Top 10 Best PS Vita Visual Novel Games

10. Amnesia: Memories Visual Novel’s have come a long way. From solving mysteries, apprehending criminals
and operating under the court of law, the Amnesia series has something different layered
in its narrative: It’s an otome game. Basically, Otome is a genre where you control
as a female lead romanticizing different boys in its core story. Follow a girl as she tries to recover her
lost memory by interacting with card-based routes of the male archetypes. It’s a complicated choice once you get to
know each of them. The story progresses whether what kind of
guy you choose, and its multiple endings will add replayability to the story. Aside from its visual novel experiences, play
various mini-games to ease the tension from its over-the-top relationship formulas. Find which route you think its best, and find
out the truth behind your amnesia. It has a PlayScore of 7.14 9. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness This visual novel game is directly inspired
from its source material with the same name. Step into a dystopian world where a governing
body puts into power a sensor program that scans a person’s credibility in terms of
crime, mentality and personality. It’s called the Psycho-Pass. Mandatory Happiness takes place during the
first 12 episodes of the Anime. Although it’s loosely related to the anime’s
main story. It runs parallel with it. Control two characters, a inspector recovering
the memories of her forgotten past and an enforcer trying to find her missing wife. Together they survive a dark future controlled
by a rogue AI manipulating behind the scenes. Like most visual novel games, progress through
the story by listening to the game’s narrative and make meaningful decisions. It has a PlayScore of 7.36 8. Hatoful Boyfriend Okay, now this is where the weird stuff happens. Devolver Digital’s published game offers
a unique take on the Otome genre. Be the first human to enroll in a prestigious
university filled with Pigeons. Yes, you heard that right. Take your time. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful male
pigeons and roam around the halls with your avian love stories. As stated by the game creator, Hato Moa, no
birds were hurt in the making of this game. There’s absolutely so many things to do
in this game. Feeling bored because your pigeon date is
a snoozefest? Find another one! Scour through the school halls and join clubs
to meet various pigeons. Who knows? They might win your heart with their fowl
sense of nature. I mean come on, what kind of game lets you
date species of the avian variety? Bird is the word and this game has a PlayScore
of 7.95 7. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Aksys Games’ next entry to their Zero Escape
series is a product of their success after its previous game, 999. Virtue’s Last Reward takes you to the shoes
of Sigma, he gets abducted and thrown out into a mysterious room with 8 other people. Together, they are tasked to play The Nonary
Games. What the game is all about remains a mystery
to the victims. Virtue’s Last Reward offers two different
game segments: Escape the Room and Visual Novel. Escape the Room is a series of cleverly built
puzzles for the player to solve. Some can be very elaborate, some can be very
easy. Visual Novels, however, are a narrative driven
sequence that opens new dimensions to the story. Players make choices to grasp the truth and
obtain among the 24 different endings. It’s one of the best Visual Novel games
on the market and it has a PlayScore of 8.18 6. Steins; Gate 5pb and Nitropolus’ visual novel adventure
takes you to a captivating journey of friendship, mystery, science and emotional gravity. Awarded for being the most immersive visual
novel story during its time, Steins;Gate continues to wow fans with its non-linear story and
memorable characters. It also has an anime with the same name. With the existence of time-travel, follow
a group of tech savvy students as they change the past via technological mediums such as
E-mails. Eventually they got caught up in a spiral
of conspiracies from the government. With the use of game’s cellphone, interact
to ignore or accept calls from people. The game is all about reading, obviously. What you do is up to you. For a game about choices, there’s no doubt
it has multiple endings. Find out which path are you taking and enjoy
40-50 hours of gametime. This game has a PlayScore of 8.23 5. Norn9: Var Commons Another otome game. Follow a child prodigy named Sorata Suzuhara
