Top 10 3DS Visual Novel Games

10. Opening our list of the Top 10 Best 3DS Visual
Novels is Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi One chapter in the critically acclaimed Hakuoki
series, Memories of the Shinsengumi levels up the visual novel-slash-otome genre with
native 3D capabilities, compelling storylines, and a loveable cast of characters. Set in the feudal era of Japan, journey with
Chizuru in her search for her lost father. As she navigates through the tumultuous period,
she meets a strange band of samurai that shares in her quest and takes her in. In your search for your father, you’ll encounter
imperial soldiers, supernatural forces, and the love of your life. Build relationships with the men of the Shinsengumi,
and weave through each heart-melting storyline. This version adds six more stories to the
original, offering players new perspectives behind every twist and intrigue, and giving
more meaning to other events in the game. Bask in their improved 3D forms, and have
some photobooth fun with a PlayScore of 8.01. 9. Corpse Party: Back to School Edition One of the scariest games to reach western
shores. Another one of Japan’s masterpieces lands
on the begging hands of the rest of the world, and boy are we in for a treat. Follow the story of a group of high schoolers
as they try to uncover the mysteries of their haunted school. While that doesn’t sound all that scary, you’ll
be delightfully proved wrong after every trying chapter. With their hand-drawn 2D sprites, venture
into their paranormal worlds. Despite its cutesy look, it covers some of
the darkest themes ever explored in videogame form. From cannibalism, to child murders, and so
much more. It knows when to hold back and build suspense,
and then bring it all out in a spine-tingling crescendo. A remaster from 2011’s PSP version, it delivers
even more thrills with redrawn sprites, more bone-chilling music, and a few extra chapters. It has a PlayScore of 8.25. 8. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy The last main entry to the series that features
Professor Layton is nothing but a fitting send off to his legacy. The sixth game in the overall series, the
Professor finds ancient relics once more as it directly continues the events of the previous
game. It’s a journey around the world, unlocking
the secrets of the ancient Azran civilization. Much like their previous titles, Professor
Layton brings even more exciting puzzles with him. Solve each one with this adorable assistants,
and navigate through its fascinating story. Aside from their main puzzles, the game also
gives you a taste of mind-boggling action with a new puzzle every day for a year. Being the last of the series’ prequels,
it serves as the strong glue that binds the two trilogies together. While there’s not a lot of innovation involved,
it’s a great use of their time tested formula, with a PlayScore of 8.70 7. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Level 5 and Capcom combine to unite two of
the 3DS’ greatest minds. Dealing with the dark powers of witchcraft
and deception, they work together and put their minds to the test. In this crossover, a mysterious books transports
them to a strange, medieval land. Explore the mysterious Labyrinthia, and Use
Professor Layton’s gentlemanly charm and Phoenix Wright’s forceful objections in two varying
game styles. Find clues in the world around in Adventure,
and defend your client from wiccan accusations in the Witch trials. Each mode makes use of the two series various
strengths, creating a service that all their fans can enjoy. A staple of the Layton series, but a first
for the Ace Attorney, the game features complete voice acting for most of their cutscenes. Immerse yourself in it’s exciting narrative,
solve every mind-boggling riddle, and meet a slew of new and interesting characters. It has a PlayScore of 8.74. 6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Now for the trilogy that started it all. We don’t usually put collections into our
lists, but we thought we could make one special exception. Let’s flash back to the early days of our
Ace Attorney, and help him solve his very first cases. Still lacking the now standard voiceovers,
it doesn’t take much, if any, of the game’s masterpiece-quality cases. This game covers the first three trials of
our titular Phoenix Wright. Despite his rookie status, he deals with high-risk
murder cases with the help of the chief and her sister Maya. A rookie lawyer at best, Phoenix Wright scouts
locations for important clues and uses reasoning to lay down the law in court. Face off against your rival Miles Edgeworth,
and shutdown his affinity for fabricated evidence with the the power of the truth. Defend your clients, and yourself, in each
thrilling trial. It has a PlayScore of 8.74. 5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies A clear upgrade from the decade old classics,
Phoenix Wright returns to continue the tale that Apollo Justice began. Set in a world haunted by fabricated evidence
and false accusations, Phoenix Wright stays faithful to his name and aims to set things
right once and for all. Forming a trio of the best defense attorneys,
Phoenix, Apollo, and a new psychological expert, Athena Cykes. These legendary lawyers bravely face against
the games’ sea of lies. Using your new psychoanalytical expertise,
play with each character’s strengths to win every case. Unveil the secrets of your opponents with
Wright’s psyche locks, look around for any sign of lying with Apollo, and use Athena’s
background to detect conflicting emotions in your witnesses. Build up your case with in-depth investigations,
shake the court with your discovered contradictions and bring back faith to the world’s justice
system. It has a PlayScore of 8.77. 4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice The Spirit of Justice comes alive once again
with the help of our iconic Ace Attorney and two of his best students, Apollo Justice and
Athena Cykes. Set one year after the events of Dual Destinies,
Phoenix travels to a religious nation to visit his old friend, Maya Fey, while his understudies
deal with the daily at the Wright offices. This latest entry to the main series sees
the return of many beloved characters from the classic series, as well as some new additions. Put yourself at risk against the absolutes
of a religious tradition, and defend a close friend from an incriminating murder trial. Either way, you’ll get a healthy dose of
the series’ best puns, cases, and twists. And with Capcom’s masterful strokes, the
game only gets better with new mechanics and smoother gameplay. Fight against corrupt practices, and defend
the innocent. There’s no objections here. It has a PlayScore of 8.82. 3. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma The third and final entry in Spike Chunsoft’s
Zero Escape series comes packed with the same suspense, and haunting psychological horrors
as its predecessors. Follow the story of three people forced into
a deadly game along with six other participants. It’s a decision game that will decide their
fate, as well as the whole of humanity. With life and death hanging by their fingertips,
the 9 participants split into three groups must make the wisest decisions to save all
their lives. While release is possible, half of the fun
is exploring every grim timeline in the game, when decisions become even harder to make. Doing away with the text-based adventures
of their previous titles, Zero Escape takes on a more cinematic approach. Still, with every chapter, the writers prove
they’re one of the best in the business. It’s the perfect way to end a well-loved
series, and it receives a PlayScore of 8.83. 2. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Level-5’s delightful puzzle series is packed
with the proven and tested formula that the series was once known for. But with its new features, it comes in with
a welcoming twist to the core gameplay in Professor Layton’s crime-solving activities. It’s the fifth game of the series. It also differs from their predecessors when
it comes to the 3DS’ hardware functionalities. Players will now actively use the stylus to
zoom in and out of the game’s clever puzzles via magnifying glasses. Just so you know, the game has over 150 puzzles! Some puzzles can be downloaded via the eShop. Totalling to almost 400 puzzles all in all! It was widely praised due to its compactibility. It’s fit for the 3DS’ console when it
comes to the game design and puzzle mechanics. It’s a tricky, yet rewarding experience. It has a PlayScore of 8.84 1. And the best Visual Novel on the 3DS is Zero
Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Of course, who could forget the follow-up
to the legendary 999? While its rooted in the characters of the
previous title, it manages to work just fine as a stand-alone game. Play, and watch things unfold, as a man named
Sigma, trapped alongside 8 other people. Imprisoned by a nefarious Zero, they delve
into the risky business of the deadly Nonary games. Following the trend of most reviewers, we’re
not gonna tell you much about the game’s plot. The game is divided into two parts. Read through its award-winning narrative in
novel mode, and try to look for clues in an escape the room type section. There’s so many shocking and satisfying
twists in this game that it’s not enough to play through it once. Fall in love with each of their flawed and
well-written character, and feel responsible for each of them. Experience the visual novel in its finest
form, with a PlayScore of 8.91.

