate programming in Microsoft and think programming is assembly line labor, or PHP if you think HTML is a programming language. It could be Perl, or even Lisp, if you want to start fights with other programmers

  4. The most important language to learn is PSEUDO language. The language between a concept and real code to get a problem done faster.

  5. Dont ask a person where worked for a companie like google about help. Its all about him….not about u! Watch true his videos and see how many times he menasion that he worked as EX google tech lead blablabla….. Now u drinking isnatnd Coffe and make Youtube videos…. Great! I gues the 14 yeats kid is in fact smarter than u…boy just get in comunity wehre people share same intres as u. Go with Python. Python is the future. Also Maschine learning/deep learning. anything AI related. Start to check out some git trees. U can basically find everything opensource on GitHub. Either forked or Alpha released. And dont wast ur time watching him…go rather with some smarter people wehre are not dont smell there own farts. Also keep in mind he got a regualar education what u can get for free in any library….

  6. For a more Applications path (plus I don't like Front-End), already studying Python, what advice would give to me for a more complete learning curve?

  7. I am a teacher. I started a programming project with not programmers student on html and javascript. I guess i choiced wisely.

  8. When your mouth was out of sync with the the part about your sponsor; was that intentional? I laughed…hard…is that wrong?

  9. Thanks for the great overview Patrick.

    How did I learn programming:
    Basic on a C64
    Turbo Pascal on a 286
    HTML/CSS/PHP/SQL later
    JAVA in university
    C/C++ to work on H.264 Multiview video streaming for my thesis.

    The best thing I liked about it is that you can easily build visual feedback loops for your work to see if things are going the correct way or not by involving terminal or log or graphics outputs. This also brings you into the zone. Small iterative steps.

    The one thing that is required is time in front of the Computer.


  11. another tip would be once you learn new things, to actually apply it in your project or some sample self written test code. This builds muscle memory and you'll be surprised at some things you might miss out on or having to reread deeper.

    I give extra thumbs up for tutorials/guides that encourage the reader to do something with what they've learnt by having a simple challenge corner that makes you play with what you've learnt but not going too deep till it's beyond your current skill level, one such recent example is Gatsby.js step-by-step tutorial, bite-size learning so I can do it progressively over a few days at a time (and you really don't want to study too many new things on the same day as you'll just forget it all) and some simple challenges at the end of the steps (which generally asks you to add a few things to the project based on what you've just did, so it's definitely doable).

  12. 1. JavaScript
    2. Python
    3. Kotlin

    1.1 React
    2.1 Django
    3.1 Swift

    1.2 NodeJs
    2.2 PostgressQL
    3.3 MongoDB

    And the list goes and goes…

  13. I made a list of the languages that are important to me and why I use them. Maybe this can help out some people wondering what they can get into. If you're new to programming, I think it might be best for you to start from the bottom 3 and work your way up. Also, I'm not a fan of Python, but it's all over the place, so I'm learning it and since it seems to cover more uses for me than PHP, I'd like to see Python become a higher performing language so I can drop PHP. I'm not really a big fan of JavaScript either… meh.

    Game Dev: C++
    Game Dev/Microsoft: C#
    Game Dev/Linux/Web Back End: Python
    Database: SQL
    Web Back End (I'd be willing to drop this if Python could reach the same level of performance): PHP
    Web Front End (I don't like using this one): JavaScript
    Web: HTML
    Web: CSS

  14. I've taken a really odd path into programming, it was hard, too hard, but I did it and learned a lot.

    It went like this:
    Made some basic games in a language called Haxe –> I was new and it seemed hard, so my illogical choice was to do something harder, so I learned some c++, made some basic programs –> back with Haxe –> got bored with Haxe and saw a video that got me into ethical hacking(yeah) with python –> a LOT of hacking with python –> learned about ai with python, started making a sort of JARVIS ai with python –> learned java so I could port my ai to Android, never published though –> started making games on unity with c# –> saw thetechlead, ex Google techlead and his majesty said to get into web development so I did, for a while –> went back to c++ and made a Minecraft clone because my web design sucked –> made a cool JavaScript game –> back to unity and c#

    Currently 16, this happened over a long period of time. Web and mobile development seem to be the future. I would first learn html/css/JavaScript and then some java/kotlin and swift or whatever you need for iOS nowadays because you get to make web apps, websites, and mobile apps(hybrid or web with web viewer)

  15. C: Operating systems, embedded systems, real time systems
    C++ : very large projects such as in banking, infrastracture, defence sector, etc.; High end PC&Console Games
    A dynamic interpreting language, Python is most popular, Ruby is also very nice. This is where most people end up to because they are easy to use
    Javascript: web frontend. learn this if you code for food
    Swift: if you do iOS / Mac apps.
    Java: only if you want to make Android apps. otherwise stay away from this steaming pile of turd
    SQL : only if you want to be a database admin.

    don't waste time on anything else. life is already fucking short!