as he blacks out and awakens into an unfamiliar ship with 12 passengers, 3 girls and 9 boys. Dive into the story and get drawn into its
narrative experience in three different perspectives from each of the three girls to find the secret
hidden beneath the place’s interior. Also form Aksys’ Games’, find your own
routes and pick the best guy to find your future with. Sounds cheesy but isn’t that what Otome
games are for? Use the game’s feature called Eye Catch
to find out the affection levels of each person you choose. So many features are found in the game including
8-bit versions of your favorite characters, music selection, gallery viewing and so much
more. This has a PlayScore of 8.30 4. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Spike Chunsoft’s very own version of high
school shenanigans oozes with style and mystery. Follow Makoto as he and his friends get accepted
to a prestigious university called Hope’s Peak Academy. Little did they know they’re in for a murderous
slaughterhouse orchestrated by a talking bear. Think of it as an anime version of Battle
Royale, but Anime. The game is divided into two types: Daily
Life and Class Trials. Daily Life deals with roaming around the school
halls and interacting with friends. However, the real fun begins as you progress
the story with Deadly Life. This sequence enables you to investigate crime
scenes which in turn would lead to its Class Trials. These trials are the main story points of
the game. Find out the true culprit by making important
decisions. It’s a game-altering sequence and it’s
up to your hands. The game is critically acclaimed, praised
by its story and characters. It has a PlayScore of 8.36 3. Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth An otome visual novel game. Follow the life of a Cardia as she lives a
solitary life due to her ability to melt anyone she touches. This poisonous curse caused her to hide from
society. Branded as a “monster” from neighboring
villages, she encounters a man named Arsene Lupin, a gentleman thief. Together they embark on an adventure to find
her missing father and find the truth about her poisonous touch. Just like any other otome game, players choose
from a group of fine lads in their quest to cure her of her mysterious illness. Gameplay revolves around making choices, listening
to their stories and picking the right guy. The story is determined by your choice and
of course, the game’s ending. It has a PlayScore of 8.38 2. Steins; Gate 0 Following the events after the first game,
this world-renowned visual novel adventure opens new doors to its universe. This time, follow the story of different character
perspectives. Step into the shoes of Okabe, a university
student, Amane the time traveler and Hiyajo the neuroscientist. Together they develop the main story in interconnected
scenarios. During the first part of the game, the game
directly splits into two major choices. This leads to the game’s many endings. It’s also determined by whether or not player
answers the calls through the characters cellphone. The game is not stressful, but it’s emotionally
deep. It talks about mature themes such as trauma
and artificial intelligence. It was highly praised for its story and characters. Making it the best Steins: Gate game to date. It has a PlayScore of 8.60 1. And the best PlayStation Vita Visual Novel
is none other than Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair The deadly games continue in Spike Chunsoft’s
sequel to the popular Danganronpa series. Lured by your cute teacher in a mysterious
school trip, step into Hope’s Peak Academy and witness the end of your life. The talking bear returns and the rules remain
the same: Kill one of your peers so you can leave the island. Provided if you don’t get caught. Gameplay is similar to the previous game. It’s still a mix of two modes: Daily Life
and Class Trials. Daily life still revolves around talking to
friends and getting to know each of the unique characters. During its course, investigate clues as your
daily life turns into Deadly Life. But just like every Danganronpa game, the
Class Trials are its main selling point. Find the true culprit by showing your evidence
to the table and demolish their loopholes by argumentative and logical approach. Just like Phoenix Wright, prove their guilt
by outsmarting them. And do it with style! Danganronpa 2 has a PlayScore of 8.71