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  1. Epic games for sure… if there's one thing I'll disagree with you, is what you said about Zero Time Dilemma being a "great conclusion"… But I'll keep the whys to myself. Play the game, folks <3

  2. I'm surprised that there even ARE 10 3ds visual novels!
    >sees #10
    That looks more like a Warriors type game but ok

  3. I like how 4 out of 10 of the entries had Phoenix Wright. That's not even being sarcastic, it's a great series. ahaha

  4. Hey I just found your channel. You should seriously consider uploading fewer videos because you're making to many. Lower it to 3 times a week instead of 6.

  5. Seriously, VN's my favorite genre but all those title look so lame. We need more adult stuff like Sonohana serie, grisaia serie or more sci-fi like Steins;Gate or Muv-Luv Alternative, not like all age VN are going to be port to 3DS but to Vita and anyway, they are better on PC (excluding Steam because they have shitty release), i am a great nukige connoisseur.

  6. Ok, first, Miles Edgeworth has no affinity for fabricated evidence.
    Second, your definition of Visual Novel is way too broad… Zero Time Dilemma, in particular, is almost entirely presented trough cutscenes instead of text. It is a very good game, but it is no more a visual novel than, say, a Telltale game.

  7. People need to remember that whatoplay game list are not their opinion but on what is scored by critics and gamers reviews. I grow bored with people saying they have lazy lists. These are not based on their personal opinion.

  8. I love visual novels! they are amazing! check out my 3ds collection in my channel and subscribe!!

  9. Phoenix Wright took over a chunk of this list, I love it.

    I was hoping Zero escape would be top, which I love more a little more than Phoenix

  10. For real, when are you guys going to stop showing wrong clips og Hakuoki 3DS? The 3DS version is only a visual novel, you don't get to fight and there is only pictures with text. It's the second time you show this game on your channel with wrong clips

  11. ds recommendations: trace memory, hotel dusk, otometeki love revolution (japanese, korean, and also fan-translated engrish patch ; D D) which is an otome game i loooove

  12. Look I love Proffessor Layton games but I didn't like how you put so many of it on the list. I was wanting something new.

  13. Anyone else feel like this is less of a list of good 3DS visual novels and more of a list for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney??

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