  16. you just cleared the air for me man. I just finished a 3 months Python/django internship where I worked on 3 different projects there. The first one was my first project and after that I did 2 other projects which the company is using right now. I have an opportunity to start an Android Internship and get a job at that company, but I was doubting myself cuz I didn't want to go from web to mobile just like that and I entirely forgot how useful is to learn both !

  17. As a tech lead, what would you recommend for young potential developer, but BLIND, to start learning in programming, database, system administration? We started with Python, but the most difficult part was the code indentation, because 4-5 years ago the screen readers JAWS & NVDA couldn't interpret. Later we did some simple audio applications and games using BGT (Blastbay Game Toolkit). My nephew just graduated the high-school and now I would like to start again with him some programming/scripting. By the way, very nice posts.

  18. I'm 13 and I'm writing games in Monogame C#…
    I didn't even learn it from school, Google is virtually my school.

  19. if i just learn to code does it means i am ready for the job as a programmer or developer ? what are the other things a programmer should know and do as a duty at his job? how all this works?

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  22. I was flabbergasted for awhile with the lack of mention of C# and the .net framework. Then it did become an afterthought at the end. If anyone is reading this and cares about what companies founded after 2015 (or aren't stuck with a framework implemented in 1997) are working with, it's not Python and PHP. It's going to be Microsoft's .net using C#. I completely agree that any beginner should begin with JS, HTML, and CSS. But websites aren't written using that anymore. It uses MVC or MVVM now. Angular and React… and even Node are making Javascript one of those languages you can't get away from now either. So JS isn't just front-end anymore. The problem with C# is that it's not just a build a single page website and let's look how pretty it is kind of language. C# typically requires some sort of infrastructure. It needs to be launched somewhere. So if you want to learn C# but don't want to learn about the infrastructure portion, check out Xamarin. You can make quick phone apps that can launch anywhere and you can get milestones. APIs can be written in PHP, but they can also be written using C# and that's personally what I prefer (I like closing characters).

  23. web development? what does that mean. the internet is pretty much in place right? what more needs to be done?

  24. If you aren't 14 and you're here, the core take way from this vid is that it depends on what you're looking to do not necessarily the names of the programs themselves. My first language was R, second Python. Those are the only two I know. I can program, but I'm not a programmer. I work in a field where modeling, statistics, and forecasting are incredibly important. C# or C++ maybe the best languages in the world, it's irrelevant if what you're looking to do is heavy in statistics. These are all just tools to get a result. Also the idea that only computer programmers need to know how to program is dead.

  25. I started in GameMaker, then went to Html / JavaScript, later C++ and now C#. I'd say I know only basics of JS and more in-depth of C++ and C#

  26. #include <stdio.h>

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  27. 1. C
    2. C
    3. C
    These are the three languages that you need to know. The rest are irrelevant. Garbage collectors and dynamic typing are for pussies. Real men clean up after themselves.

  28. you mention getting a website and server. what if they get something like wamp server.. just to learn without spending money right away.. then you can get a server/domain later if you interested. I'm not a kid so please do not kick me..

