Top 10 Mysterious Fictional Characters Seen In Real Life

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Most Amazing Instagrams in the comments section down below. 10 – Gollum
Gollum was spotted in the Valleys of Huairou, north of Beijing and near The Great Wall of
China… which… I think is a little far from middle earth,
but I could be wrong. So a Chinese tourist snapped Gollum hanging
out as they were hiking and went off trail for a pee. He said: “I walked far away to have a pee,
and suddenly saw a monster. I took a few pictures of it, but I am now
terrified.” They shared the image on the internet and
it quickly went viral, with a host of people suggesting he had found Gollum. Perhaps the creature is crouched over looking
for his precious. The mystery was however solved when an actor
claimed that the image was of him shooting a Sci Fi movie, although some have said that
the actor coming forward is all big part of a wider Chinese government coverup. 9 – Cthulhu
Cthulhu, for those of you that are not au fait with Lovecraft’s greatest monster,
it is a mythical creature of epic proportion said to be being part dragon, part octopus,
part squid. Looking at it is said to send a human insane. Classic monster. Wellll Cthulhu was spotted over the ocean
in Vancouver in 2017! EDITORS CLIP. There it is…. Emerging from some horrifying looking clouds. Oh Cthulhu. What you do. This wasn’t the only sighting either, the
elder god was also spotted over a highway amid a tornado…although Snopes had something
to say about that. If Cthulhu is lurking in the clouds, what
else could be hiding there?! 8 – Dementors
Dementors are soul suckers from the Harry Potter series – when they are around you
will know it as you will feel cold and utterly joyless. What do they look like?! Hooded cloaked figures that seem to impossibly
float above the ground. IF THIS….isn’t a real life Dementor then
what is?! The terrifying and very odd cloud formation
appeared over a mall in the city of Kitwe in Zambia. The scary vapor ghoul looked to be about 100
metres long and looked over a shopping centre in the city for half an hour. Eye witnesses said some started worshipping
the cloud formation, thinking it was a manifestation of god, while others ran away. I would straight up produce my patronus and
blast soul sucker bae away. It is a dapple grey mare, by the way…what
is yours. 7 Dobby the House Elf
HE LIVES! Dobby is a free elf! So I was surprised to see Dobby Trending on
twitter over the weekend… and even more surprised to see the reason why. Dobby was spotted on a security camera positioned
in someones driveway – the whole thing kicked off when JEY bee tweeted THIS footage with
the caption : a lady posted this and said she saw this on her home camera this morning. what y’all think this is ? The internet
was quick to respond – the late great house elf. The video was posted 4 days before the recording
of this video and it has already racked up 30 million views. So I thought Momo was fiction, but it turns
out maybe not at number 6 Momo
I had no idea where the horrifying MOMO picture associated with the online self-harm challenge
came from. Momo quickly became an internet urban legend
and honestly I thought her scary face came from photoshop, but no… she was the work
of Japanese artist and sculptor Keisuke Aiso, who created an art piece called Motherbird
back in 2016. The piece was for an alternative art gallery
and has since rotted and been thrown away by the artist. Speaking to The Sun about how his art was
memefied, he said: have mixed feels about the people who have done this. “On one hand they have caused me nothing
but trouble, but on the other hand as an artist, I have a little sense of appreciation that
my art piece has been seen across the world. So… there you go! Momo lives…or did …until she went rotten
and had to be thrown out. Gross. 5 – SANTA
COULD IT BE…. Is it he!!!! Santa is one of the more mysterious folk out
there, only appearing between the 24th – 25th December… In Noble County, Indiana, a driver of a police
car caught Santa and his reindeer flying overhead on his dashcam. Obviously, it was immediately shared on social
media…. I mean….If I had just snapped Santa and
his sleigh I’d be straight on twitter, facebook and Instagram ! The LaGrange County Sheriff’s
Department shared the image on facebook with the caption : Photo taken from the dashcam
of a Noble County Patrol car in the southern part of Noble County heading northbound a
short time ago! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. The image was shared 8,500 times. Wow! 4 – El Chupacabra
Is it a wild dog, or is it the mythical Chupacabra? A Chupacabra is a legendary creature in folklore,
a blood sucking animal vampire that we’re going to call a demon for the purposes of
this video. The legend of El Chupacabra is most popular