73 Replies to “Top 10 Best PS Vita Visual Novel Games

  1. My reaction to the game that the video showed:
    Hatoful boyfriend= laughing so hard xD
    Zero Escape= Yas! My fav!
    Danganronpa= screams My favourite game that I want to play in the future!

    Lol xD

  2. Hatoful Boyfriend! My faith in humanity has been restored XDD it's as much a ridiculous fun game as it is creepy-pasta in the secret "canon" route. Do yourself a favor and play it (on STEAM : P )

  3. i love visual novels when i am in the mood for them but when i start a game i didn't know was a novel i sit there like damn this is taking forever to get going… then after 25 minutes I'm left sitting there like oh yeah these are a thing.

  4. So many Otome games… And here I sit waiting for the time we can have a translated equivalent for guys (because so many get made into an anime, that you'd like to play-through and interact with characters personally)

  5. I'm so glad and thankful I own a PS Vita – thanks to it I was introduced to games I didn't know existed, like Persona, Danganronpa and SteinsGate.

  6. Never would've found out about Dangonronpa or the Zero Escape games if it weren't for the Vita.
    Favorite console ever, or at least super high up there.

  7. Funny how many otome games there are, yet male protag with female hearts to steal isnt so present on the vita. Which surprised me. I just got my vita so I could be wrong? (I dont feel much like dating dudes….)
    Steins Gate is a must have for me…. I was always in doubt about whether or not Id like Danganrompa. Every review I see of it pushes it up higher in my 'want to try it out at least' list though…

  8. Weird list that includes sequels?? That's a bummer. The rest of it is a good video. I would recommend to play 999 before Virtues Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma though! Or else you will miss out on quite some plot points. They will release 999 and VLR in a combo pack for Vita this year (maybe they already did, I don't follow it that closely)

  9. SPIKE CHUNSOFT (Developers of the Danganronpa series) developed the ZERO ESCAPE SERIES. I HAVE THE ENTIRE DANGANRONPA SERIES ON PC THROUGH STEAM! The Danganronpa Series is Definitely the best Video Game franchise ever!

  10. I feel Really Really bad for Poor Chiaki Nanami. Kyoko Kirigiri, Chiaki Nanami, Kaede, Maki, Miu Iruma, Himiko, Tenko, Ibuki, Peko Pekoyama, Junko Enoshima, and Mikan are All the best Ultimate WAIFUS in the Entire Danganronpa Series so far. What do you think?

  11. norn9, above steins;gate what is this madness. norn9 is a bland excuse for an otome game, and even blander excuse for a visual novel. honestly steins;gate is the best vn the vita has seen yet

  12. Part of this list is on android and app store for free. Does the ps vita version have more to it? Also is the same true for the pc versions?

  13. Zero Escape at nr7 is a joke. It is so far above any other title in this genre that stating otherwise is plain stupidity

  14. Are there any galge's or eroge's for PS Vita? i mean the real dating visual novels,not otome games. I don't care if there is no H-scenes,i want to play on Vita romantic visual novels,something in same level as Clannad or Princess Evangile or Katawa Shoujo

  15. I was trying to find a new game to play, the only games I haven’t played on this list is the dating sims

  16. Quick correction concerning Steins Gate 0, probably too late to fix it anyways. However, the time traveller is suzuha not amane yuki. Yuki is Suzuha's biological mother.

  17. What a trash list, you put S;G on sixth, but you put its inferior midquel, S;G0 as No. 2 and call it "the best Steins;Gate game to date"? You put a damn otome game directly above it. I haven't read norn9, but judging from what blazinglycoris said in the comments, I don't think it's wrong to assume it's of usual otome quality. You also put Danganronpa above it as No. 4 and its sequel as No. 1. A series full of nonsense and "LOL DESPAIR". Not only does this video contain a lot of errors, but using playscore is a terrible way to judge these VNs. There are better top 10 lists of vita VNs out there and better lists of VNs in general, go look for those instead.

  18. Not gonna be that guy, but Steins;Gate deserves top spot. I say that having played the entire list besides Pigeon dating Sim.

  19. This is merely my personal opinion:

    It’s crazy how there are so many Otome games now. It’s actually hard to find a regular plain visual novel that I’m so used to playing. Where it’s the whole “make decisions to eventually be with that certain someone and it affects the route.” But now, you gotta do minigames, solve a murder mystery, or choose whether or not to answer a phone call, etc.

    But idk how the hell a murder mystery game is now the #1 best visual novel game in the Sony store. In my personal opinion, that’s just sad.

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