  29. int main
    char answer;

    cout<< “was this video helpful?n”
    cin>>answer; //fuck yes it was helpful

    return 0;

  30. Great!
    In my opinion I recommend 3 Programming languages to learn.

    1- Lisp (Guile) (Because languajes as Java, Javascript, Python and Ruby borows features from lisp, LISP (guile in this case), Learning this you will understand much more than anyone else)
    2- Ansi C (Deeply to learn more and understand how a computer works)
    3- SmallTalk (To understand a real oriented Object programming language)

    Learning well this 3 you will dominate every other languaje without any problem

  31. Hi TechLead, thanks for this video, I found it useful. I thought you might like to watch my Final Fantasy 7 'Tifa's Boobs' video I made so here it is: 

  32. Python definitely the best place to start. Much easier to learn in Python due to great community and documentation.

  33. I have learned HTML but not CSS, I have been learning python for about 3 weeks now and I want to master it, did I make a mistake learning python before CSS and JavaScript or is it ok

  34. JavaScript is the king of all languages if I consider its demand in the market. C++ is something else and I have a huge respect for this programming language but JavaScript, It has a great market, is fast as compared to other languages except C++ and is a full stack language. JavaScript is an all in one package. You can develope front ends, you can work on the server side for backend development using node and express JavaScript Frameworks and you can develope mobile apps using frameworks like react native. So I prefer and suggest JavaScript should be the first most priority of the beginners. On the number two, python is capturing such a big huge market due to data science and machine learning libraries and plus python is easier to learn and big projects can be completed in short time using python. Other languages like PHP C# Java are not a bunch of trash but I recommend JavaScript for full stack development and Python for big data management scripts.
    For databases I prefer NoSQL databases like MongoDB not others. MongoDB has a full support available for different languages and is easier to learn and implement a database. Learn how indexing works in MongoDB, how to perform CRUD operations, what are aggregates and much more. I get to go know. It's already 1:25 and I have office in the morning. Good night.

  35. Luckily I had learnt html , CSS and JavaScript before watching this video and I started learning php few days ago
    And was planning to learn python , c# next

    Hmm now I think I did the right thing to ignore people saying learn python first

    Web development is really a better way to start

    Since making projects is easier and more practical

  36. I have been developing desktop apps in Widows since dbase III+, dBase IV, and FoxPro/Visual FoxPro (29 years) with SQL Server. I am almost 66. I am in good health and still capable of programming. I don't smoke, drink any alcohol, nor do I do drugs, so like I said my health is fairly good for my age. I am not done working, in other words. So, I did a little with PHP, nothing with Python yet, have had experience with HTML, CSS and a "little" Javascript. Would it be better for me to learn PHP or Python at this time in my life? I was studying C# over several years a few years ago, but never got any jobs using it. I am trying to determine which way to go. Any advice is welcome.

  37. Another great video. Kudos! But just out of curiosity: you mention JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, that is, if the kid wishes to be a full stack developer.
    But wouldn't he need some database knowledge as well, such as SQL?

  38. I thought he was going to say he sees potential in 14 year old kids but instead he wants to kick them haha.

  39. Thanks for this insight. I'm glad I've been on the same path you've discussed, being a front end to back end to mobile developer, and not being CS major, but information systems instead.

  40. All the programming languages you mentioned are nice and I studied C, and C++ on my own during the 1990's and also some Java also still have some of the software available along with a computer programming course I was taking. By having a job with the state in an area I was overqualified for I felt it to be a waste of my time until I began using some of my talent on that job. I just could not train some others in computers and I tried at the time.

  41. What if I wanted to be someone who analyzes or reverse engineers Malware and exploits? I heard learning assembly language is good for that. I'm also into music and thought about creating VST's, which I heard can be made from C++. Can anyone give some tips?

  42. Coding one-liners is something that one doesn't get into while spending the time in college 🙂 even though it looks trivial, just like, one-liners.

  43. Which of these three options do you recommend for people who want to become mobile developers? (Option 1) Learn frameworks like Reactnative, Adobe Phonegap, Ionics and write apps with cross-platform Javascript (Option 2) Learn the Android Native SDK or perhaps native iOS (Option 3) Learn Dart + Flutter

  44. My cs degree is like, first semester, java, database, self-learning python, data communication, Linux operations.
    It's really stressful.

  45. There are frameworks out there that can automatically generate css js html for you depending what components you use. Do you think js html css are going to loose its value?

  46. My learning so far:

    (Back in da day as a teenager):
    1. BASIC
    2. Visual Basic

    (20+ years of quitting programming, majoring in the wrong thing, ruining my life, and changing careers back to programming later):
    1. Python
    2. C++
    3. JavaScript

    4. Ruby/Ruby On Rails
    5. SWIFT
    6. Java

  47. You will never become a true programmer, if you never tried to learn C/C++, Databases, discrete maths and basic algorithms.

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