in Puerto Rico, Northern Mexico and the Southern states of the USA, especially Texas. This demon was caught on police dash cam and
the officer involved in the incident was totally vexed. The footage was taken in 2008 and has caused
debate ever since. The video description reads: A police dashboard
camera catches what some might think is proof that the legendary “Chupacabra” lives an roams
the fields of the lone star state. This animal was seen running down a dirt path
along fence lines or a rural Texas road. Honestly, to me this looks like a wild dog
rather than a demon, but some people are refusing to budge on the whole demon thing. 3 – Loki
Oohhh that time that time the Norse God Loki rode the bus… right!!! Cause who wants to, like fly or whatever. Yet, here he is! I found this picture hidden in the depths
of the internet and it decided it definitely needed an airing! I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with
Glorious Purpose. Aren’t you just, mate. The reflection in the bus window is perfect! Loki ! Now I just wanna spot Thor in real
life…. 2 – BATMAN
Officers in Maryland, USA, pulled over a black Lamborghini with no tags on route 29 in 2012. The footage ended up on news publication The
Telegraph’s Youtube page. Why? Well as we watch from the perspective of the
dashcam, we see that the guy who gets out the car is indeed dressed as Batman. Have a watch – editors clip. The comments to this video are pretty golden
– I heartily agree with JMAA TV who wrote: Honestly, If I had enough money to buy a lamborghini
I would also buy a batman costume and drive around. Like…. RIGHT?! There actually is a bit of a sad story here,
though. It seems the man behind the costume was named
Lenny B Robinson, a guy who indeed was rich enough to buy a lambo so also bought a batman
costume and drove around in it. He used to go to Children’s hospitals to
make the kids feel better – by all reports he was a great guy. Sadly he died in 2015, just three years after
this footage was captured, when his batmobile broke down on the interstate and was struck
by a passing Vehicle. His younger brother Scott spoke to the Washington
Post and said: He touched a lot of lives and made a lot of kids smile. Rest in peace, batman. 1 – SLENDERMAN
Maybe this truly is Slenderman? Slenderman has been spotted an uncomfortable
number of times. In June 2015 he was spotted on a rooftop in
Mexico – look – oh but warning… he’s nude! What an exhibitionist. Also in 2015, world wide news publication
the Mirror published an article claiming to have a genuine photograph of Slenderman in
the woods in Staffordshire in England. He gets around though – In 2014 two teens
were found walking along a highway, with a third girl found stabbed and bleeding out
in a nearby woodland. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier said they had
seen him in the woods near Waukesha in Winsconsin, USA. They claimed Slenderman had told them that
if they didn’t stab their friend, Slender Man wouldn’t let them live with him, and
worse still, as they has seen him, he would kill their families in three seconds. How utterly devastating. SO that was 10 mysterious fictional characters
that may not be so fictional after all. What do you guys think? Do you believe in this stuff? Do you think Slenderman is out there? Comments from Top 10 Scary meanings behind
famous songs – you guys liked my glasses, thanks! I asked you what your favourite songs were Catherine Schroeder said: 3 of my songs 1. Forgot about Dre by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem 2. I ain’t mad at ya by Tupac 3. Flashing lights by Kanye west
CJ Havock said: Joy division – disorder The Ramones- posion heart Nirvana – you know your
right My favorite songs Uless Harris said: Seeing Rebecca do Gangnam
Style is my new favorite thing on YouTube. Just amazing and cute – if you guys missed
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so whatever!

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    i don't really know but some say that momo is a beast that has been slain for like 30 years ago.
    And some say that momo isn't real we don't really know.

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  4. muggles cant see dementors

    how did he take a picture of it

    also dementors (i think) cant have a picture as it makes the shot set aflame

  5. OMG DEMENTOR 😱guys we gonna die! I came for dobby, and I got dobby. Bonus surprise: DEMENTOR!!!! Mah fellow potterheads where are you?

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    Internet: OMG we are cursed!


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    Also my boyfriend is scared shitless of Cthulu-

    Also- i woke up to slender man watching me sleep one day at my fathers house

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